Striking hallway floor ideas – 24 modern hallway flooring looks

We've found 24 different hallway floor ideas, from traditional tile patterns to modern tiles, painted floorboards, grand marble looks and poured concrete...

hallway floor ideas with oversized chequerboard floor
(Image credit: Future)

On the hunt for the perfect hallway floor ideas for your hallway? We've sifted through our Livingetc archives to pull out some of our favourite flooring looks. Of course there are plenty of traditional encaustic and zellige tiles in the mix, particularly in Victorian and Edwardian hallways, but we've included some funky off-the-wall ideas too, from painted floors and vinyl tiles to oversized geometric tiles and brass studded marble ones.

For classic, traditional elegance in grander hallways, you can't go wrong with marble hallway flooring. In one of the below examples, a dark marble floor is punctuated with brass studs for a museum-foyer vibe.

Pretty encaustic tiles – perfect for traditional Victorian terraced homes – can be used to highlight particular colours in the home, or even the pattern in stained glass windows.

For something a bit different, mosaic tiles open up a whole world of pattern possibilities. Why not have a little fun with your floors?

Beata Heuman's design below incorporates an oversized pattern on the floor, courtesy of vinyl floor tiles.

Light, limestone flooring can help to make a hallway feel light and spacious, as can light, wide and sanded floorboards.

For a rustic look, white painted floorboards will brighten a hallway while also giving it a casual and homely feel. For more drama, paint the floorboards black (and take the black shade onto the skirting too, as in example 4 below), or even teal (see example 22).

There are more serious floors too, like dark-stained oak parquet and Versailles parquet flooring, but they are offset by pastel colours, fun furniture and even a zingy stair runner.

Love a black and white combo? A monochrome floor needn’t be strictly black and white. Just as effective is to choose another pairing of light and dark neutrals – the result will just be softer and subtler, like the cream and chocolate coloured polished English stone used below. By oversizing the chequerboard pattern, you add that all-important unexpected burst of contemporary cool to a traditional flooring style.

Get inspired with these striking hallway floor ideas below...

1. Oversized

A monochrome floor needn’t be strictly black and white. Just as effective is to choose another pairing of light and dark neutrals – the result will just be softer and subtler, like the cream and chocolate coloured polished English stone used here. By oversizing the chequerboard pattern, you add that all-important unexpected burst of contemporary cool to a traditional flooring style. 

hallway floor ideas with oversized chequerboard floor

Get the look: Design by Studio Indigo

(Image credit: Future)

2. Traditional Elegance

Pretty encaustic tiles highlight the pattern in the stained glass door in this Victorian terraced home. 

hallway floor ideas with victorian patterned encaustic tiles

Get the look: Try Original Style for Victorian encaustic floor tiles.

(Image credit: Future)

3. Marvellous Marble

In this entrance hall, the floor features two types of marble cut into a fractured geometric patten. It’s the first thing you see as you enter, so it sets the tone. 

hallway floor ideas with bright hallway and modern marble floor tiles

Get the look: These are Bardiglio and Calacatta Gold marble tiles, cut for a custom pattern, supplied by Superior Selected Stone.

(Image credit: Matthew Williams)

4. Black painted floorboards

These hallway floorboards are painted black, and the black carries up on the staircase, banister and the skirting too. It's a grounding effect. 

hallway floor ideas with black painted floorboards

Get the look: The floor and woodwork is painted in Off-Black estate eggshell by Farrow & Ball. The wall in the hall is painted in French Grey Pale emulsion by Little Greene.

(Image credit: Ben Anders)

5. Mosaic Pattern

A mosaic based on a traditional Senegalese motif runs the length of this entrance hall. 

hallway floor ideas with mosaic pattern floor tiles

Get the look: The Shadowy chair is by Tord Boontje for Moroso.

(Image credit: James Merrell)

6. Brass Studs

Marble flooring in this entrance hall comes studded with brass for a museum-foyer vibe. A lift is concealed behind double doors on the left, providing easy access to the top floor. 

hallway floor ideas with dark marble floor and brass studs

Get the look: This is the Discus pendant by Jamie Gray for Matter-Made at Matter. The bench and cushion are from Ochre.

(Image credit: Matthew Williams)

7. Geometric

This hallway design by designer Beata Heuman incorporates an oversized pattern on the floor, courtesy of vinyl floor tiles.

hallway floor ideas with geometric marble floor slabs

(Image credit: Simon Brown)

8. Smooth sanded wood

The smooth, sanded wood floor flows from the hallway into the surrounding spaces. A Crittall partition separates what was formerly a dark hallway from the reception room, while allowing light to flood the space. 

hallway floor ideas with sanded wood floors

Get the look: The walls are painted in Wevet estate emulsion and the banisters in Railings dead flat, both by Farrow & Ball. The Spot painting is by Damien Hirst.

