18 bedroom trends for 2024 - this will be the year of the sanctuary in all its forms

Bedroom trends for 2024 are a mixed bag, but they all lead to a space you can't wait to be in, and won't want to ever leave

dark bedroom with large bed and orange bedding
(Image credit: Shade Degges. Design by Studio Montemayor)

Bedrooms trends are here for 2024, and give us an opportunity to create sanctuary-style spaces at home. It seems that, for next year, bedrooms are a cocoon to envelop yourself in for sleep at the end of a working day, or simply just a room to unwind and rest in with a good book, or a relaxing radio programme that’s safely tucked away from the rest of the household. 

Bedrooms shouldn’t necessarily just be seen as ‘function’ spaces - somewhere to simply shove a bed and shut-eye for a few hours every night. Instead, they are an opportunity to create another world away from the rest of the house and the - potentially busy - household. 

"“We’re seeing natural materials, and, in particular, light and neutral spaces, inspiring bedroom design for 2024," says Jenna Choate and Marianna Ugarte, founders of design agency Interior Fox.  “You might have existing items items at home which could be updated or upcycled fairly easily in order to fit with these themes. A chest of drawers can be painted - a bedroom chair can be updated in a neutral or tactile fabric.”

Bedrooms can be deeply personal spaces, character reflective if you like, ones that call for maximum design style, and a space where you can really exercise your design ideas. With that in mind, we’ve scoured the 2024 interior design trends to bring you some of the latest and chicest bedroom ideas which are proving mighty popular in the interiors industry. 

Interestingly, one of the bedroom trends for 2024 the pair are seeing is the removal of velvet entirely.  “We would also suggest for 2024 to remove the velvet furniture”, say the designers. “A pillow or two is ok, but the fully ‘velvet-ised’ headboard, bench, armchair look is out!”, says Jen and Mar. "Instead, bring in more linen (and cotton/linen weaves) which are definitely on trend and have a ‘forever fresh’ appeal, while still being effortlessly chic.”


neutral bedroom with large wavy headboard

(Image credit: Heather Talbert. Design by Wendy Labram Interiors)

As far as trending headboard ideas go, there’s one that goes the distance: headboards that stretch from one end of the room to the other. “Wall-to-wall headboards are a beautiful design element in bedrooms because they make the room feel warm and cozy, literally wrapping the room in the bed,” says Lydia Toppston, design director at Chicago’s Wendy Labrum Interiors. “It is also a great way to add a lot of design impact in a bedroom in a sophisticated and quiet way.”  

Custom-fit for the space, the lengthy design can be constructed with a variety of materials, but a plush and upholstered headboard – like the scalloped design above, which looks particularly cozy in Mark Alexander fabric – is one of the more cozy picks. “When executing this look, you should make sure to select a fabric that has a beautiful texture to add depth to the room,” adds Lydia. 

2. Dressing rooms

wood cupboards creating a dressing room area in a bedroom

(Image credit: Jean Bai. Design by Marshall Interiors)

The aspirational walk-in closet is by no means finished, but dressing rooms — partitioned spaces that aren’t sealed off by doors — are increasingly tailor-fit for contemporary spaces, all while maximizing the bedroom’s footprint. “Functionally, dressing rooms utilize space better for storage and we can typically fit at least 30% more clothes when we eliminate the wasted central space in a walk-in closet and need for an entry door,” says Karina Marshall of San Francisco’s Marshall Interiors.

Giving the entire bedroom a more open feel, there are plenty of opportunities for visual interest with open casework, all while showcasing beautiful joinery at the same time. “Wall partitions, such as slats or screens, are a great way to separate the dressing room from the bedroom while still letting light through and not fully closing off the space,” adds Karina, who used a similar technique in the design above. “Designers can play with the casework fronts to add drama and interest to the space and integrate custom features like benches, mirrors, and lighting.

