Bedroom colour ideas: 25 paint colours with impact

From warm neutrals and serene shades to vibrant hues and bright bursts of block colour, here are 25 bedroom colour ideas with impact...

We’ve sifted through our Livingetc archives and pulled out some of our favourite bedroom colour ideas. These 25 painted bedrooms range from subtle blush tones, soft pistachio and icy blues to zesty yellow, warm peaches and coral, and more dramatic hues like teal, charcoal and inky navy blues. Mid blues and greens – like sage – are a good in-between, for a bedroom that features both bold colour and a restful atmosphere.

Ultimately, the great thing about paint is that a lick of paint can completely transform the look and feel of a room. It’s the quickest and easiest way to give a bedroom a completely fresh look. And if you’re not sure about the end result, you can just paint over it! So although a bedroom paint colour can feel like a big commitment, it’s actually less of a commitment than expensive bedroom furniture, window treatments or bedroom flooring.

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When it comes to choosing the right colour, it’s important to think about the room’s orientation; is it north facing or south facing? How much sunlight does it get? How will the bedroom paint colour look under both natural daylight and lamplight? Some lamps emit quite a yellow glow, which can affect the look of a colour – particularly cooler colour and stone shades. Think about the room’s size too; do you want your bedroom to cosy or grand? Do you want to draw the eyes up to accentuate height, or create a more cocooning effect?

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Create a sunny and uplifting scheme with a bright yellow, ideal for it’s mood-boosting qualities. Creating a bedroom that’s energising and mood-boosting can make it easier to get out of bed – particularly in cold, grey months. A soothing soft blue can feels like fresh air when you walk into the room. Soft blue hues are also very versatile, as the below schemes will show you. And while we often think of bright, light hues when trying to open up a smaller space, inkier tones are known to amplify smaller spaces and inject both cosiness and glamour.

Love a neutral? Neutral colours like creams or stoney greys and greige don’t date, and can easily be accessorised with bold bedding and accent cushions, as well as funky artworks. Earthy tones are both neutral and warm, while pale greens like sage soften the mood and melt the walls away, reconnecting us with nature.

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With so many bedroom paint colour ideas out there, it can be hard to decide on just one colour. Some homeowners are getting creative, using masking tape to incorporate more than one colour in their bedroom, and some are even taking to the ceiling to add a bold hue to draw the eyes up.

From warm neutrals and serene shades to vibrant hues and bright bursts of block colour, here are 25 bedroom colour ideas with impact…

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