Stunning Statement Staircase Ideas

Take stairs, stairways and staircases to a whole new level by creating an architectural centrepiece.

Hit new style heights and create immediate impact with a statement staircase. Whether you prefer sweeping, traditional stairs, ultra-modern floating steps, brightly painted wooden hills, see-through risers or even steps that lights up, there are countless captivating designs of stairs and staircases that are as practical as they are impressive.

Making a statement with your staircase opens up a hall area to a host of other statement-making opportunities. All that extra ceiling height cries out for an out-there chandelier. A bright coloured stair runner is  not only practical for high-traffic areas, but will help draw the eye up. Take wall colour upstairs and create a unified scheme by painting the skirting boards, railings and dado in the same shade as the hallway and landing. Then take the design all the way around the room, doors included, for extra impact. Crittall doors are an effective way of framing a stairway space while also letting the light flood in. Alternatively, clad a wall from top to bottom in mirrored tiles so the daylight can bounce around.

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