34 modern bathroom ideas to create a beautiful contemporary space

See our favorite modern bathroom ideas – from statement lighting, sleek baths, and chic wet rooms plus the latest trends to inspire

Modern bathroom with double sink and large mirror
(Image credit: Future)

From gorgeous new tile trends to inspire a whole new look, to quick and easy switches, our modern bathroom ideas are such to get you enthused about giving your space an update. Whether you like a super sleek monochrome scheme or looking to be bolder with your bathroom design, we have you covered no matter what style or size of your bathroom. 

Now the term 'modern' can mean so many different things and covers so many different things. Sure, we'll cover uber-sleek, what would traditionally be called contemporary bathrooms, but you'll also find bathrooms that have a quirky maximalist edge to them. Essentially, 'modern' means having fun with your bathroom ideas and being inspired by these gorgeous bathrooms to design a space that feels stylish.

1. Introduce graphic lines

modern bathroom with pink tiles and black accents

(Image credit: Crosby Studios)

One of this year's biggest modern bathroom trends is introducing graphic lines. So be inspired, but this gorgeous pink bathroom designed by New York-based Crosby Studios. The strong geometric shapes that ooze a post-modern vibe and the versatile black-and-white bathroom products can be mixed with almost any other colors, while painting the back wall a lighter shade creates a sense of depth and perspective.  

2. Bring in raw industrial style with concrete finishes

white bathroom with concrete walls

(Image credit: Anna Stathaki)

We love the raw, textural look that concrete bathrooms showcase. Even just a single concrete covered wall is enough to set the tone and create an industrial-inspired theme – or you could use it to create a contrast to more polished bathroom furniture and fittings. The bateau bath and brass taps in this bathroom look striking against the plain concrete backdrop and soften the industrial feel of the material. 

'A key factor in mastering a modern bathroom is to keep things minimal.' explains Juan Pillay, Bathroom Expert at Crosswater. 'Swap colorful walls or elaborate wallpaper for marble paneling, wood cladding, clean walls, or neutral tiles. Also ensure you have enough hidden storage space to keep your bathroom tidy and free from clutter. Finally, try to avoid filling the space with decorative accessories. Instead, leave the statement-making to the fixtures and fittings.'

3. Choose green marble for a twist on the traditional

modern green marble bathroom

(Image credit: Future)

Marble bathrooms are timeless, classic, and elegant – they are by no means a new concept. But this year we're seeing green marble become a hot new bathroom trend, popping up in luxury bathrooms around the world.

Perfect for achieving spa-like serenity. We're also seeing some very convincing fakes. The best applications we’ve seen include a powder room by Flack Studio and Alternative Bathroom’s so-convincing-you-might-think-it’s-real Aqualunae bathroom wallpaper...

4. Go for a graphic tile pattern

modern bathroom with pink geometric tiles and walk in shower

(Image credit: Paul Craig)

New tile collections are featuring more graphic lines, which assemble together to form modern graphic or geometric patterns. Nailing just about every current bathroom trend from the pink hexagonal Lily Pad tiles to the black taps and Crittall-style shower screen, this is a truly modern shower room

'Those with very small bathrooms will have to comprise on a bath and, instead, let the shower be the focal point of the room.' says Juan.  \A walk-in shower is the best solution for small spaces. They blend function and style and, importantly, don't require much space to stand out. To give your walk-in the contemporary touch, opt for exposed shower fittings with a more modern finish, such as brushed brass, stainless steel, or matt black.'

5. Consider a mosaic tiled mural

walk in shower with mosaic mural

(Image credit: Matthew Williams)

For the ultimate statement bathroom wall tile idea, consider a mosaic-tiled mural or feature wall. The wall is your canvas – use mosaic tiles to achieve a world map, an underwater scene, or a classical portrait like this striking shower room design.

6. Incorporate fluted furniture

modern bathroom with marble wall tiles and blue cabinetry

(Image credit: C.P. Hart)

Fluted and textured furniture has been cropping up in new furniture collections and in our homes. Now it's stepping into bathrooms too. Add a lovely subtle texture and interest, it's the perfect contrast to sleek marble wall tiles. 