3. Headboard wall

beige bedroom with large headboard covering the whole wall

(Image credit: Vigo Jansons. Design by Atelier Chelsea Design)

If there’s one piece of furniture that commands the bedroom, it’s the bed itself. As a result, designers are leaning in with ‘headboard walls’ that play up the room’s most heroic piece. “A headboard wall is specifically designed to spotlight the headboard of the bed or establish a focal point above the boudoir's centrepiece,” says Anca Enica, designer and founder at Atelier Chelsea Design. “Enhancing a chamber with a headboard wall can have several benefits such as visually defining the sleeping zone, separating it from the rest of the room and creating a sense of coziness and privacy; whilst simultaneously offering an opportunity to showcase personal style through the choice of creative materials, punctuating hues or decorative elements.”

In the bedroom above, Anca created a true design moment thanks to Swedish wallpaper label BelarteSTUDIO, with a seemingly three dimensional art piece drawing the eye above the bed. “I am particularly fond of custom made wallpaper murals that frame the space in a more crisp manner and make a statement on their own rather than look like they are an interrupted part of a larger canvas,” adds Anca. 

4. Wall-to-wall curtains

pale bedroom with wall to wall curtains behind the bed

(Image credit: Pär Bengtsson. Design by Meg Lonergan)

Drapery is having a moment, and interior designers are bringing it to the forefront of bedroom design – particularly as a backdrop for the bed, believe it or not. “Wall-to-wall drapery adds softness and a theatrical drama to a room,” says Houston-based interior designer Meg Lonergan, who used the treatment in the bedroom above, floating a small mirror above the headboard for added interest. 

A clever trick to disguise awkwardly placed or scaled windows – especially if you’re hoping to create symmetry behind your bed frame – it can envelope the sleeping area in a constant state of calm while absorbing acoustics, too. “The drapery looks best when hung almost ceiling height and kissing the floor,” recommends Meg. “When incorporating a high volume of fabric, it’s best to avoid anything too heavy or bulky. Natural, thin fabrics such as wool, wool blends, or linen hang the nicest.”

5. Rich, ANTIQUIFIED palettes

dark bedroom with large bed and orange bedding

(Image credit: Shade Degges. Design by Studio Montemayor)

Perhaps fueled by a renewed interest in decorating with antiques, bedrooms are embracing deeply rich color palettes – expect anything from hints of gilded gold to warm wood tones or deep greens and blues. These colors make all the more sense in bedrooms, where they bring a sense of comfort. 

“Dark, rich colors are naturally inviting – even early in our evolution as humans, we were seeking shelter in forests and caves,” explains Regina Perez Montemayor, founder of San Francisco’s Studio Montemayor. “Not only are richer colors easier on the eyes than stark white, but subconsciously they seem safe and comforting.”

6. Lavender hues

modern bedroom with lavender fabric headboard

(Image credit: Bryan O'Sullivan Studio)

We have to say - smugly - we called this color trend first. Livingetc's editor Pip Rich realised that three of the world's top designers - Brigette Romanek, Robert Stilin and Tom Dixon - had all separately mentioned lavender as their favorite bedroom color, and now it's getting even bigger.

'I love lavender and lilac, for bedrooms,' says the internationally brilliant designer Bryan O'Sullivan, who created this space, above, in New York.  'There’s something really fresh  about it when it's paired with other light colors, it's really restful.' Expect to see it in the best dressed bedrooms around.

7. White Textured Palettes

white bedroom with textured throw on the bed

(Image credit: Future)

Classic and timeless looks for the bedroom are back on trend with people seeking to create a sense of escape and calm amongst their busy lives. Whether you live in a country cottage or a contemporary townhouse, a white-centric palette continues to transcend seasons and eras with different textures helping to avoid a one-dimensional feel. 

Adding wall paneling, or a textured finish to the ceiling, will help to bring in character and depth while maintaining the serenity of the overall aesthetic.  

