Gallery wall ideas - 37 inspiring ways to turn art into an installation

Gallery wall ideas are a wonderful way to add personality to your home

Gallery wall ideas with black frames
(Image credit: Stacy Zarin Goldberg)

We've found the coolest gallery wall ideas by sifting through our archives. Ranging from colourful, eclectic walls and vintage-inspired looks to rock 'n' roll gallery walls in the homes of Pearl Lowe and designer Rory Dobner, and classic gallery walls of framed black and white photography. We've also found some highly unusual gallery wall ideas including plate walls, hat walls (Studio Peake gives a fresh take with a wall of Fez hats in a bedroom), a wall of mirrors and even antlers.

If there's anything these stylish gallery walls can teach you, it's that a bit of restraint is key to creating a calm and cohesive scheme. For example, curating a collection of prints all within the same colour scheme, be it neutrals, pastels or monochrome. Alternatively, if the prints are a mix of colours and styles then keeping the frames identical. A neat and tidy grid formation is also an easy way to update a gallery wall, giving it order. Use a row of framed letters to spell out a word, or co-ordinate a series of neon-framed cartoons in a structured grid formation. 

Love the vintage look? The best gallery wall ideas contrast vintage oil paintings and traditional gilded frames against contemporary furniture. For something altogether a bit different, layer artworks over wallpaper or contrast it against a darker background for a display that's less conspicuous.

Some of these homes showcase collections of plates, skulls and taxidermy, while some throw out the rule book entirely and mash everything up in an artistic display of, well, everything.

Whether at the top of the stairs, in the hallway, in the bedroom, the kitchen, dining room, study or even in the bathroom (yes really), get inspired by these stylish gallery wall ideas.

1. Edited effect

This living room gallery wall has a very edited feel, owed to the modern furniture, white walls and very pared-back prints. 

gallery wall ideas with black frames and poster prints

Get the look: Millwork is custom by Gachot. Coffee table is Yves Klein edition; ‘Bleu Klein Pigment’ from David Gill Gallery. The chair is vintage; Pierre Bacou from Demisch Danant. The sofa is the Howard sofa from Egg Collective in Rogers and Goffigon upholstery. Side table is from Monologue London. Art is a collection of Ansel Adams and Baltz photographs, Chric McCaw Slashed, Silver Paper Work, Sophie Calle Mixed Media Piece at the centre.

(Image credit: Photography by Nicole Franzen)

2. 'Junk Shop' finds

This collection of colourful portraits was snapped up in a junk shop. 

gallery wall ideas with framed portrait paintings

Get the look For similar kitsch artwork, try Rockett St George. This is a vintage Milo Baughman dining table. Talisman stocks his designs. The upholstered chairs are from Artistic Frame. Nordic Style sells Gustavian chairs like these. The Vistosi pendant is vintage Seventies.

(Image credit: Matthew Williams)

3. Festive Eclectic

A gallery wall gets a festive feel with eclectic decorations and paper chains.

gallery wall ideas with decorated wall of paper decorations

Get the look: The paper chains are from The Shop Floor Project.

(Image credit: James Merrell)

4. Preppy Chic

This gallery wall is in clothing brand Tuckernuck's head office - proof that a home office can take a gallery wall - and features favourite images from past Tuckernuck photo shoots.

gallery wall ideas with black frames and colour photographs

(Image credit: Stacy Zarin Goldberg)

6. Plate Wall

This plate wall keeps growing and is a work in progress; the owner keeps adding to it as he finds new pieces and arranging as he sees fit. 

gallery wall ideas with plate wall

Get the look: Top left, Helen Stevens at Liberty. Fornasetti. Bulldog found in Brooklyn. Cat and Dog plates from Wilson Stephens Jones. Tanssi (foxes) by Klaus Haapaniemi for Iittala at Skandium. Rory Dobner at Liberty. Small red plate from John Derian. Along the bottom, various plates bought on travels to Japan.

