Super chic ideas for small bathrooms

super chic small bathroom ideas that don't compromise on style

Whether it’s a bathroom for kids, for guests, or you’re designing a compact master suite, small spaces shouldn’t limit you from experimenting with some chic ideas.

We’ve searched the Livingetc archives for the best small bathroom ideas and inspiration, and have curated a mix of inspired solutions.

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From floating sinks to sinks that double up as shelves, and wet room and shower room ideas to spa-inspired bathrooms, these carefully considered spaces make the most of their limited square footage.

Light bright colours make rooms appear larger, as do floor-to-ceiling tiles, and wet room layouts. You can’t really go wrong with classic marble tiles, white metro tiled bathrooms or a monochrome bathroom look, but it can pay off to go for a bold approach with an adventurous tiled bathroom idea.

Avoid a bulky vanity, instead opting for a floating sink or a sink on legs or with open shelving. Or go for one of these stunning new collection modern basin designs.

Wall-mounted loos with built-in cisterns also help create more floor space, while also creating a handy alcove area above the loo for loo roll and bathroom accessories.

Create alcove shelving in shower spaces too, to keep soaps and sponges within arm’s reach. Plus, they look incredibly chic.

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Towel rails can look flush against a wall, and can also be mounted into alcoves, so that it’s not encroaching on any personal space.

Natural light is also key to make a small space feel bigger, and skylights are a great option for when windows aren’t enough.

There are so many ways in which you can make the most of even the smallest of bathroom spaces — without sacrificing an inch of style. Whatever kind of inspiration you’re looking for, there’s a small bathroom idea for everyone.

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