Cool and Clever Bathroom Storage Ideas

Clever storage ideas to maximise space in your bathroom.

As most of us know, great storage is the key to keeping your bathroom tidy and clutter free. As it’s rare to have oodles of room for cupboards, great planning is essential in order to maximise your space.

If your aim is to keep everyday practicals tucked discreetly out of sight, then push-click drawer units and handle-free cupboards are your friend, particularly if they can be housed in a recess.

Prefer a more characterful look? Consider a vintage medicine cabinet or an up-cycled chest of drawers, like the examples ahead.

On the other hand, you might want to make a display of perfumes and potions, particularly if they’re contained in pretty packaging – in which case show off your favourite or most used bottles and jars in a decorative glass cabinet or on open shelving.

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If staying tidy doesn’t come naturally to you or others in your family, make it easier for them by installing a vanity unit with drawers or a cupboard rather than just a basin. Those that are wall hung rather than positioned on the floor still give the illusion of space and the storage space will ensure there’s a place for towels, toiletries and other bathroom essentials.

If space is a particular issue, or you have an oddly shaped room, then commission bespoke storage – the designer will use every centimetre in the room wisely and you won’t regret the investment.

No space for a towel rack? Hang them from a hook on the back of the door, mount a shelf above the door, or go for an edgy industrial look with pipe-style towel rails. Look around and you’re bound to find some dead space – be it on the wall above the loo, above the bath, beneath the basin or in an alcove.

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