Beautiful Bathroom Tile Ideas

Looking for some beautiful bathroom tile ideas? We got ’em...

Bathroom tiles are a simple but effective way of updating a bathroom without completely renovating the whole room.

From rustic Moroccan encaustic tiles to modern geometric patterns, and from scalloped fish scale shapes to angular hexagonal pieces or the classic metro tile (in cool new herringbone formations), it’s never been easier to give your bathroom a modern revamp with stylish bathroom tiles.

Chequerboard floor tiles would suit a cool monochrome scheme, use mosaic tiles to spell out words on the floor or create a shimmering iridescent splash back, or create a more classic look with marble tiles.

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Mirrored and bevelled tiles give hint of Hollywood and bounce reflections and light off each other and back into the room, while patterned tiles will give a more vintage look – contrast them against concrete surfaces for an industrial inspired look, or pair with a pretty wallpaper to suit a more traditional scheme.

And why stop at dado height? Floor-to-ceiling tiling can turn a functional bathroom space into a stylish and splash-proof wet room or shower room.

Either way, bathroom tiles will instantly add colour or pattern to your bathroom interior.

Get inspired with these cool bathroom tile ideas…

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