The Best Bathroom Accessories, According to Our Style Editor — 'They Elevate Your Everyday!'

Regrettably, most of us can't live at a hotel or indulge in daily spa visits, but I've found the next best thing. With these swoon-worthy bathroom accessories, you can easily recreate that luxurious ambiance right at home

best bathroom accessories
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I think bathrooms deserve some love. They're often overlooked in our decorating process, yet they're among the most important rooms to invest in. It's where we prepare for the day, engage in self-care rituals, and, naturally – especially if you're a girl like myself – engage in a little chit-chat (we all know it becomes its own social scene). As someone who seems to spend the better part of her life in a bathroom, it feels only appropriate to find accessories that elevate the experience.

It appears that some of the best home decor stores are on the same wavelength, as I've been discovering so many chic bathroom items lately. It might seem odd to call a tissue box cover 'elegant,' but here we are, and I'm certainly not complaining. With so many stunning options to choose from, interior designer Lauren Williams sheds a little insight to help us navigate – tips and tricks for a luxurious, spa-like bathroom.

According to Lauren, ‘Incorporating unique touches, such as pairing everyday functionality with unexpected objects in non-traditional shapes, can elevate bathroom decor and add distinctive flair.’ Think artful compositions ‘with a mix of various vessels to store items on a bathroom vanity’ – beautiful and practical. To that end, simple additions like ‘Stone trays and boxes serving as catchalls for loose items or paper napkin holders in different textures, colors, and shapes' can do wonders, turning 'ordinary moments into something special,’ muses the designer. Plants, handmade pottery – even personal art and photographs – are all of the delightful additions we didn’t know we needed.  

There are certain restaurants we remember only for their bathrooms – they're that important. You, too, can create one of those main-feed-worthy bathroom setups and savor the spa-like feel daily by incorporating a few well-chosen accessories. See below.

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Chic Bathroom Accessories

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How can I enhance my bathroom's ambience?

Apart from your decor, Lauren says that the perfect bathroom ambiance involves stimulating the senses, like smell and sound.

‘Creating an aromatic space in a bathroom is a must to elevate a daily routine and can be achieved in a variety of forms,’ advises the designer. ‘Glass jar candles or incense burners made from brass and precious stones are like jewelry for any surface, and can help create a calming atmosphere,' she explains. Her go-to bathroom fragrance picks are neutral-toned candles by Le Labo and incense burners from Cinnamon Projects – they smell amazing and add a chic touch.

‘Sound is also important for a daily routine,’ explains Lauren. ‘Investing in quality speakers, whether built-in or portable, is a great way to set the mood at the beginning of the day or to wind down during the evening and adds to the overall ambiance of a space.'

So simple yet incredibly powerful, you best believe I'll be integrating these sensory tips into a bathroom of my own.

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