(Image credit: Photography/Paul Raeside)

7. Colour Scheme

The dining area has a pared-down colour scheme of off-white and warm wood tones, while natural wood textures and a gallery of art work add visual interest - its in keeping with the vogue for beige living room ideas. This gallery wall feels cohesive thanks to its cream, beige and black colour palette, further reflected in the dining furniture. 

gallery wall ideas

Get the look: The oval dining table was a gift. The antique dining chairs came from Conjeaud & Chappey. The artworks are primarily portraits collected over the years. The black ink picture in the centre is by Kiki Smith.

(Image credit: Future)

8. Vintage Mirrors

Vintage mirrors in different shapes and sizes create an eye-catching feature in this black cloakroom space. Vintage inspired portrait drawings were squeezed in between.

gallery wall ideas with gallery wall of vintage mirrors against black painted wall

(Image credit: Claire Esparros)

9. Breadboards

Interior designer Crystal Sinclair collected breadboards over time, and used them to create a rustic gallery wall. 

gallery wall ideas with breadboards hung on the wall

Get the look: Corner sofa is by interior define, woodboards collected from antique shops, etsy, and chairish. floor lamp from chairish. Serge Mouille inspired ceiling light from amazon. pillows are all etsy, green chair is Anthropologie

(Image credit: Photography by Claire Esparros)

10. Light Box

This gallery wall sits in Pearl Lowe's country kitchen and features an eclectic mix of pictures that were collected over time, along with an ‘I’m Not Sorry’ lightbox by Zoe Grace. 

gallery wall ideas with eclectic funky art prints

Get the look: Find alternative versions of Zoe Grace’s Sometimes It’s a Yes artwork at Lawrence Alkin Gallery. The Orange blossom candle is by Pearl Lowe Lifestyle.

(Image credit: Paul Raeside)

11. Pastel plates

A wall of pastel plates creates impact in this dining area (the dining plates make rather fitting decor). 

gallery wall ideas with wall mounted plates on the wall

Get the look: The plates are from Toast. This is the Hague chandelier by Abigail Ahern. The table was made bespoke, with legs from Wicked Hairpins. The dining chairs are from eBay. The Sex Pistols artwork is by Jamie Reid at Isis Gallery. The rug is from CarpetVista.

(Image credit: Future)

12. Spell It Out

Almost too organised to be deemed a gallery wall, this set of five framed prints spell out a word to create a relaxed snug that's forgiving for procrastinators. 

gallery wall ideas

Get the look: The sofa is by Minotti. The cushions are from The Conran Shop. The Delay artwork is by Shannon Ebner.

(Image credit: Future)

13. Framed Illustrations

Zoe Feldman designed this office space for Tuckernuck's. The gallery wall features toungue-in-cheek renditions of emojis, done by Tuckernuck’s Creative Director Sophie.

gallery wall ideas with framed illustrations of faces

(Image credit: Stacy Zarin Goldberg)

14. Vintage Touch

A carefully curated mix of antique and modern gives this home a unique style and sense of personality. Here, vintage oil paintings in gilded traditional frames contrast against the modern rug, chaise long and of course the classic Saarinen tulip side table.

gallery wall ideas with vintage picture frames

Get the look: Above the chaise is a collection of floral paintings by James Stuart Park. The chaise is by Matthew Hilton.

(Image credit: Future)

15. Hats Off

We've frequently seen gallery walls of panama hats or straw hats, and they create a relaxed, beachy look. But here designer Studio Peake created an English eclectic look with fez hats. 

gallery wall ideas with hat wall of hanging hats on the wall

Get the look: Headboard is made bespoke by Studio Peake in Penny Morrison fabric. Cushions are Susan Deliss. Bedside Lamp is made from an old stair spindle. Bedside table is Kalinko.

(Image credit: Studio Peake)

16. Colour Coding

Similarly, this pastel themed dining space boasts an eclectic gallery wall that feels calming and unobtrusive. The painted radiators work well with the vintage paintings. It’s colour coding, but with the end result feeling fluid and flowing rather than too obvious. 

gallery wall ideas with pastel coloured gallery wall

Get the look: The dining table is by DT-69. The Ant dining chairs are by Arne Jacobsen for Fritz Hansen at Republic of Fritz Hansen. The glass pendant shades are vintage finds. The wall lights are by Terre d’Hautaniboul. The flooring is from Timbered.

