Pink bathroom ideas – 10 chic color schemes that are just peachy

Think pink and take inspiration from our pink bathroom ideas and transform your wash-room with blushing shades

Bathroom with pink and red patterned tiles
(Image credit: Bert and May)

The 'millennial pink' trend has become such a part of our interior landscape – we think we can all agree it has transcended into a modern classic – and pink bathroom ideas are one of the top-searched for terms right now. 

Lately, we are seeing an abundance of incredibly chic bookmark-worthy bathrooms popping up in designer homes and all over our social media feeds. The color is ideal for a bathroom area as it complements skin tones beautifully and works well with natural and restful hues.

These pink bathroom color ideas offer up a heavy dose of fresh, modern, and on-trend inspiration, from peachy tones and elegant schemes to bluish-grey hues and edgy, urban designs. 

1. Go retro with black and pink

A pink and black tiled bathroom

(Image credit: Drummonds)

Fancy a little retro flair? This sweet pink and black bathroom marries the classic Art Deco style color pairing bringing it up to date with a shower enclosure of handmade pink tiles and smart black tile beading. The black is carried through into other elements like the radiator and light fixtures keeping the look contemporary and cohesive.

'Previously a daunting color choice for interiors, today more and more people are choosing to experiment with pink in the home, and nowhere is this trend more apparent than in bathroom design. With so many different shades to choose from, it can be used to achieve truly individual schemes with vastly different energies. Here, a selection of our fittings in an Antique Bronze finish provide a dark, earthy contrast to the brightness of the pink glossy tiles, helping to ground the entire look.'

2. Create an eclectic space with terrazzo 

A traditional bathroom with a rolltop bath an pink terrazzo floor

(Image credit: CP Hart)

This eclectic bathroom mixes artwork, textures, and styles with ease and uses the color pink as a gentle thread that weaves together the artful look. Featuring a dynamic pink terrazzo flooring and delicate pink curtains, the characterful blend of pieces in the room mean the pink floor doesn't overwhelm.

'For those wanting to inject old school glamour into their bathrooms,' says Yousef Mansuri, Director of Design at CP Hart. 'Roll top baths, dramatic statement bathroom tiles, and traditional brassware, all united by jewel-inspired pink tones, make for the perfect updates.'

3. Create a mediterranean wet room

Bathroom with pink walled shower enclosure

(Image credit: Future)

A warming pink can feel transportive and this Meditteranean-inspired bathroom with an earthy pink stone walk in shower wall achieves the impression of warmer climes. The darker end of the hue is perfectly paired with white stone walls and a natural wood floor and ceiling. 

'The Mediterranean breathes fire and this is just what our 'Arcilla' stone finish is,' says Laura Davie, Marketing Manager at Cosentino UK. 'An earthy red shade that promotes coziness – ideal for rustic and bohemian spaces and its soft surface texture blends harmoniously with its beautiful hue'. 

4. Mix warm metallic and sherbet shades

A bright pink stone shower enclosure

(Image credit: Mylands)

Warmer, sherbet hues – think pastels with a zingy twist – evoke an era of glitz and hedonism, plus are big in bathroom trends right now. Hot pink hues colors pair perfectly with brass taps and showerheads - injecting a small bathroom with glamorous vintage vibes. 

‘Dial back to Miami in the Thirties and Palm Springs in the Fifties – big ice cream-colored convertibles, glamorous abodes, and pool parties,’ says Louise Ashdown,  head of design at West One Bathrooms. 'The true beauty of sherbet shades is that they work exceptionally well with the still-trending metallic brassware we’ve all fallen hard for – try mixing strawberry pink with matt gold taps. The effect is stunning and will lift your bathroom to new heights.’

5. Use pink to warm a small space

Pink bathroom with freestanding bath and herringbone tiles

(Image credit: James Merrell)

This small bathroom is entirely clad in tiles and the rest of the items like the rolltop bath that fills the space and the sanitary ware are beautiful but hard surfaces. Choosing pink tiles to encase the space instantly warms up what could be a clinical room.

