Stylish Stair Runner Ideas

25 striking stair runners to inspire...

Stair runners are so underrated – they can completely transform a simple staircase and help to define a home’s overall look. We’ve combed through our archives to pull out some outstanding stair runner ideas.

Stair runners are a classic stairway covering for a reason; they add style while also cushioning the noise of your family running up and down, but why stop there? Find a design with a strong repeating pattern, like a bold stripe, so the runner can extend into a wall-to-wall floor covering on the hall or landings. Keep this look going further by using paler shades of the same colour in the rooms coming off the space to create a cohesive theme in your home’s flooring.

Just like with the rest of the home, stair runner styles are a very personal thing. Below you’ll find rainbow runners, star-print runners, leopard print and even zebra print (yes, really) stair runners to whet the appetites of the bold and the daring. Looking for a style to better suit a classic or elegant hallway? Stripes are timeless – Roger Oates’ designs are a favourite here – as are plain coloured stair runners.

A bold carpet creates an inviting first impression; take note from the home of interior designer Irene Gunter of Gunter & Co (image 3), where the runner is paired with an abstract wall for a cool masterclass in clash.

A red stair carpet (like in image 2) will injects a pop of vibrancy to a neutral scheme, while a soft pink shade will achieve a more elegant look. A grey stair runner with a dark grey border is a popular look for Victorian houses and traditional properties.

As well as protecting your base material, a stair runner will reduce noise; look to sisal for the most hard-wearing option, or wool if you prefer something softer underfoot.

A natural stair runner like a jute or sissal creates a gorgeous, textural and neutral look, while below there’s even a leather stair runner and a stair runner made from silk – very luxurious underfoot, but probably quite tricky to keep clean. One for child and pet-free homes we think!

Below there are stair runner ideas to suit every taste…

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