Chic Hallway Ideas That Make An Entrance

First impressions count so time to give your entrance hall the wow factor.

Your hallway sets the mood and tone for your entire home, so rather than playing it safe, create a vibrant and welcoming space that reflects both your taste and the style of the rest of the house.

Whether you prefer something bold and dramatic or calm and elegant, take your entrance hall from dull to delightful to make a great first impression. From statement stairs and stylish lighting to bright colours, mad murals and wonderful wallpapers, or deep, dark painted walls for grown-up glamour, there are countless ways to create lasting impact.

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Frame the space with painted skirting boards or re-create a dado effect in paint – then take the design all the way around the room, doors included, for extra impact. For a more contemporary approach, Crittall doors can zone a space while also letting the light flood in. And staircases can serve a purpose far beyond the functional – transform yours into an architectural centrepiece.

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Stunning entrance halls are not only for the child-free. A bright coloured stair runner is practical for high-traffic areas, plus it will help draw the eye up and can create a fun contemporary feel that packs a punch. Hallway receiving a daily bashing? Opt for hardwearing (but pretty) encaustic tiles or chic, marble slabs that don’t compromise on style.

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Whatever you’re into, let these homes inspire you.

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