Bathroom chandelier ideas – 10 looks for decadent and luxurious lighting

From contemporary to classic, these bathroom chandelier ideas will add an upscale style to your personal sanctuary...

bathroom chandelier ideas with Art Deco influence by BC Designs
(Image credit: BC Designs)

The surging popularity of bathroom chandelier ideas is a reflection of how our lifestyles have changed, with more time spent turning our homes into a true sanctuary.

'Chandeliers are a perfect option for providing ambient lighting, and a soft warm glow across the room,' says Pooky founder Rohan Blacker. 'For this reason, chandeliers work well in a bathroom, promoting the ultimate feel of relaxation, and a lovely indulgent atmosphere when you’re soaking in the tub.'

And Megan Matharu, Marketing Manager at Visual Comfort, adds: 'Bold lighting choices can add a layer of luxury and sophistication, turning today’s bathroom into a modern sanctuary. 

'Whether you’re thinking of updates to the powder room or embarking on a master bath renovation,  bathroom lighting ideas effortlessly serve up some serious style.

'Adding a chandelier is a great way to make a design statement and inject both style and function to your bathroom. When it comes to styles, there are infinite possibilities – from modern masterpieces to crystal head-turners.'

Beautiful bathroom chandelier ideas

'Chandeliers are an increasingly popular choice in bathrooms as they help to ease the transition between bedrooms and soften the harder and more linear finishes and fixtures in bathroom spaces,' says Clara Ewart, senior designer at  Kitesgrove

'When choosing a chandelier, it's important to have measured your bathroom and factor in the ceiling height as this will help determine the right size light for the room proportions. 

'Depending on the size of the room you can choose something small and discreet that gives off a soft glow or something larger and more impactful as a statement piece.' Get a host of inspiration from these chic bathroom chandelier ideas below...

1. Go small on size but big on style

bathroom chandelier ideas small crystal chandelier with pink bath and marble walls by BC Designs

(Image credit: BC Designs)

Want to add just a touch of decadence? Rather than go for a huge bathroom chandelier (the does risk being impractical) pick something compact that still adds sparkle but won't overwhelm a bathroom. This chic pink bathroom has so many focal points – the freestanding bath, the walk-in shower, the beautiful marble wall, going for a huge light fixture would be too much, but the small and simple design adds elegance without adding too much clutter to the space. 

'Even a large bathroom doesn’t need a huge chandelier to add drama or be a focal point,' explains Barrie Cutchie, of BC Designs. 'Instead, carefully consider whether a smaller but intricately detailed chandelier can still have impact but won’t take away from other key details of the bathroom. 

'In this bathroom, the chandelier continues the opulence but doesn’t overpower the bath or walk-in shower, which are the key elements of the room.'

2. Add elegance to an industrial bathroom with a traditional style glass chandelier

industrial concrete bathroom with traditional chandelier by Kerry Lockwood

(Image credit: Kerry Lockwood)

If the backdrop of your bathroom is a gritty mix of concrete and black matte hardware, a strikingly beautiful traditional chandelier adds that slice of sophistication. Lighting is such an easy way to blend styles and create a bathroom that's filled with personality and character. The chandelier in this concrete bathroom softens the industrial look and makes it feel warmer and more inviting. 

Interiors influencer @kerrylockwood says of this cool space: 'We went for micro cement on the walls in our bathroom and I didn’t want it to feel too industrial, so I chose a chandelier to juxtapose the concrete and add a touch of elegance to the space.'

3. Choose a wooden beaded chandelier for a modern rustic bathroom

modern rustic bathroom with wooden beaded chandelier lighting by Kate Marker Interiors

(Image credit: Kate Marker Interiors)

'Wooden beaded chandeliers are a subtle way to add and play with texture within a space,' says Kate, of Kate Marker Interiors. 'The material's texture is not only uniquely captivating, but it also draws the eye up making a space feel larger, too.'

We love how in this luxurious ensuite bathroom the vertical wall paneling in this stunning space also leads your eye up to the ceiling, where you're treated to the beautiful sight of the detailed yet pared-back chandelier.

4. Anchor a large bathroom with a statement classic chandelier

bathroom chandelier ideas traditional brass by Marie Flanigan Interiors

(Image credit: Marie Flanigan Interiors/Julie Soefer)

If you're lucky enough to have a large and refined master bathroom, a traditional chandelier will add further elegance to the space for an ultra-luxe feel.

Marie, of Marie Flanigan Interiors, says: 'This primary bathroom is stunning in both its size and finishes. The tray ceiling and plaster flower detailing called for a more formal chandelier that would center the room and hang over the free-standing tub.'

'In this design, the chandelier was picked to draw the eye up, ensure a beautiful focal point and add a bit more drama to the show-stopping space.'

5. Ooze an Art Deco vibe with curves and fluting

Art Deco style bathroom chandelier and pink fluted bath by BC Designs

(Image credit: BC Designs)

This ornate bathroom chandelier is the perfect addition to an Art Deco design inspired bathroom. The beautiful brass curves reflect the fluting on the sink and the bath, as well as the fluting on the pretty wall lights. It also picks out the other brass elements that run throughout the space.

'One way of bringing everything together in a bathroom is to choose accents of colors or the same metallic finishes, including thinking about your lights,' says Barrie Cutchie, of BC Designs. 

'What's more, if you're keen to maximize how the light is bounced around the room, then choose a crystal chandelier as the light will reflect and bounce off the walls to give it an airy feel.'

6. Work a kitsch vintage feel with a palm leaf bathroom chandelier

bathroom chandelier ideas jungle palm leaf chandelier by Farrow & Ball

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

Any vintage or retro style fans will love a jungle-themed palm leaf bathroom chandelier. Not only can it create a standout talking-point piece, it can also add personality to what is, first and foremost, a functional room.

