An 11-bedroom Georgian house located just outside Frome in Somerset. The housewas built in 1852 and features a huge curved frontage as well as the usual go-to Georgian spacious rooms and high ceilings.On the ground floor there’s an entrance hall and inner hallway, living room/study, drawing room, family room, dining room, kitchen, playroom, pantry and utility room. The first floor has six bedrooms and four bathrooms. There are a further five bedrooms on the second floor.

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There’s an elegant formality to the wallpaper that's used throughout, subverted with tiger print and granny lamps, neon artwork and shaggy sheepskins, chandeliers and chintz, while shell-shaped seating brings Fifties elegance to the space (pictured above). It’s an eclectic vintage look that's taken to a new, more elegant level.


The kitchen has a three-metre island topped with seamless Arabesque marble. Thepale blue and black painted cabinets work well with the marble surfaces and vintage chairs.

An eclectic mix of pictures that were collected over time sit together in a gallery wall. The 'I’m Not Sorry' is a lightbox by Zoe Grace.


The house is full of eclectic finds from antiques markets in Frome and Shepton Mallet. Here, it’s the animal prints that add an urban twist to this edgy, English country-house style.

(Image credit: paul raeside)


A little bit country, a little bit rock ’n’ roll, the guitar and platinum disc for the Supergrass albumIn It for the Money sit propped in the entrance to this elegant Georgian manor.


This vintage bedroom is instantly lifted with a modern neon wall light.

(Image credit: paul raeside)


There’s a Victorian Gothic vibe to the scheme, inspiredby the antique four poster. White floorboards, crisp paintwork and that prim print wallpaper keep it looking fresh.


This bold striped wallpaper sets the scene for a rock 'n' roll teenage girls' room.


Although the wallpaper is the main feature, it's the painted black panelling and antique glass tiles that surround the bath that really help pull this room together.

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Photography ⁄ Paul Raeside

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