The Coolest Modern Freestanding Baths

Make a style statement in the bathroom with these eye-catching designs

Shake up your bathroom with a modern freestanding bath. You may have never considered your bath as a showpiece, but  it’s time for a rethink. Meet the new cool and ultra-modern designs which are making a splash in the design world.


The BetteLux Oval Couture Bath in Matt Black breaks the mould of ceramic tubs with an upholstered bath. Let that sink in. Upholstered. The outside is covered in a hardwearing, water-resistant woven fabric from Jab Anstoetz – with a velvety texture. Bathroom couture, if you will.

This is the Bette Luxe Oval Couture Freestanding bath, from £8096 from C.P. Hart


Feeling flush? The Kora bathtub is the height of sumptuous sophistication, carved from a single marble block that rests on a tripod base to lighten the look. And although the hefty price tag may at first be off-putting, once you sit back and enjoy a well-earned soak, there’ll be no going back.

Kora bathtub in Bianco Estremoz,from £26,702, Enzo Berti for Kreoo at West One Bathrooms


Go geometric with Kelly Hoppen’s shapely Bijoux bath. The strikingly chiseled form draws inspiration from faceted diamonds and is the product of the second collaboration between Kelly Hoppen and Apaiser.

This is the Bijoux bath, £4,097, Kelly Hoppen for Apaiser


Be bold with a black fitting in your bathroom. The Vetrina 1700 bath from Lusso Stone is enviably sleek, chic and stylish, with a matte finish that contrasts its polished interior.

This is the Vetrina 1700 bath, from £2,895, Lusso Stone


Le Cob‘s design is a work of art. This freestanding bath has an unusual V-shape, with see-through glass panels. With one side slightly lower than the other, the water spills over like a waterfall into an innovative pebble-covered drain system, but the crowning glory has to be the chaise lounge shape – ultimate comfort in water immersion. Need.

This is the Le Cob Freestanding Bath, £2,1786.21 from West One Bathrooms


Bathing takes a softer turn with The Hurling Bath Company’s Galleon bath, upholstered in Andrew Martin fabric. A perfect contrast of a traditional, alluring double slipper bath shape with a strikingly modern geometric print. Plus, did we mention it’s fabric?

Galleon bath in Andrew Martin fabric, from £3,200, Hurlingham The Bath Company


The out-there design of the Freestanding Hammock bath is anything but ordinary. It’s like the bat-mobile of bathrooms – if batman went bath shopping, that is. Playful, modern, wild – and, guessing by the sloping sides, super comfortable too, with room for two.

This is the Freestanding Hammock design, £19,920 from West One Bathrooms


Why settle from monochrome? Devon & Devon’s Hollywood bath comes in more than 500 different colours, which means you can colour match it to your wallpaper or upholstery.

Hollywood bath, £7,850, Devon & Devon


You would think that a simple, bucket-shaped design would look old-fashioned, but it doesn’t. The all-marble In-Out bath reinvents the shape of bathtubs, with a circular shape that’s carved out of marble.

This is the In-Out bath, £15,096 from West One Bathrooms


Forget a double-ended bath, a perfectly round bath means you can lie in any direction. The  luxurious Notion Stone tub would make an extravagant addition to a palatial bathroom.

This is the Notion Stone Freestanding Round Bath 1500, from £2,395 from Lusso Stone


Big enough to teach a kid to swim, the Lotus bath reminds us a bit of a paddling pool – but a chicer, grown-up version. With rounded shapes and soft curves, it’s the mini-pool our childhood selves would have wanted. Go on, treat yourself.

This is the Lotus bath, £10,179 from West One Bathrooms


The  deep curves of this super-minimalist egg-shaped Coniston bath were inspired by Coniston Water in the Lake District, which is set within a steep U-shaped valley. Yet despite its imposing scale (it holds an impressive amount of water, ensuring you’ll want to wallow in it for hours), it’s actually a rather sleek and slender bath.

This is the Coniston freestanding bath, £3,900 by CP Hart


Simple, but made modern through it’s contrasting black frame, the Cuna freestanding bath is a lesson in clean, fuss-free functional beauty.

This is the Cuna freestanding bath, £7,542 from West One Bathrooms


Succumb to the charm of Catchpole & Rye’s Copper Bateau freestanding bathtub. Reminiscent of a time when people bathed in front of fires, copper baths had to be light, so that they could be easily carried from room to room. These double-ended baths are made entirely from high gauge copper, with a number of different  interior and exterior finishes are availble– although our favourite is the Verdi-Gris. With a purposefully distressed aged iron coat, it’s a masterclass in ageing gracefully.

Copper Bateau in Verdi-Gris, £6,000 Catchpole & Rye


Like the hollow shape a droplet makes when it hits the water’s surface, the Goccia bath has a tall, cocooning, wraparound edge – meaning you can have an extra-deep bath that you can sit up in.

This is the Goccia bath, £13,179 from West One Bathrooms

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