Bathroom sink ideas – the best picks to give the smallest room in your home a glow-up

Make your bathroom sink ideas the star of the show with an array of beautiful basin styles, colors, shapes, and finishes for all

Small bathroom sink ideas
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Switching up your bathroom sink ideas can give your space an instant refresh. Whether you’re after a modern and contemporary basin style, or prefer a stylish and fuss-free finish. Nowadays, there are plenty of interesting and eye-catching bathroom sink ideas to choose from, with options that put the fun in functional.

As Sahar Saffari from Hi-Spec Design tells us, ‘you can get a whole array of colors and shapes of sinks which can make your bathroom unique and give it a new lease of life. Countertop sinks are modern and sleek looking and can bring an air of difference into your bathroom. While if you have a vintage style bathroom, the classic full pedestal sink might be the best option for the aesthetic.’ But there’s also console basins, floating wall hung styles, and double basins to choose from – the list goes on.

Aside from the style and shape of your bathroom sink, you can also get creative with accessories, colors, and textures. From marble finishes and concrete basins to sculptural taps and statement mirrors, there's a sink to suit any bathroom style.

If given some thought to, a bathroom sink can be so much more than just the destination to brush your teeth or wash your face. It can become the focal point of your bathroom. But don't just take our word for it. We’ve spoken to the design experts and rounded up some of the most creative and inspiring bathroom ideas to make your sink the star of the show. Keep scrolling to find out how…

The best bathroom sink ideas for 2022

1. Go circular 

Think outside of the box and switch your sink up with a circular design

(Image credit: Victorian Plumbing)

Who said bathroom sinks had to come with straight lines and sharp edges?

‘Statement countertop basins, like this circular design, are guaranteed to turn heads and are a key part of bathroom designs for 2022,’ says Brenna Ryan, Design Expert at Victorian Plumbing. ‘Whether you’re after a minimal finish or that statement feature, choosing a countertop basin for your bathroom has never been easier.’

But the good news doesn’t stop there. Not only can circular basins add some personality into your bathroom, but they can also take up less room. So if you’re short on space in a small bathroom, it’s a win-win.

2. Wild for washstands

Washstands have had a stylish 21st century makeover

(Image credit: Victoria Plumbing)

The humble washstand has had a 21st-century makeover for modern bathrooms. And according to Ryan, this style of sink is tipped to be one of the top trends for sanitaryware in 2022. But why is that?

‘With their Soho House appeal of blending old styling with new designs, a washstand is sure to bring a touch of elegance to your bathroom,’ Ryan says. Originally, the washstand was a simple pitcher and bowl on a wooden frame. But fast forward a couple of centuries and the coveted washstand has developed into the must-have bathroom trend of today.

3. Stylish storage

A practical and stylish option for your bathroom

(Image credit: Ripples Bathrooms)

What’s the one thing you can never have too much of? Clever bathroom storage ideas. And a countertop vanity unit can provide you with style, substance and storage space. It's a triple threat. So instead of opting for a stand-alone sink unit, think about making your sink work as hard  – if not harder – than you do.

‘If you have the space, under basin storage can be both a practical and stylish option for your bathroom,’ Neil Curtis, Senior Designer at Ripples Bath tells us. ‘By integrating the basin within a vanity unit countertop, you can create a sleek like which is also easy to clean – this is perfect for busy family bathrooms. Removing clutter is key to a serene bathroom space so under basin storage can be the ideal way to hide away any spare shampoo bottles, cleaning products and rolled up towels.’ 

With a number of sizes and styles to choose from, from minimalist to traditional shaker style, what are you waiting for?

4. Concrete sinks

Toughen up your space with a concrete sink

(Image credit: Ripples Bathrooms)

Tough, practical and super stylish, concrete basins are the gifts that keep on giving. The functional utilitarian-style surface can give your bathroom an industrial feel. But if you’re a fan of bold bathroom colors and detail – look this way. You'll be pleased to know there’s a never-ending list of hues and fluted textures to choose from. 

Curtis adds ‘concrete basins have been hugely popular over the last few years but there are now a number of textured options available to choose from. We particularly love fluted basins as the contours in the concrete add a lovely tactile element and additional interest to the basin. When paired with gold brassware, fluted basins exude style and give a modern twist to art-deco design.’

5. Mad for marble

This pietra vernante vanity unit with a panda marble basin is bound to create interest in any space

(Image credit: Lusso Stone)

A splash of marble can give any bathroom a super luxurious look. But a marble trough-style basin? It might just be our favorite way to embrace the marble bathroom trend.