In this beautiful small bathroom painted in  Farrow & Ball above, a palm leaf chandelier works wonderfully with heritage tiles, a colorful antique vanity unit, and birdcage-print blinds, which reflects the vintage style of the lighting.

7. Be bold as brass by mixing patterns with an ornate bathroom chandelier

bathroom chandelier ideas brass ornate chandelier blue bathroom with printed wallpaper by HAM Interiors

(Image credit: HAM Interiors)

Create a sanctuary for the senses with an ornate brass chandelier paired with printed bathroom wallpaper and patterned tiles. Mixing patterns as well as metal finishes (hello, chrome and brass) creates visual interest in this full-of-life space by HAM Interiors, that's bursting with personality.

8. Channel a modern take with a glass pendant chandelier

bathroom chandelier ideas modern glass pendant chandelier by Marie Flanigan Interiors

(Image credit: Marie Flanigan Interiors/Julie Soefer)

Chandeliers often conjure thoughts of decadent, ornate pieces, but that doesn't always have to be the case. Modern pendant chandeliers offer grandeur without the fuss for a more minimal approach that still has gravitas.

Speaking about this stylish white bathroom design, Marie, of Marie Flanigan Interiors, says: 'The different ceiling heights throughout this bathroom added a lot of interest to the space. We were able to highlight those differences by using an assortment of light fixtures, including the chandelier. We chose the scale of the chandelier based on the dimensions of the sink space and knew that it would add beautiful symmetry.'

9. Make a real statement with a larger-than-life beaded bathroom chandelier

bathroom chandelier ideas wooden statement chandelier by HAM Interiors

(Image credit: HAM Interiors)

Why not go all-out and make your bathroom chandelier the star of the show? This striking black and white bathroom, by HAM Interiors, shows how you can make a focal point of your bathroom lighting, and turn the space from functional to a decadent thing of beauty.

Rohan Blacker, Pooky founder, says: 'There’s no reason why you can’t employ designer decorative chandeliers to make your bathroom stylish, just as you do in your sitting room or bedroom. In other words, prioritizing your lighting’s function doesn’t mean you should neglect its form.

'To give your bathroom a luxurious spa-like finish, consider a couple of small chandeliers hanging directly above the tub, or go all-out with a statement-making piece, oversized piece.'

10. Inject subtle, streamlined style with a circular fluted brass chandelier 

bathroom chandelier ideas modern brass fluted chandelier by Marie Flanigan Interiors

(Image credit: Marie Flanigan Interiors/Julie Soefer)

With pretty floral detailing enhancing the wall, the chandelier in this bathroom needed to be ultra-stylish but not overpowering. An Art Deco-style chandelier or pendant will work in almost any space, and is a timeless addition to any bathroom.

Interior designer Marie Flanigan has says of the look: 'Due to the layout of this bathroom, it was important to add lighting over the tub. We felt like the chandelier would be more impactful over the tub, as opposed to being centered in the room. The scale of the fixture is consistent with the tub’s footprint and allows for ambient lighting when relaxing in the bath.'

How do I choose a bathroom chandelier?

blue bathroom with ornate chandelier by Farrow & Ball

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

'Choosing a bathroom chandelier comes down to personal choice and the overall feel and style you are trying to evoke,' says BC Designs' Barrie Cutchie. 'Chandeliers bring drama, grandeur and opulence and will often be a focal point in their own right, so you need to think carefully about how they work with the rest of the room. 

'Do they add to and complement it? Or does it take your attention away and do you want that to happen? A chandelier doesn’t have to be large to make a statement, this is down to the proportion and also the colour/style you decide on.  

'There are benefits to choosing this style of lighting as they help to diffuse light around the room and aren’t as sterile as ceiling lights.'

Helen Pett, Design Ambassador, Arteriors London, comments: 'We always recommend our customers think just as much about the aesthetics of their bathroom lighting as well as the practicality – this is a space in which we all spend a lot of time relaxing in and functional and style need to be considered. You want a certain sense of continuity with the décor and lighting choices to suit the other rooms in the home. 

'If you have high ceilings, low-drop chandeliers are a wonderful option to add an element of luxury and decadence to the bathroom, not much else is needed in the space from that point, particularly when selecting Art Deco styles that really draw the eye and make a statement. 

'Alternatively, a great tip if you are decorating a bathroom with lower ceiling height, opt for a smaller pendant on a shorter chain which will give the impression of beautiful soaring ceilings.'

Interior designer Marie Flanigan's top tip? 'My trick for choosing the right fixture for any space is formulaic. I add the length of the room in feet to the width of the room in feet. The sum of those two numbers is the inch size of the fixture that’s an appropriate scale. For example, a 6ft long room + 9 ft wide room = 15 in light fixture.'

Can you put a chandelier in a small bathroom?

'You can put a chandelier in a small bathroom if the scale is appropriate,' says Marie Flanigan. 'However, pendant lighting could be a great decorative lighting solution for a smaller space. I recommend using my measuring method (above) to understand if the chandelier is a good fit for the space and ensuring you have the ceiling height to accommodate.'

And BC Designs' Barrie Cutchie says: 'Statement lighting in bathrooms is becoming as important as features such as baths these days, and are often part of the design process. This means that lighting manufacturers are offering a much wider product portfolio with options for small and large bathrooms. 

'A small chandelier can be a great addition to a small bathroom. It is a focal point without having to take up any valuable space and can take the aesthetic from a functional room to one of high design. The trick to making it work is to stay in proportion to the rest of the room.'

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