25 modern bedroom ideas for a sleep space that's contemporary yet cozy

A modern bedroom doesn't mean a cold, soulless space. These ideas take contemporary style and make it comfortable

a modern bedroom with art and curtains
(Image credit: Montse Garriga. Design: Patricia Bustos)

No longer are they merely a room to lay your head, modern bedrooms have become all-encompassing sanctuaries. We demand so much more from these spaces. They are our workplaces, rooms where we come to relax and unwind, they are functional and aesthetically pleasing. At the heart of the room is the bed. 

Creating a calming nighttime feel and optimum conditions for sleep should be a prime focus for your bedroom design, whether that's choosing the right furniture, finishes, colors or lighting. 

So with these new demands come new designs and smart bedroom ideas to reflect the growing change we’re seeing in our bedrooms. From chic pieces of furniture to new lighting ideas, to ways to incorporate color and texture, these are the best designs we’ve seen around, and the ideas you might want to give a go yourself.

Aditi Sharma Maheshwari
Aditi Sharma Maheshwari

Aditi is an experienced homes writer and editor. She has written hundreds of articles for various international titles helping readers make the best home design choices, and spends her days interviewing interiors industry experts to bring the latest ideas to her readers. For this piece she spoke to the world's best designers to compile fresh bedroom looks to inspire.

30+ modern bedroom ideas

1. Add curtains around your bed

A bed surrounded by curtains

(Image credit: Nainoa)

Create a serene and soft space with beautiful bedroom curtains around your bed like this scheme from Noa Santos of NAINOA

The curtains add texture while creating a relaxing oasis that seamlessly close around the bed at the close of the day, zoning the space and associating the space with relaxation. Go for sheer curtains to add an extra ethereal look to the space.

2. Make your closets work harder

a vanity in a bedroom closet

(Image credit: Itay Benit. Design: Ma / Deux Studio)

More and more, we want our functional elements of our bedroom to be hidden away from sight. Instead of home offices in our bedrooms and vanity cabinets always in plain sight, we’re looking to our bedrooms to become safe spaces and temples of relaxation, so it’s crucial we can squirrel these functional necessities away. Fitted wardrobes are evolving to conceal other things aside from drawers - with clever design your built-in wardrobe can incorporate a dressing table area, makeup vanity or work-from-home desk set-up. 

‘A wardrobe is not only storage, instead it is a transforming object that evolves and adapts to become an integral part of our life,’ says Steve Leung of Steve Leung Designs. 

3. Zone the space for a bedroom sitting area

A bedroom with a sitting area

(Image credit: Gillian Jackson. Design: U31)

Use clever design techniques to create a separate room in your area for conversational seating or a living room zone. By floating your furniture, and turning your sofa or armchair backs in on themselves, you can create a cozy space pointing towards a TV, window with a view, or even a fireplace. 

This transitional-style bedroom was designed by U31, and the fireplace is a key focus of the room. ‘Current trends towards wellness have extended beyond the self-care we associate with our physical wellbeing and has started to include our emotional health as well,’ says principal designer and partner of U31, Neil Johnson. ‘Much like water, fire can help focus our attention allowing us to remain in the moment - a kind of meditation - which feels appropriate for the bedroom. The graphic dark limestone helps visually contain the flame, further enforced with the inward angle of the surround which directs the eye.’  

4. Add texture with wooden paneling 

A modern bedroom design with wooden paneling

(Image credit: Fran Parente Design: WF Arquitetos)

Wooden wall paneling in the bedroom is an easy way to add an accent wall, giving the space a bit of texture. This approach could also work to hide a Murphy bed when it folds away. 'Statement paneling has been on the rise for a while now, as clients become braver with the design choices,' says Emma Deterding, founder and creative director at Kelling Designs and KDLoves.  

'People want their homes to feel less clinical and cold, and the same goes for the bedroom.' This paneling is made up of wooden slats and go to the top of the ceiling. 

5. Zoning the space with dividers

A bedroom split with wall dividers

(Image credit: OHRA Studios)

This clever modern design room has taken a large open plan space and zoned it with a sliding room divider. This means you get a cozier feel, with doors leading into the second section of the bedroom, which in this home contains a beautiful freestanding bath for added luxury. The overall feeling is luxurious and allows you to close the doors, creating a cocooning vibe even in the most open plan and sparse of spaces. 

'We believe that by removing doors, we created an open plan that lets more natural light in and has a drawing in effect on the residence. Creating a cosy environment where one can truly relax and unwind,' says Zlata Rybchenko of Ohra Studio, who designed this space. 