7. Brave a darker scheme

dark grey modern bathroom with large mirror

(Image credit: Paul Massey)

A smokey blue bathroom color scheme can feel very grown-up, especially when combined with a very sophisticated vanity and Crittall-style accents. White ceilings, skirting and window frames keep it fresh. 

8. Introduce floor pattern

small modern bathroom with marble wall tiles and patterned floor tiles

(Image credit: Matthew Williams)

Bathroom floor tiles are the perfect way to introduce some pattern into your modern bathroom. Geometric prints are bang on trend right now, and if you opt for a simple color palette like this grey and black scheme, they don't feel too busy and you can combine with more patterned tiles on the wall or some lovely textured marble as you can see here.

Tiles are also a great way to trick the eye into thinking a small bathroom is larger as you can choose clever patterns that 'expand' the space. 

9. Connect to the outdoors

spa bathroom in a lightwell

(Image credit: Photography: Joe Fletcher)

A seriously cool way to bring the outdoors in is by linking up a light well to a basement bathroom via floor-to-ceiling glass doors. We're in love with this super chic bathroom, from the whirlpool bath to the indoor-outdoor vibe that the light-well garden creates.

10. Hang a modern chandelier for a luxurious touch

dark grey modern bathroom with statement chandelier

(Image credit: Paul Raeside)

Statement bathroom lighting offers the finishing touch to the sultry, luxe scheme in this gorgeous dark grey bathroom. Paired with the very minimal modern freestanding bath it creates the perfect contrast between contemporary and traditional. 

11. Or go for contemporary pendant lights

small modern bathroom idea with large circular mirror and pendant light

(Image credit: Photography / Roger Davies)

Skip the traditional bathroom wall lights, and instead opt for low-hanging modern pendant lights on either side of your bathroom mirror. The single black pendant light in this modern bathroom punctuates the soft, warm space and adds instant modernity.

12. Create a walk-in shower room

modern bathroom with large marble walk in shower

(Image credit: Photography by Luke White)

Walk in showers add such a luxurious feel to a bathroom, and despite being associated with large, elegant bathrooms (just like the one above) they can actually work in smaller bathrooms too as you don't have to break up the space with bulky shower enclosures, so the space feels open and airy. 

his walk-in shower enclosure is framed in white marble. A subtle step-down in the marble floor keeps the rest of the bathroom dry, while alcoves in the marble wall create a space for toiletries. 

13. Install modern Crittall doors

Bathroom with large Persian style rug and Crittall doors

(Image credit: Future)

A gorgeous modern bathroom idea – separate your ensuite bathroom from your master bedroom via Crittall doors – you'll want to move the loo to a separate powder room or cloakroom for privacy.

In this gorgeous modern bathroom, ribbed-glass Crittall doors separate the shower and WC from the basin, located in the bedroom. Painted ceilings in the same shade as the walls gives rooms a cohesive, cocooning feel and the stark black lines add a contemporary contrast. 

14. Or install a Crittall style shower screen

modern monochrome bathroom with walk in shower with Crittal style door

(Image credit: Future)

Or for a simpler, more achievable look that you can make work in any modern bathroom, switch out your current shower enclosure for a Crittall style design. Trends in shower screens have moved on from the pared-back, can-barely-see-it’s-there look. Outlining is one way to breathe new life into bathroom minimalism, with their elegant clean profiles.

15. Arrange tiles in chevron formation

small modern bathroom with black chevron tiles

(Image credit: Paul Raeside)

Not only are chevron tiles perfect for adding texture to a minimalist bathroom scheme, but the pattern is ideal for smaller spaces as this bathroom proves. Rectangular bathroom tiles are arranged in a modern chevron formation, creating a striking focal point in this black and white bathroom. Black radiators complement the color scheme.

