Stunning Staircase Ideas

Staircases are stepping up to be the home’s central design statement, raising the bar one tread at a time...

Take stairs, stairways and staircases to a whole new level with these stunning staircase ideas.

Whether you prefer sweeping, traditional stairs, ultra-modern floating steps, brightly painted wooden hills, see-through risers or even steps that lights up, there are countless captivating designs of stairs and staircases that are as practical as they are impressive.

Create immediate impact by creating an architectural centrepiece, like a swooping spiral staircase, or impressive floating structure. Take inspiration from sculpural helix structures, or for something more compact the clever space-saving staircase by Bisca is unobtrusive, takes up a minimal amount of room, yet still looks great.

When it comes to staircase banister ideas, balustrades and banisters can also go a long way in giving a certain ‘look’ to your stairs, like the cool vibe of the honeycomb steel balustrade below (image 2). Dark banisters can offer a dramatic line that zigzags through the house, while a glass-sided staircase is perfect both for modern homes, and for giving period properties a modern twist.

Some of the staircase ideas below feature stunning walls and steps; bold coloured walls or wallpaper will highlight the stairwell and make it more of a feature, while a bright coloured stair runner is not only practical for high-traffic areas, but will help draw the eye up.

Got a dark hallway? Crittall doors are an effective way of framing a stairway space while also letting the light flood in. A floating staircase design will draw in sunlight from higher floors and skylights through the use of open treads. Choosing blonde timber for the steps will further lighten and brighten a staircase.

Short on space? Take inspiration from example 7, which incorporates clever storage in the treads. And last but not least, have a little fun and take inspiration from Michaelis Boyd, who installed a slide down the stairs, offering a fun – and quick – way down (example 8).

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