Metro Tiled Bathrooms

We just can't get enough of metro tiles.

Designed to resemble the tiling found in classic underground stations, metro tiles  – also referred to as subway tiles – have popped up from the underground, and made their way into modern bathrooms, kitchens  and even home bars.

Metro tiles have become increasingly popular, owing to their versatility. They suit both modern and traditional homes, and are often found in contemporary bathroom schemes despite being around since the early 1900s.

The uniformity of subway tiles makes them perfect for use in a contemporary setting, as they create a neat, geometric backdrop.

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The geometric tile pattern is able to blend in with industrial schemes, as well as the more rustic, minimal and elegant styles.

As metro tiles are usually polished, they help bounce light around a room, making them perfect for smaller rooms – like the cloakroom.

With their simple rectangular shape they’re not just limited to the simple subway grid; mix them with a contrasting coloured tule, or arrange the tiles in a more modern formation like a herringbone pattern.

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