(Image credit: Future)

17. Collectors' Display

A collection of Rory Dobner plates creates a striking display, while the monochrome palette and signature style help to keep it feeling cohesive and uncluttered. 

gallery wall ideas with black and white illustrations

Get the look: Plates by Rory Dobner

(Image credit: Future)

18. Wall Of Skulls

For an even more gothic take, this cluster of deer skulls create an eery gallery wall. 

gallery wall ideas with wall of animal skulls

Get the look: The bed is from And So To Bed. The overhead lights were made by Matt – the Feiss Adams 3 light pendant at Kes Lighting is similar. The velvet print cushions are by House of Hackney.

(Image credit: Future)

19. Monochrome

Again, this gallery wall has a cohesive and organised feel due to the restrained colour palette. The black frames are further echoed in the black wire chair and floor lamp. 

gallery wall ideas with large framed prints

Get the look: The vintage Murano chandelier and stainless-steel sm05 chair by Cees Braakman are from Atomic Antiques.

(Image credit: Future)

20. Painted Backdrop

Purple offers the perfect backdrop for the eclectic mix ofhigh- and low-end artwork in this study. It helps make the artworks pop without seeming to loud or busy. The artworkscome from junk shops as well as galleries, creating a deliberate collector’s mix. 

gallery wall ideas with funky mix of art against purple walls

Get the look: The walls are painted in Farrow & Ball’s Pelt estate emulsion. The mid-century Brasilia rosewood desk by Danish designer Kai Kristiansen is from Two Columbia Road. Find the Cherner chair by Norman Cherner at Aram Store.

(Image credit: Future)

21. Bold Blue

Similarly, this bold blue hue creates a calming and cocooning effect, and seemingly swallows up the gallery wall – preventing it from feeling too obvious. 

gallery wall ideas with framed art agains blue backdrop

Get the look: The sofa is by George Smith, trimmed with a linen fringe by Nicky Haslam. This is the Pigeon print by Hugo Guinness at John Derian. The Baobab table lamp is by Porta Romana. The curtains are made in Raoul for George Smith’s Madras in Delft.

(Image credit: Future)

22. Neon

This gallery wall takes a completely opposite approach; multi-coloured frames inject fun and personality, while a structured grid formation creates a cohesive and organised look.The series of cartoons – framed in neon – is by Terence ‘Larry’ Parkes. 

gallery wall ideas with brightly painted picture frames

Get the look: The Victorian-style tiles are from the London Mosaic. The table is an Irish antique. Find Larry cartoons at Chris Beetles Gallery.

(Image credit: Future)

23. Family Affair

The Novogratz family added interest to a loft staircase by creating a gallery wall of family photos, all in black frames.

gallery wall ideas with black and white photos

(Image credit: Photography by Costas Picadas)

24. Three In A Row

A matching trio of illustrations on brown paper, framed in dark wood frames, create a calming and restful backdrop in this dining space.Dark-wood finishes and a chic rust-effect steel table complement each other perfectly, while the artwork makes a striking visual display. 

gallery wall ideas with simple gallery wall trio

Get the look: This is the Terni table by Heron Parigi. The chairs are from Liberty. The prints are by Alaric Hammond. Try Element7 for stained parquet flooring in this style.

(Image credit: Future)

25. All White

A gallery wall of black & white family photos, all framed in white, hangs above this wall-mounted sideboard in a master bedroom. The effect is calm and grown-up.

gallery wall ideas with white frames

(Image credit: Claire Esparros)

26. Butterfly Effect

Along the same lines, this collection of framed butterflies sits together perfectly. By framing the top half of a doorway it doesn't become the focal point of the room, and blends in to the rest of the room. 

gallery wall ideas with framed taxidermy insects

Get the look: Some of the taxidermy butterflies are from Dig Haüshizzle in Bristol, some were sourced on eBay.