Fabrizio Costingo, Product Designer at Lusso Stone, says ‘marble is as luxurious as it comes, which is why it’s coveted around the world for its palatial aesthetic. This sought-after natural stone, and its many variations, has seen huge success since the launch of our Pietra collection, with many homeowners adopting a marble basin as a striking centerpiece of the bathroom.’

There's an array of super-stylish marble finishes to get involved with. Could this be the seamless touch of luxury your bathroom has been missing? Perhaps so.

6. Fluted surface sinks

Fluted textures are big news for 2022 – so nail the trend with this stylish option

(Image credit: Kast Contcrete Basins)

Hailed as one of the top bathroom trends for 2022, fluted finishes are going nowhere fast and we're not complaining. 

Amy Bartlett, Product Design and Marketing Manager at Kast, says ‘Fluted surface details will continue to be popular in 2022. Adding textured surfaces within a bathroom is an easy way to add depth and visual interest to a space. A fluted surface pattern brings the basins to life with a striking interplay of light and shadow.’ 

We're big fans of 3D finishes. And luckily, there's no shortage of sinks with fluted finishes available. It could be just the thing your bathroom has been waiting for. 

7. Earthy tones

Inject warmth into your bathroom with a earthy toned sink

(Image credit: Kast Concrete Basins)

As the interior design trends for 2022 confirmed, earthy rich colors are having a bit of a moment – and we're here for it. 

After all, as Barlett tells us, ‘warm, earthy tones reminiscent of natural stones, terracotta, and burnt umber will help to make bathrooms feel comforting and inviting. Introducing a pop of color from a colored concrete basin is a great way to add impact and lift a more neutral color palette without overpowering the space.’

One of the good things to note about earthy tones, is that they don't just inject some warmth into your space throughout the wintery colder seasons. They're very much on-trend throughout the warmer months too. Nothing says 'summer' than some sunshine-infused hues. 

8. Go for gold

Gold taps are a sure-fire way to create some drama in your space

(Image credit: Victoria + Albert)

You don’t just have to invest in a new sink to give your bathroom a new lease of life. Try changing up your taps. Or your storage. Not only is this a quick fix. It's also perhaps a little bit more affordable too. The most luxurious looking way to do this? We'd recommend going for gold and adding some brassware to your bathroom arsenal. Not only will it add a touch of glamour to your sink, it will look pretty too. And who doesn't want a sink that's pretty? 

9. Floating in space 

Save space and clutter with a wall hung basin

(Image credit: Claybrook)

A wall-hung basin – which is sometimes called a floating basin – is ideal if space is at a premium and you are working with a small bathroom layout. That's because wall-hung sinks can create the illusion of more room thanks to taking up zero floor space. 

Maybe you're looking for a new sink for your small downstairs toilet, or you just prefer a sleek and fuss-free finish. Any way you look at it, floating sinks ooze everyday ease but max out on impact. You can't go wrong. 

In the world of interiors, you have a whole host of bathroom sinks to choose from. From console basins to floating wall hung styles. And washstands to double basins. The list really is endless. But the most popular style of bathroom sinks in 2022? According to Kane Hughes, interior design expert, currently the most sought-after style is an undermount bathroom sink – which is sometimes referred to as an inset basin.

But why is this? As Hughes tells us ‘it offers a sleek and modern aesthetic that fits perfectly with any bathroom decor. Undermount sinks are a type of built-in bathroom sink which sits just under the level of the countertop. This design saves space on the countertop and it also creates a seamless effect.’

How can you modernize a bathroom sink?

Many bathroom sinks and basins are already available in modern styles. And as James Roberts, Director of Sanctuary Bathrooms tells us, if you’re looking out for a modern style, keep in mind that you’re looking for smooth, white edges in squared or rounded designs. But you might also be interested in investing in basins with different textures, and unique or unsual finishes such as marble or fluted finishes.

However, as Roberts notes, the trick to create a modern space is to pair the basin with more trendy furniture, brassware and accessories.

Roberts says ‘This includes more color and handleless designs with the furniture, modern mixer taps and large, frameless mirrors with tech such as LED bathroom lighting, Bluetooth and demisters.’

Can you fit your own bathroom sink?

The simple answer to this question is yes: if equipped with the right equipment and enough time, you can absolutely fit your own bathroom sink.

However, we’d only suggest doing so if you have experience in plumbing. Roberts explains ‘while it is always recommended to get a qualified person to fit a bathroom basin, it is possible to fit your own and there are many helpful guides available online. 

‘It is important to ensure that you follow all stages from fitting the plumbing and ensuring you have all the correct parts, to measuring up and, finally, fitting the basin accurately and securely to avoid calamities such as flooding your bathroom, your basin falling off or damaging your wall if wall-mounted, or the final appearance looking messy.’

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