(Image credit: Paul Massey)

9. Limestone flooring

This newly expanded hallway is a favourite part of the house. The genius of Jonathan Douglas, the architect, was to reconfigure and extend this space so it feels wide. Limestone flooring helps make this hallway feel light and spacious. 

hallway with limestone floor

Get the look: Parisian Blue limestone flooring, Mandarin Stone.

(Image credit: Paul Massey)

10. Hallway parquet

In this hallway, all internal doors have been removed, offering tantalising glimpses of the next space and creating an unfettered sightline through the ground floor – a view peppered with thought-provoking objets and art. One unifying element throughout is the salvaged Versailles parquet flooring, shipped over from Paris to be reassembled, a bit like a big jigsaw, complete with original wooden peg nails.

hallway with wood parquet floor

(Image credit: Frenchie Cristogatin)

11. Diamond Pattern

The diamond patterned tiles in the hallway are fun, and a modern spin on traditional tiles. 

hallway flooring with black and white floor tiles

Get the look: The antique chandelier is from Aladdin’s Cave and was restored by Jolene Farmer. The Black Vigo floor tiles are by Bert & May.

(Image credit: Paul Raeside)

12. Pale Wood

Pale wood floors lighten the mood in this black-painted hallway. 

light wood floor in dark hallway

Get the look: The Crittall doors are custom-made. The photograph of Iggy Pop is by Roger Dagerman. This is an R nineT motorcycle by BMW.

(Image credit: Paul Massey)

13. White Washed

Painted white floorboards add to the fresh look of this light and spacious hallway.

white painted floorboards in hallway

(Image credit: Claire Esparros)

14. Old Vs New

The hallway retains a traditional look, with original floorboards that have been painted white. But the flooring quickly changes to a modern poured concrete in the busy kitchen. 

Old Vs New

Get the look: The door was created by Christopher Brandler and painted in Farrow & Ball’s Off-Black estate eggshell.

15. Victorian

Encaustic tiles are perfect for traditional Victorian terraces like these.


16. Greek Design

A distinctive wallpaper was chosen to counteract the sternness of the original Greek-style stone walls and floor in the entrance vestibule. 

Greek Design

Get the look: The walls are painted in Lime Tree no 96 from Designer’s Guild. The wallpaper is Summer Palace Grass PDG657/01 from Designers Guild. The wicker Fox chairs and footstalls are by Sika from Designer’s Guild. The overhead Heracleum II copper pendant lamp is by Moooi.

17. Traditional Victorian

The owners and designers honoured this Victorian villa in South London by preserving period features and even adding some in, like the traditional encaustic tiled floor in the hallway, and gorgeous stained glass windows in the front door.

Traditional Victorian

18. Pops of colour

The colour in this soft grey hallway is subtle; pops of blue in the tiled floor, and striking green and red from the stained glass window.

Pops of colour

19. check mate

There's clearly no rule book when it comes to pattern, and these home owners chose to have a little fun in this hallway, with a chequerboard floor and zebra stair runner. 

check mate

Get the look: The zebra stair runner is by Alternative Flooring Company at Sultan Carpets. The floor tiles are from London Mosaic.

20. herringbone floor

The serious mood of the dark-stained oak parquet flooring is contrasted with pale blue walls and a star-splattered stair runner. 

herringbone floor

Get the look: The stair runner was made out of a rug by Solange Azagury-Partridge. The vintage Seventies chandelier is by Vistosi. The walls are painted in Oval Room Blue estate emulsion by Farrow & Ball.

21. Zig Zag

Zig-zag patterned Zellige floor tiles add some print and pattern to this hallway. 

Zig Zag

Get the look: A print of this 1965 photograph of Jane Birkin is available from Duffy © Duffy Archive. The Zellige floor tiles are from Mosaic del Sur. The wall is painted in Oval Room Blue estate emulsion by Farrow & Ball.

22. All-Over Colour

Blanket coverage with a single paint colour makes a bold design statement. Faux flowers both relieve and enhance the dark and moody colour schemes. 

All-Over Colour

Get the look: The flowers and vase are by Abigail Ahern. The vintage stool and Deco mirror are both from eBay.

23. Encaustic

This wild hallway is a riot of colour and pattern, with all-over aubergine paint, patterned encaustic hallway floor tiles and floral wallpaper running up the stairs. 


Get the look: Walls and woodwork in Aged Wine SW6299, Fleetwood Prestige. Nagano Sputnik chandelier, Mullan Lighting. Moroccan encaustic floor tiles, Best Tile

24. Edwardian

This house’s dark Edwardian roots shine through in this hallway. The original Edwardian tiles are partnered with darkest walls, holding the period mood.


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