(Image credit: Future)

27. Pretty Pastels

Serene pastels and white frames create a much softer and more neutral space in this living room. 

gallery wall ideas against pale blue backdrop

Get the look: The walls are painted in Parma Gray estate emulsion by Farrow & Ball. The sofa is vintage Stouby. The rug is by Designers Guild. The cushions are made in Josef Frank’s Manhattan fabric. The photographs are by Nick Meek.

(Image credit: Future)

28. No Rules

This particular gallery wall has completely thrown out the rule book. It mashes up vintage family photos with illustrations, initials, mirrors, wall tiles and even taxidermy. 

gallery wall ideas of eclectic gallery wall objects

Get the look: The dodo is by Mister Finch. The frames and lamp are vintage finds.

(Image credit: Future)

29. In the mix

This traditional style gallery wall adds a funky focal point and makes the most of otherwise wasted wall space. The eclectic group of pictures include postcards by artists such as Billy Childish, from the Royal College of Art’s Secret sale. All black frames help tie the scheme together. 

gallery wall ideas

Get the look: The sofa, rug and cushions are by Designers Guild. The Donna Wilson pouffe is from SCP. Similar art can be found at, where you can browse the postcards and register as a secret buyer.

(Image credit: Future)

30. Beehive

No all gallery wall ideas require uniformity, but the regularity of spacing here is pleasing. The framed hand drawn bees are by Ryan Chadwick. 

gallery wall ideas

Get the look: This is the black and white Voyageur Snowscapes wallpaper by Jill Malek.

(Image credit: Sean Litchfield)

31. Neat and Tidy

Similarly, a neat and tidy grid of framed butterflies create a striking and colourful feature wall in this hallway. 

gallery wall ideas

Get the look: The stair runner was made out of a rug by Solange Azagury-Partridge. The vintage Seventies chandelier is by Vistosi. The walls are painted in Oval Room Blue estate emulsion by Farrow & Ball. The butterflies were custom-framed.

(Image credit: Future)

32. Invisible Box

A mix of framed photographs, children' drawings, illustrations, maps and even a road sign create an eclectic and personal gallery wall in this living room. The all black frames help keep it cohesive, plus the pieces are all kept within an invisible rectangle – any straying artworks would send the wall off balance. 

gallery wall ideas

Get the look: This is the Zeia Navy Tile rug by Graham and Green. The floor is burnt oak from White & White. The walls are painted in Elephant’s Breath estate emulsion by Farrow & Ball.

(Image credit: Future)

33. Photo Wall

Columns of black and white photography inject interest and a touch of glamour in thisMoroccan-style arched doorway. 

gallery wall ideas

Get the look: The collection of iconic black-and-white photographs include portraits of Diana Vreeland by David Bailey, and Andy Warhol and Hugh Hefner by Peter Strongwater.

(Image credit: Future)

34. Mix and Match

A mix of prints in no particular order and with contrasting coloured frames creates a dash of organised chaos in this otherwise calm office. 

gallery wall ideas

Get the look: This is the Onegin desk by Julian Chichester. The vintage desk chair is from Jensen & Ballantine. The articulated wall light is from Felix Lighting.

(Image credit: Future)

35. Layer

Who said you can't layer framed prints over wallpaper? It might not sound like a good idea, but this dining room corner proves that it can be done. 

gallery wall ideas

Get the look: Find similar artwork at Yellow Korner. The photos of Africa are by Aernout Overbeeke. The poem is by Frieda Mulisch. The antique chest was found in Syria.

(Image credit: Future)

36. Bathroom Beauty

This bathroom is quite a large space, so the wall of pictures makes it feel more welcoming and personal. 

gallery wall ideas

Get the look: The antiqued mirror-glass wall tiles are from Fired Earth. The bath is from CP Hart, teamed with a Bathstore bath filler.

(Image credit: Future)

37. Pinboard

Instead of an organised grid of framed pictures, this big picture board offers a much more fluid approach, and can be ever evolving. 

gallery wall ideas

Get the look: The antique glass desk came from Lerebours Antiques and the 1969 Tulip Karmstolar chair was a vintage find. The rug is from Madeline Weinrib.

(Image credit: Future)