8. Colorful Window Shutters

blue bedroom shutters in a blue and white bedroom

(Image credit: Shutterly Fabulous)

Architectural features such as wooden window shutters are often something designers like to add into a scheme with a subtle approach, matching it to the walls or woodwork. 

However, many are bucking the trend by making a statement of such fittings through contrasting colors and finishes. As shown here by Shutterly Fabulous, be it slatted or panelled designs, adding color to the shutters draws the eye to them, bringing a vivacious touch to the room. 

9. Panelled walls

beige bedroom with wall panelling

(Image credit: Kitesgrove)

Adding architectural features into a room, especially for newer build properties, brings depth and interest helping to elevate the space. Create a bedroom reminiscent of a those in a boutique hotel, as shown here in this recent neutral bedroom by interior design studio Kitesgrove

Simple slatted beams or flat panels can be painted in contrasting or complementing colors depending on the scheme you are adding them into. Also, if you are confident enough, this is something which can be easily achieved as a DIY project and makes the perfect backdrop to a bed, removing the need for a headboard. 

10. Bespoke Fitted Furniture

blue kids bedroom with built in beds

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

Furnishing homes that reflect who we are personally is key to creating a timeless space that we feel connected to. Bespoke fitted furniture is a great way to implement this as shown here by Annie Sloan

Especially in kid's rooms, you can create a space which is individual and unique according to your child’s interests. And, as our homes adapt over the years, design fitted furniture that can be easily deconstructed back into components which can then be repurposed for another use. 

11. Natural materials

minimalist bedroom with concrete walls and grey bedding

(Image credit: Naturalmat)

The awareness of how our homes have a direct correlation to our wellbeing has increased in recent years. For example, we are understanding the benefits of organic non-synthetics in more detail with a variety of studies showcasing the proven results that natural fabrics improve the depth of your sleep. This includes the mattress too so, when renovating your bedroom, consider your selections wisely and ensure natural materials are prioritised to allow for increased comfort to get a better night's sleep

Pioneers such as Naturalmat are working with materials such as natural latex (made from the sap of the rubber tree) and its mattresses are chemical and plastic free making them better not only for people, but for the planet too! Set on the new Devon Oak Bed, it makes the perfect organic combination. 

12. Broadloom carpets

green bedroom with green striped carpet

(Image credit: Crucial Trading)

With the benefits of a good night’s sleep becoming more apparent, designers are treating the bedroom as a sanctuary to ensure comfort and tranquillity is achieved through the colours and materials used. This is where current carpet trends come in.

“Broadloom carpets create warmth, balance and a feeling of retreat,” says Claire Kimble, the Creative Director of Crucial Trading. “Feeling natural fibers and texture underfoot is restorative and we are expecting to see more of this in the future.” 

As well as using natural materials, many interiors are reflecting this organic touch in the palette’s used, with warm neutrals, golden tones and pastel greens bringing a sense of calm to the space.

13. Window seats

bedroom with window seat and lots of books

(Image credit: Salvesen Graham)

Creating a space to relax and escape in can be a challenge but by working with existing features, instead of against them, it can help to create cohesion when designing a bedroom. Windows seats within the bedroom are becoming increasingly popular, with homeowners looking for a small spot to read a book, drink a morning coffee or to pause and reflect before the day begins. 

As displayed by Salvesen Graham in a recent project, a simple window nook, close to bookshelves and lined with scatter cushions is the perfect addition to the bedroom and will enhance our lifestyle and wellbeing as we prioritise the importance of finding balance in each day.

14. Statement wet areas

checkerboard floor with a bath on it in the corner of a bedroom

(Image credit: Barlow and Barlow)

While baths in the bedroom is reminiscent of a luxury hotel, incorporating this into the home is a way in which to add a touch of indulgence. Make the most of architectural features such as bay windows and, by adding a small, raised level, it helps to make even more of a statement. 

Elevate the look even further and follow current bathroom trends for brighter colors and striking patterns – be bold, daring, and confident in your choices.