Including long natural furniture pieces situated low to the ground gives the bedroom a modern look whilst extends the space. The bed and large painting are the central pieces of the bedroom, whilst the large free-standing bathtub is the central piece of the bathroom. We wanted the space to be minimalistic but have an accent that draws the eye. Using large bold central pieces with settled color pallets can make the interior look modern. Emphasizing minimalism in designs gives a modern touch. We are strong believers that minimalism is the new luxury in modern interior design. That less can truly be more.'

6. Create a statement headboard

A statement headboard in a modern bedroom

(Image credit: Regan Baker)

The headboard is so much more than a simple addition to your bed frame. Now, a statement headboard idea is a great way to give your bedroom a modern, luxurious feel and is seen in the design world as a design focal point in its own right.'We are tired of the standard headboard,' says Regan Baker of Regan Baker Design who created the above piece. 'We want more personalized statements that represent our overall style.'

A headboard is a great opportunity to introduce movement, texture and interest to your room, like in this example, which introduces a curved wave-like texture to the room and brings a feeling of sumptuousness. For interior designer Tara Craig, a headboard is about the choice of textiles and should have a distinctive shape. ‘We like to combine a traditional shape with a more contemporary fabric to create a bedroom for modern-day living. I think a fluid shape creates both a statement and a calming ambiance. A feature headboard that is well-made is not just luxurious but has longevity and can be recovered in your favorite fabric.'

This headboard also cleverly extends out, with a bedside table attached, creating a cohesive space with the bed and bedside table united together in design harmony. You can also include a headboard that has in-built wiring and electrics for bedside accessories, lighting and charging of phones. 

7. Add glimmers of gold

Gold accessories give the bed that extra luxuriousness

(Image credit: Bethan Gray)

For an added element of luxury and a glam bedroom idea, consider how pops of gold can work in your bedroom to give a warmth and luxurious element to a modern room. 

In this Bethan Gray-designed room, the designer has incorporated gold in the bedroom collection through detailed metal patterning of brass, copper or nickel on chests, cabinets and headboards. ‘These gold accents bring that touch of glamour and opulence into the bedroom to create an elegant modern space. While gold is a more pronounced and stand-out color, I think the beauty of it is that it also harmonizes and enhances other colors in a space - my gold accents look particularly gorgeous against the blue ombre of my Nizwa cabinets and headboards,’ she says. 

8. Hang pendant bedside lamps instead of a traditional bedside lamps

A pendant light fixture in the bedroom

(Image credit: Beata Heuman x Original BTC)

Forego the classic bedside lamp for a more modern look; hanging bedside pendant lamps from the ceiling. This creates a cleaner, less messy look and is space-saving too as it frees up necessary space on the bedside table.

Beata Heuman has released a charming collection alongside Original BTC, called Alma, which features ceramic pieces that give a touch of charm and luxuriousness to the traditional bedroom light fitting. Designed to be a luxe interpretation of a utilitarian aesthetic, the light fitting hangs from the ceiling and combines bone china and brass.

9. Install a loft bed

White bedroom with built in bunkbed and under bed storage

(Image credit: My Scandinavian Home)

Create a playful and calming space with the addition of a loft bed. If you have enough ceiling height, you can double up your space and build a level above your bed - either for the bed itself or an extra area for a small office or mini dressing room. This handy space-saving bedroom idea also looks pretty cool too, and this example from My Scandinavian Home is super cozy and feels like your own mini retreat.

10. Think about bedroom art

A leaning piece of art

(Image credit: Katherine Lu. Design: Carter Williamsonq)

For a quick fix, add to a piece of leaning artwork to a spare shelf. It gives the bedroom wall art a casual look, but this effortless style adds a chicness and gives it your space a modern eclectic feel. The leaning art method also means you can chop and change your artwork depending on your mood and the seasons. Nothing is fixed to the wall and your bedroom can be as flexible as you are. For added style, layer your prints of different sizes. The rule of three can be a good principle to apply here.

11. Choose tactile wall finishes for a relaxed vibe

A bedroom with clay plaster walls and rattan headboard

(Image credit: Quirk Studio)

Exposed concrete walls don't only look eye-catching but also add a wonderfully textural effect to spaces. Plus, they look great as bedroom accent walls. Today, with higher-grade finishes available, a modern, smooth and seamless look can be achieved. With its stone-like hardness, it is usually found in neutral grey shades, which can bring a lot of rich character to homes.

Interestingly, concrete can create a striking contrast with sleek surfaces like metals and glass, plus work well with rustic materials like wood and brick, or even bring the coziness of plush upholstery into focus. 

