6 Minimalist-Approved Tricks That Will Instantly Make Any Room Feel Neater and Less Cluttered

Want to create a cleaner looking space in your home? Here is some expert advice to help you declutter your space and embrace new beginnings

minimalist living room with light colored furniture and artwork
(Image credit: Marco Ricca. Design: Ali Budd Interiors)

‘Minimalism isn’t about removing things you love. It’s about removing the things that distract you from the things you love,’ writer at Becoming Minimalist Joshua Becker says on social media.

Decluttering may not seem like an easy task at first, but once you get the hang of things - I promise, your mind as well as your space will look and feel more organized. Whether you are working from home or in the office, it’s always nice to venture into a space that feels like a breath of fresh air, rather than a hoarder's den.

If you want to reorganize your closet space or give the illusion of a bigger room in your home, these experts have got you covered with their minimalist approved tips and tricks on how to declutter your home and instantly make any room you enter feel neater.

1. Label label label!

Labeled bins in a laundry room

An organized laundry room with labeled bins

(Image credit: Horderly)

Jamie Hord, Founder of Horderly Professional Organizing, tells us that labeling certain items around your home is an easy way of staying organized. When a system is put in place, Jamie says, ‘everything has a home so you can easily put things away where they belong’.

The best way to do this may be ‘labeled bins in lower cabinets to act as drawers, labeled bins on upper shelves to easily pull down, grab what you need and place back,' Jamie adds. For labeling, I particularly like this label maker by Nelko print, which can be found on Amazon. The label maker comes in different colors and you can create a label for your items straight from your phone!

2. Keep counters clear

Stewart-Schafer Kitchen counters

Kitchen items places neatly onto shelves and inside bins for easy access

(Image credit: Sarah Elliott. Design: Stewart Schafer)

This may seem like an easy step, but with busy schedules and day to day tasks, we can often mindlessly throw things onto the counter to deal with later, but Jamie says ‘visual clutter can make a space look and feel really messy’ and well... I could not agree more.

To avoid piling things up and to efficiently declutter kitchen countertops, you should try organizing countertops there and then. Jamie adds: ‘even if its items are used often, find a place in prime real estate that it can live where you still have super easy access to them.’

3. Create cohesion and balance

A beige tone living room

Balanced and earthy tones capture this living room space

(Image credit: James K Lowe. Design: Studio 11.11)

Creating a flow in your space which looks put together while remaining balanced is important. Cohesion in a home almost unifies the space you are living in, from paint colors to decor and furniture — it is as if each room tells a story.

Jamie says the best way to maximize a balanced room is by using earth tone colors. He adds: 'a lot of different, wild colors can be visually overstimulated. Consider a few earth tone colors for your space.' Enticed by earthy tones? I particularly love this bold yet naturally beautiful 'Wainscot' color by Farrow and Ball. The warm mid-brown tone color, creates an intimate and calming feel around any space.

4. Minimize to make things look neater

A vintage style mirror above the mantel

A mirror sits above a fireplace as it brightens the space

(Image credit: Nicole Franzen. Design: Baxt Ingui Architects.)

The use of furniture is important and plays a big role in making spaces look bigger or smaller. Jamie says in order to give the illusion of a wider space, you should 'minimize non functional decor' you can do this by replacing items 'with mirrors to make your space look larger'.

Decorating with mirrors is a good way of capturing natural lighting in a room as well as maximizing an area of the home to make it look spacious and neat - like this 'Beautypeak Arched Full Length Floor Mirror' from Walmart.

5. 15-minute win!

A clean closest with folded towels and bins

A neat closest with folded towels and bins

(Image credit: Getty Images - Damian Lugowski)

Shira Gill, organizing expert and author of Minimalista and Organized Living, tells us a trick she uses quite often is what she calls the '15-minute win'. This includes doing a 'quick sweep to declutter exposed surfaces like countertops, desktops, and tables'. Shira says to start off, 'remove all trash, recycling, and relocate any objects that have lost their way and need to be returned to other rooms.'

6. Grouping is your new best friend

Another way of creating neater space is by grouping 'similar items together' Shira adds. The best way to do this is by adding 'corral into vessels like a bin, basket, or tray,' which in turn creates a more 'orderly aesthetic'. I really like this organizer from Landneoo on Amazon, which is perfect to use as storage boxes or to add into your closet. This particular product comes in a pack of four and can hold small items such as socks, underwear, ties or even ornaments.

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