Handbag Storage — 12 Things People Who Take Care of Their Handbags Properly Have in Their Closets

Streamline your collection no matter its size with the help of 12 expert-endorsed handbag storage ideas

Expert-approved handbag storage solutions.
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Handbags are like children — demanding attention and, at times, a hefty financial investment. Wrangling them into an organized system can feel overwhelming, especially if, like me, you've amassed a considerable collection over the years — totes, hobos, shoulder bags, clutches — the whole nine. Their sheer volume takes up a rather embarrassing amount of real estate in my NYC apartment.

Eager to transform my handbag storage into a showroom-worthy display, I sought closet organization ideas from experts. Lauren Saltman of Living. Simplified. emphasized the importance of considering factors like heat and humidity: 'Store your handbags away from direct sunlight to prevent fabric fading and be mindful of dusting frequency,' Lauren suggests. 

'Organize your handbags by size and color for both aesthetic appeal and easy access,' Professional organizer Laura Price adds. 'Group them into 2 or 3 size categories and use the rainbow to color-code them.'

As you'll soon discover, this guidance is just the beginning. There's a wealth of storage tactics tailored to the shape, size, and material of your handbags. Join me in exploring the best handbag storage solutions, each expert-recommended, to elevate your organization game.

Expert-Approved Handbag Storage Solutions

 These clever bedroom storage ideas will declutter your space in no time. 

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