Striking hallway floor ideas

On the hunt for the perfect hallway floor? We’ve sifted through our Livingetc archives to pull out some of our favourite hallway floor ideas. Of course there are plenty of traditional encaustic and zellige tiles in the mix, particularly in Victorian and Edwardian hallways, but we’ve included some funky off-the-wall ideas too, from painted floors and vinyl tiles to oversized geometric tiles and brass studded marble ones.

For classic, traditional elegance in grander hallways, you can’t go wrong with marble hallway flooring. In one of the below examples, a dark marble floor is punctuated with brass studs for a museum-foyer vibe.

Pretty encaustic tiles – perfect for traditional Victorian terraced homes – can be used to highlight particular colours in the home, or even the pattern in stained glass windows.

For something a bit different, mosaic tiles open up a whole world of pattern possibilities. Why not have a little fun with your floors?

Beata Heuman’s design below incorporates an oversized pattern on the floor, courtesy of vinyl floor tiles.

Light, limestone flooring can help to make a hallway feel light and spacious, as can light, wide and sanded floorboards.

For a rustic look, white painted floorboards will brighten a hallway while also giving it a casual and homely feel. For more drama, paint the floorboards black (and take the black shade onto the skirting too, as in example 4 below), or even teal (see example 22).

There are more serious floors too, like dark-stained oak parquet and Versailles parquet flooring, but they are offset by pastel colours, fun furniture and even a zingy stair runner.

Love a black and white combo? A monochrome floor needn’t be strictly black and white. Just as effective is to choose another pairing of light and dark neutrals – the result will just be softer and subtler, like the cream and chocolate coloured polished English stone used below. By oversizing the chequerboard pattern, you add that all-important unexpected burst of contemporary cool to a traditional flooring style.

Get inspired with these striking hallway floor ideas below…

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