12. Stick to a neutral bedroom scheme

Grey white and beige bedroom with fireplace and chandelier

(Image credit: Future)

When in doubt, or if you and your partner can't decide on a look, then a neutral bedroom scheme is the way to go. A calm bedroom with natural colors and plenty of light will create a fresh and timeless look that won't date. Weave in lots of texture and natural materials to add interest, but stick to a pared-back color scheme.

Going for a white bedroom scheme with natural materials will often result in a more rustic, country-inspired look – perfect for country homes and cottages. Keeping a bedroom calm and un-fussy will create a welcoming, informal space in which to unwind.

Interior designer Suzy Hoodless says: "Ultimately a bedroom is a sanctuary – a relaxing space in which to escape the outside world. And because of this, a modern bedroom shouldn’t feel over-designed or untouchable. Bedrooms shouldn’t be too formal. Creating that perfect balance between designed, yet lived in, is all in the styling."

13. Fake a headboard 

modern bedroom with rattan screen used as a headboard

(Image credit: Barbara Corsico)

Don't have the budget for a bespoke headboard? Don't sweat it. You can fake it instead. Paint a semi-circle or rectangle on the wall behind the bed to frame it, or use a shop-bought screen to curl behind the bed like the example below. A design like this can help create a cozy bedroom.

14. Update your bedroom with a modern four poster

large neutral bedroom with a modern four poster bed

(Image credit: Bee Holmes)

A four-poster bed certainly adds elegance and grandeur to a bedroom, but they can often look stuffy too. That's why we love minimalist, metal-framed four posters which promise a more modern and contemporary look.

‘The bed should be the biggest size the room can take, be the most comfortable and be the best you can afford,’ says interior designer Emma Deterding, Founder and Creative Director, Kelling Designs. ‘The next element is then getting the best bed linen, duvet and pillows you can afford, for that added level of comfort.’

15. Keep things tidy with clever, concealed storage

Built in bedroom closet in yellow with painted mural

(Image credit: Future)

Decent storage is the key to making a bedroom feel less chaotic and more Zen. 

‘Built-in, fitted storage is always going to make space feel more premium and when it’s properly designed, you get so much more storage,’ says interior designer Adele Lonergan from Covet & Noir. ‘It doesn’t have to be fussy, go for a simple fronted door and invest in decent handles.’

This bedroom is the perfect example of built-in wardrobes that maximize the space available, as storage stretches right up to the ceiling and uses alcove space. Sleek, handleless wardrobe doors keep things simple and clean.

16. Up the luxe factor with a dressing room

pink and yellow walk in wardrobe in a bedroom

(Image credit: 2 LG Studio)

If you've got the space, dedicate part of the bedroom (or knock down the bathroom or bedroom next door) to become a walk-in dressing room

For a fabulously eclectic look, take notes from the walk in wardrobe of this modern bedroom. Designed by 2LG Studio the yellow neon pops against baby pink and the scalloped edges feel fun and contemporary.

17. Incorporate extra storage with a ladder

lilac built in wardrobe with ladder

(Image credit: Paul Raeside)

You can probably incorporate more bedroom storage than you think. Create built-in storage that reaches right to the ceiling, then add a ladder to reach it – and to create a cool, modern look.

For this modern bedroom idea,  floor-to-ceiling units make the most of space, plus they look neater than wardrobes with boxes on top. Include high shelves for luggage and out-of-season clothes. Glass-fronted doors are ideal for reminding you of what’s stored up high, plus they’ll help break up a solid bank of units. 

18. Add a freestanding bath for a hotel vibe

Copper freestanding bath in modern bedroom

(Image credit: Davide Lovati)

A freestanding bath in the bedroom adds a note of decadent luxe. This luxurious bedroom was designed with pared-back furnishings and subdued colors to add to the relaxed feel of the space. The copper of the tub adds a lovely warmth

19. Add height by painting half a wall

small blue and white bedroom with gold circular mirror and lighting

(Image credit: Image from Recipes for Decorating, Octopus Publishing.)

Not sure about enveloping an entire room in one color? We love this paint effect of wrapping a strip of color around a room. Plus it's ideal for adding height to a small bedroom, creating the allusion it's loftier and larger. 

20. Go for grey for effortless elegance

Light grey bedroom with layered bedding

(Image credit: Davide Lovati)

There's a reason that grey bedrooms are the most popular of all the bedroom colors. They create an elegant backdrop to either create a calm bedroom scheme or allow more statement pieces to pop.

