Cool paint ideas for walls that are graphically glorious

We've found 52 striking paint ideas for walls, ranging from patterns and dado rail effects to colour blocking and more...

The wall is a blank canvas. Yet it’s surprising how few of us do much more than paint on one block colour. Yet with a little imagination, masking out a wall and painting pockets of colour can look surprisingly chic. These paint ideas for walls can transform the traditional into something altogether modern, and make the unassuming seem really rather clever.

Colour blocking will help to zone different areas, which is particularly useful in open-plan spaces. Colour is a great way to break up open-plan spaces and create zones that mark the difference between where you cook, say, and where you relax.

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By painting two-thirds of the wall with a colour and leaving the top third white will help to visually raise the ceiling height. Splitting a wall with two tones can look modern and sharp, and a light hue above a darker one makes a room seem larger.

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A dado or picture rail makes a good divider, but where you draw the line will depend on the room’s features and where the light falls. Painting borders can create the illusion of a dado rail where there isn’t one, and painted borders can also frame floors, fireplaces, arches, windows and other features, drawing attention to them.

Highlight interesting architectural details with contrasting or complementary shades and create a picture frame effect.

And, if it’s maximum drama you’re after, it pays to be brave. We love some of the striking paint ideas used below, illustrating how to create geometric shapes, horizontal stripes, smart check patterns or even mountain effects, bringing imaginative flair to schemes.

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At the other end of the spectrum, using a single colour for your entire scheme, ceiling and all, will pack a punch and instantly enhance the mood. For a particularly sumptuous effect, choose a rich, deep shade to envelop the room in saturated hue. Dark tones such as emerald green, inky grey or midnight blue will also create a warm, cocooning feel.

Brush up on these creative ways with paint…

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