Stylish Gallery Wall Ideas

Thought the gallery wall was old news? Think again. Modern homes are mixing up their gallery walls to create some show-stopping displays.

We’ve sifted through our Livingetc archives and found some of the most striking gallery wall ideas, ranging from colourful, eclectic walls and vintage-inspired looks to rock ‘n’ roll gallery walls in the homes of Pearl Lowe and designer Rory Dobner, and classic gallery walls of framed black and white photography. We’ve also found some highly unusual gallery wall ideas including plate walls, hat walls (Studio Peake gives a fresh take with a wall of Fez hats in a bedroom), a wall of mirrors and even antlers.

If there’s anything these stylish gallery walls can teach you, it’s that a bit of restraint is key to creating a calm and cohesive scheme. For example, curating a collection of prints all within the same colour scheme, be it neutrals, pastels or monochrome. Alternatively, if the prints are a mix of colours and styles then keeping the frames identical. A neat and tidy grid formation is also an easy way to update a gallery wall, giving it order. Use a row of framed letters to spell out a word, or co-ordinate a series of neon-framed cartoons in a structured grid formation.

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Love the vintage look? Contrast vintage oil paintings and traditional gilded frames against contemporary furniture. For something altogether a bit different, layer artworks over wallpaper or contrast it against a darker background for a display that’s less conspicuous.

Some of these homes showcase collections of plates, skulls and taxidermy, while some throw out the rule book entirely and mash everything up in an artistic display of, well, everything.

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Whether at the top of the stairs, in the hallway, in the bedroom, the kitchen, dining room, study or even in the bathroom (yes really), get inspired by these stylish gallery wall ideas.


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