16. Go for peachy pink tones

Pink polished bathroom with walk in shower

(Image credit: Blakes London)

Polished plaster is everywhere at the moment and it's actually a really practical choice in a modern bathroom too, especially if you want something really simple on your walls so tiles are just going to add too much business. Be inspired by this modern bathroom idea and pare pink plaster walls with marble tiles and brass fittings for a gorgeous combination. 

17. Build a built-in shower seat

modern marble bathroom with built in seat

(Image credit: Jannat Vasi)

For a luxe look, create built-in bench seating in your shower room using the same material as the rest of the walls and floors. The green marble basin continues through the glass shower partition in this modern bathroom to become the seating in the shower.

18. Opt for a floating vanity for a contemporary look

Modern bathroom with floating vanity unit

(Image credit: Anna Stathaki)

The deep drawers in this wall-hung vanity unit provide ample room for towels and toiletries, while its 'floating' style frees up floor space.  It's ideal bathroom storage for small bathrooms as the floating style can create the illusion of a bigger bathroom.

19. Give small modern bathroom slim furniture

small tiled all white bathroom

(Image credit: Taran Wilkhu)

This small modern bathroom idea is kept light and bright, with floor-to-ceiling metro tiles and a space-saving small sink area on legs, avoiding a bulky vanity and giving the illusion of more space. 

The toilet is wall-mounted, with the cistern built-in, thus creating a handy tiled shelf above the loo for loo roll and bathroom accessories. The towel rail is mounted in the alcove, so that it’s not encroaching on any personal space.

20. Use your basin to make a style statement

Pink and black bathroom with walk in shower

(Image credit: Future)

Bathroom basins don't have to be boring. Opt for something bright, colorful, patterned or sculptural to add some statement style and drama to your space. Statement basins are also perfect for small bathrooms, as they enable you to inject dramatic style in a simple and practical way.

21. Go modern with black taps

Modern mews house designed by Michaelis Boyd

(Image credit: Taran Wilkhu)

Sleek, smooth tiling and curved modern basins combined with the simplified, minimal lines of the matte black bathroom wall lights, bathroom mirror and black taps creates a simple and textural space. 

22. Introduce brassware

marble bathroom with brass accents

(Image credit: Paul Massey)

Meanwhile, adding brass bathroom fittings can really help to warm up a modern grey bathroom color scheme.

As Emma Joyce of Perrin & Rowe says, 'the expansion of available finishes in recent years has made brassware a more central design choice in the bathroom. Fewer people now specify chrome than our other finishes. To create an impact, specify a bold finish such as gold or brass.

She recommends that 'to ensure that every piece of brassware matches – it is important to find a comprehensive range from a single manufacturer, as no two brass finishes are alike. If possible, match furniture handles too for a really cohesive look.'

23. Choose a modern freestanding bath

dark grey modern bathroom with freestanding bath

(Image credit: Kate Martin)

This modern bathroom is a place to totally disconnect, relax and indulge. The dark walls and luxe bath give it a grown-up, sophisticated vibe, while the raised bath turns it into a showpiece. Plus, there is a working fireplace, generous steam room and shower. 

'A freestanding bath with a more curved silhouette has become synonymous with the modern bathroom aesthetic. This contemporary shape will soften the room and help mirror the luxe hotel look. As for bath materials, natural stone has fast become the most sought-after. Soft and satin-like to touch, natural stone not only looks contemporary but also provides durability and longevity. It is also celebrated for its heat retaining capabilities, helping water to stay warmer for longer.' explains Rebecca Maher, Brand Expert at Clearwater.

24. Choose poured concrete floors

(Image credit: Paul Raeside)

Poured concrete bathroom flooring grounds the monochrome scheme in this modern bathroom. Aside from lending a grey color to the space, concrete flooring also feels warmer underfoot than bathroom floor tiles. Black taps and fittings add to the contemporary edge.

25. Modernize cabinetry with recessed handles

white bathroom with grey cabinetry and large round mirror

(Image credit: Matthew Williams)

Modern bathroom storage makes a statement in this white scheme. Bespoke units with recessed handles subtly echo the geometric mood of the bathroom mirror and bathroom lighting. 

