Striking And Stylish White Kitchen Ideas

The ultimate in sleek, minimalist design that will never date.

Choosing a white kitchen provides a crisp, smart base from which to build. Whether you want to add the warmth of wooden furniture, or inject flashes of colour with soft furnishings and artwork, opting for a white base gives you a timeless backdrop.

White reflects light, goes with everything, and forms the foundation of many a stunning modern kitchen. It also magically makes any space feel larger, great when you’re up against it working out the best kitchen storage ideas for a small space.

Of course, choosing white for a kitchen – the messiest room in the house – can strike some as perverse. Why choose the one colour that will show up every spill and stain? The upside is its a colour that won’t date, making it a future-proof investment that’s much more exciting than that sounds.

Glossy white surfaces offer a sleek contemporary feel, while brass or gold accents add serious wow factor. But the truth is white is the ultimate blank canvas and works brilliantly with anything you care to throw at it. So don’t hold back on those tangerine flooring dreams.

White kitchens will always be bestsellers. Whether that puts you off or entices you is up to you.

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