Moody Blue Living Room Ideas

Dive in to the dark side and drown your walls with deep navy blues, smokey greys, or earthy tones. The result will be a room that cocoons you.

Don’t be afraid of the dark when it comes to interiors. Moody, dramatic shades can create a brooding sense of intrigue and luxe sophistication and are the perfect foil for accent pieces in jewel shades or metallic finishes. And aside from being cocooning, alluring and restful, dark walls are also a great remedy for spaces that don’t receive much natural daylight. Rather than having the effect of brightening a dark room, whites or more colourful shades can end up looking dull and flat if the room is naturally dark or north facing. Instead, welcome smoky and dramatic hues to highlight a cosy nook – or create a dark space that wholly envelopes you. Whether you dip your toe in with a feature wall or blend in the entire backdrop by including the dado, radiators, flooring – and even ceiling – to match, be brave and welcome the dark side.

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