26. Create a home spa oasis with wooden panelling

wooden panelled bathroom

(Image credit: Future)

Who wouldn’t want to be a guest at this house when you have a spa bathroom this gorgeous? The warm woods, graphic tiles and sleek fittings are beautifully combined.

27. Illuminate with recessed lighting

white marble wet room with black shower

(Image credit: Future)

We're smitten with the recessed LED lighting in this black and white bathroom below, brightening, illuminating and modern. The Carrara marble mixed with the black taps and brassware gives a slice of drama to this classic and beautiful design. 

28. Mix marble and metallics

modern marble bathroom with copper freestanding bath

(Image credit: Future)

Marble floors, a copper standalone tub with an artwork hanging above all work together to create a glamorous, grown-up space. 

29. Adopt an on-trend pink scheme

pink and blue modern bathroom

(Image credit: Future)

Pink might not seem like an obvious color for your modern bathroom, but it's actually very on-trend at the moment, and it's easy to see why as it creates a warm yet fresh look.

Caesarstone collaborated with influencer Little Big Bell for this striking bathroom vanity, where the walls are tiled with pink hexagons halfway up, then painted a softer shade of pink above. 

30. Embrace Japandi style

Japandi inspired bathroom

(Image credit: Victorian Plumbing)

An amalgamation of Japanese minimalism and Scandi cool, Japandi has been around for a while but has soared in popularity this year, likely due to its calming zen vibes.

When it comes to choosing materials, Japandi looks to nature for inspiration. Bamboo and rattan furniture, linen soft furnishing, and accessories with a natural finish will achieve the perfect foundation, whilst Japanese features such as tatami mats and origami shades complete the look. 

Try using a mix of wood tones and begin to incorporate pieces with both curved and straight lines to add a unique sense of texture to the bathroom.

31. Go all over with metro tiles

modern bathroom idea with grey metro tiles

(Image credit: James Merrell)

Metro tiles aren't a new modern bathroom idea - in fact, metro tiles have been around for decades, but you could try a more modern approach by opting for grey or colored tiles, as this grey bathroom achieves.

32. Introduce a modern bathroom wallpaper

small powder room with pink Gucci wallpaper

(Image credit: Astrid Templier)

Bathroom wallpaper continues to weave its magic through our homes, but this year things are dialing up a notch, with bold patterned designs stealing into the wettest parts of our bathrooms. 

For dramatic impact, Gucci's iconic heron print wallpaper is perfect for cloakrooms and powder rooms. 'The cloakroom is the one area of the home you should really go bold on, and have a little fun with,' explains the designer behind this fabulous Chiswick family home.

33. Install a bath in the bedroom for a boutique hotel look

modern bathroom ideas

(Image credit: Davide Lovatti)

A bathtub in a bedroom creates a luxe, hotel-inspired vibe. The freestanding bath below is framed by elegant paneling, with an en-suite shower room tucked beyond the new stud wall. The soft pink colorway is a good counterbalance to the simple, functional aspects of the room.

How can you make a bathroom look modern?

The term 'modern' can mean so many different things, but in a bathroom, an easy way to make your space look modern is to pick a single statement piece that will stand out. That could be a sleek freestanding bath, a fabulous light fitting or even a bold tile or wallpaper. Use this as the base for the rest of your modern bathroom design. 

If you are after a sleek traditionally modern look, opt for a limited color palette, a monochrome scheme work wonderful in contemporary spaces. But that's not to say modern bathroom ideas can't also be bold and colorful and sometimes taking a risk with your decor is what will give the space an overall modern feel. 

How much does a modern bathroom cost?

How much a modern bathroom costs can vary massively depending on how big your space is, how much it needs to be reconfigured, the quality of the finish, the price of the fixtures and fittings you choose. On average, however, a new bathroom costs between £3,000 and £6,000 or around $8,000 to $12,000. But you want to create a more luxurious modern bathroom costs can go over £15,000. 

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