15. Bold stripes

Bedroom trends diagonal stripe headboard

Diamond tiles, in Marigold, Bert and May

(Image credit: Bert and May)

You love ‘em, or you hate ‘em. Stripes. Friend to many an interior designer - and popping up in flooring trends for 2024 too - stripes are big news in bedrooms next year. From traditional smaller-scale ticking stripes for the more reserved and traditional interior decorators, versus more striking stripes for the contemporary interiors fellows working in the industry, we’re seeing stripes being incorporated into bedroom designs in an altogether bolder and almost, dare we say, theatrical fashion.

“It’s bold patterns on the whole, but especially stripes, that we have noticed are proving popular for 2024,” says  Caz Myers, founder of Caz Myers Design. But how are you to style them out when considering your bedroom ideas? “You can bring stripes into a bedroom decor scheme in so many ways, but now we’re seeing a particularly bold and bashful use of stripe - and in extremely creative ways - being used in bedroom design. Farrow and Ball, the go-to paint and decor brand, have demonstrated a painted stripe ceiling for the bedroom, and the impact that it can have. Red and white bold stripes create something of a ‘painted canopy’ in somewhat of a Trompe O’eil-fashion! The bed throws pick up with smaller patchwork-style stripe detail too, softening the potential starkness of just a painted stripe with comfortable textiles.” 

bedroom trends white chairs in a bedroom

(Image credit: Jonathan Adler)

16. Seating areas

bedroom trends pink walls seating area

(Image credit: Susie Atkinson for Lime Wood Hotel)

 “We are increasingly being asked by clients to bring in seating to bedrooms, wherever and whenever floor-space allows,” Caz Myers says. But it’s noted that it’s being done so cleverly, and even at the smallest of scales - this goes hand in hand with the rise we're seeing in small bedroom desk ideas. “Bedroom seating creates a calm space and encourages relaxation in a room that is so often associated just as a place to sleep or study in!”

It's no surprise, seeing as sofa trends are such big news right now. Even if it’s just a nod to it in the form of a petite, neat, bedroom perch. Have we all maxed out on the idea or requirement to incorporate a working desk into our bedrooms at home? Possibly! Or is it simply the idea that relaxed seating brings a real sense of comfort and luxury to a bedroom space? Highly likely. 

17. Box rooms are turning back into bedrooms

bedroom trends green wall in loft conversion

(Image credit: Kitesgrove)

“Small bedrooms can often be the coziest and most enticing spaces of all!” says Caz Myers. An increasingly popular bedroom trend is not to try and make these necessarily feel larger (fighting physics) but instead to go darker or stronger with color and decorating choices. 

“We increasingly make them intentionally darker in tone and bring in varied accent colors” explains Caz, “interesting wall coverings, colorful artwork pieces as well as a dynamic selection of accessories & interesting or unusual lighting - these elements are ways to create interest, and designer surprise, within a small bedroom space.” 

It’s a bedroom trend that is anticipated to go from strength to strength too. Smaller spaces are increasingly common. We don’t all have oodles of space to work with, and the industry is taking note of clever design requirements and small bedroom lighting ideas

18. Neutral color schemes

bedroom trends grey bed

Nyan bed by Porada

(Image credit: Porada)

Wellness, as you might already be aware, is an increasingly hot topic in the interior design sector. Not only are people asking and expecting more considered design (organic, sustainably sourced materials, and lower or minimum impact shipping, local makers or production where possible, and, a requirement for an artisan or handmade production method too) but we’re also all looking for design that is going to increase our quality of life at home. 

“Calm, peace, and tranquility, is important for our clients in the bedrooms we design”, says Caz Myer, as neutral bedrooms are on the rise. “Bedrooms are so increasingly now becoming a space to not only sleep but also to potentially meditate and spend relaxing time in. Mixing both natural color tones as well as varied textures gives a real sense of calm to a bedroom”, says Caz. 

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