21. Choose an oversized artwork for maximum impact

Minimalist modern bedroom with large artwork

(Image credit: Paul Massey)

Don’t reserve standout art for a living room; a large-scale piece, or several, will bring drama and impact to an otherwise simple scheme. It needn’t be a bank-breaker, either. Here, the key piece is a print of The Bather by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres that has been blown up to make a real statement in this otherwise quite minimalist bedroom

22. Pick a brave a statement wallpaper

Colorful modern bedroom with bold rainbow colored wallpaper and yellow headboard

(Image credit: Sean Litchfield)

There are plenty of classic bedroom wallpaper out there, but the most memorable schemes often favor the bold designs.

Wallpaper choices are very subjective, so stay true to your personal sense of style,’ advises Lucy St George. ‘For the maximalists out there, don’t be afraid to use it on all four walls. Alternatively, I love the idea of painting the walls and adding wallpaper to the ceiling for a bold statement.’

If that all feels a bit too outré, try a feature wall: ‘It’s an easy way to add drama in a non-committal way,’ says Jo Berryman. If you are brave enough to go for a more OTT print, but not quite up to committing to covering the whole room, the wall behind the bed is the one to paper: ‘Once you are lying down, you won’t see as much of it, meaning it’s a fantastic place to be dramatic and adventurous with your design choice,’ says Ruth Mottershead. Another option is to try it as an accent: ‘Use it in small areas, like the interior of a wardrobe or lining drawers,’ says Joa Studholme.

Not a fan of pattern? There are other ways to approach wallpaper: ‘Textured linen wallcoverings are amazing at making a room feel cozy and soft,’ says Camilla Clarke. Alternatively: ‘Introduce textured papers into panels of joinery to add some interest or update the overall look of joinery without replacing it,’ suggests Clara Ewart, Senior Designer at Kitesgrove.

23. Opt for a modern mural

Modern bedroom with black and orange mural

(Image credit: James Merrell)

One design trend to take note of is the rise of decorative scenic bedroom wallpapers and wall art panels. These can be interpreted in many ways, from abstract patterns to lively florals. Be wary of the feature wall, and instead take a maximalist approach and cover all four aspects. 

This modern bedroom for a couple features a striking feature wall, with a dramatic Calico wallpaper. There’s a certain sumptuousness to this space, with its rich textures and colors. 

24. Incorporate Crittall style

modern blue bedroom with crittall doors to separate the bed

(Image credit: Paul Raeside)

A Crittall-style door keeps a the sleep space separate tom the rest of the bedroom for a seamless feel between two areas. It gives a bedroom a hotel-like feel and zoning a room up like this makes the space feel more intimate.  

25. Create drama with drapes

blue bedroom with wrap around drapes

(Image credit: Future)

Tina Mahony, Director of contemporary furniture store, Go Modern has noticed a shift in customer requirements recently – perhaps due to the difficult times we are currently experiencing: ‘Our customers seem to be looking for warmth and softness, so upholstery and textures are big news this season,’ she says.

 Choosing materials for the room that have a real tactile quality will up the luxe factor: ‘Using luxury textures in fabrics for curtain finishes and bed linen really does go a long way,’ says interior designer Camilla Clarke, Creative Director, Albion Nord.

In this South Kensington apartment , bedroom curtains wrap around the whole room, making this bedroom a textured, cosy and decadent space.

How do you style a modern bedroom?

When it comes to a luxurious, elegant or pretty bedroom ideas, it's all about the finishing touches.

The bedroom is the space where you rest and unwind, and it’s the little luxe extras that make all the difference to how the space makes you feel – even in the most minimal room. So, whether that’s soft, ambient lighting – warm white bulbs should be your go-to – wall-to-wall carpets, or sleep-inducing room scents, it’s worth thinking about final touches that have sensory appeal.

Don’t forget flooring, too: ‘We prefer a wooden floor as it feels more modern,’ says interior designer Adele Lonergan, ‘But you still need softness underfoot, so a rug is important. Choose an under-bed rug that extends past bedside tables to give that sense of luxe. 

’The desire for comfort can also explain why there’s been a bit of a carpet renaissance recently – particularly with people braving saturated colors and bold patterns. ‘The bedroom is a private space and so is a great place to experiment with statement shades and styles,’ says Joanna Ramsden, Creative Director at Brockway Carpet. ‘Bold, rich colors are great at creating a real attention-grabbing feature.’

Design Editor

Aditi Sharma Maheshwari is the Design Editor at Livingetc. She is an architecture and design journalist with over 10 years of experience. She's worked at some of the leading media houses in India such as Elle Decor, Houzz and Architectural Digest (Condé Nast). Till recently, she was a freelance writer for publications such as Architectural Digest US, House Beautiful, Stir World, Beautiful Homes India among others. In her spare time, she volunteers at animal shelters and other rescue organizations.