Monochrome Bathrooms

If colours could be soul mates, then black and white would make the perfect pair. Team them in a bathroom and they'll create a striking scheme with lasting impact.

Black absorbs and white reflects – uniting the two is one of the most effective ways to create a bathroom that punches above its weight. In pattern terms, the options are virtually endless and can be as simple as black and white tiles laid in a chequered formation. For a masculine, tailored space, look to smart stripes or houndstooth repeat patterns – Decorum Est has some exquisite monochrome mosaics in semi-precious stone. Monochrome needn’t be moody. Balancing the black-to-white ratios in favour of the latter will create a far lighter, brighter space. A more organic, softer approach can be achieved using irregular, curved patterns such as monochrome patchworks and floral designs.

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