'Pink can be a sophisticated alternative to white if you're planning a pared-back yet colorful scheme,' says Fired Earth's Creative Director Colin Roby-Welford. 'It's a flattering and joyful color to be surrounded by and, like blue and green, it looks really fresh with white so it's an ideal backdrop to baths and basins. Even the gentlest pinks exude a sense of warmth, something that's important to stop bathrooms – with all their hard surfaces – from looking cold.'

6. Pair a hint of pink with glossy black

Pale Pink Bathroom with black door

(Image credit: Farrow and Ball)

Whilst bathrooms can be a hum of activity in the morning, they can also be a space of calm and relaxation at the end of a long day. With this in mind, consider a gentle hint of pink to start and end your day. This sweet bathroom pairs a pale pink wall and matching vanity with a bold glossy painted black door and trims that pick out the room's period details.

'The joys of pink create a healthy glow in a bathroom,' says Patrick O’Donnell – Farrow & Ball Brand Ambassador. 'Those with a small dose of brown like Setting Plaster deliver a gentle, nostalgic lift and create a soothingly warm environment without any saccharine notes. A perfect choice for a south-facing sunny aspect.'

7. Celebrate brass hardware

modern bathroom ideas

(Image credit: Blakes London)

Polished plaster walls, marble tiles, and brass fittings are a winning combo. This minimal space benefits from the playfulness of the rose-hued walls and is further softened by brass fixtures.

Here the brass fixtures chosen are as equally minimal as the design of the space and rows of towel rails work as uniform decorations against the pink wall. Brass works well in both warm and white spaces as well as rooms with darker tones and like this space use the metal when you want your eye to be drawn to the fixture or finish.

8. Adorn a tiny space in pink wallpaper

pink bathroom ideas

(Image credit: Astrid Templier)

Every downstairs bathroom has the potential for a wow factor. It's a simple fact that people tend to be braver with their guest bathrooms and experiment with bright colors or unusual bathroom wallpaper. This tiny pink loo features Gucci's iconic heron print pink wallpaper which cocoons the tiny space.

The powder room is the perfect place to begin experimenting with wallpaper. Its small size means it won't cost the earth, even with a very expensive design, and it won't be the end of the world to redo if you hate the finished look. It's the perfect jumping-off point.

9. If in doubt pair pink and white

modern bathroom ideas

(Image credit: Blakes London)

Pink and white make a really classic pairing and the blush hue of the pink makes white sanitary ware and accessories pop and creates a fresh space. This contemporary pink bathroom features a wall with delicate pink plaster and white orb wall lights that really stand out. The basin is white marble with slight veining that adds depth to the pink and white scheme.

'Pink can be a sophisticated alternative to white if you're planning a pared-back yet colorful scheme,' says Colin Roby-Welford. 'It's a flattering and joyful color to be surrounded by and, like blue and green, it looks really fresh with white so it's an ideal backdrop to baths and basins. Even the gentlest pinks exude a sense of warmth, something that's important to stop bathrooms – with all their hard surfaces – from looking cold. Pink will also help to bring out the beautiful warm tones in everything from marble tiles to gold or bronze brassware.'

10. Go maximalist with bold pattern

A white sink with a wall of orange and pink geometric tiles

(Image credit: Bert and May)

Pink is such a pretty romantic hue, so go all out by teaming it with an unexpected playful pattern into your bathroom with on-trend scallop bathroom wall tiles by Bert and May. The energetic Ric Rac design boasts a sense of movement through comforting repeats and the pairing of red and pink make a vivid and bold combination to accentuate flowing patterns. 

'When decorating with pink, don’t be afraid to experiment with more than one shade,' says Lee Thornley, founder of Bert & May. 'The variety of pinks available means that you will find the right tone to go with almost anything. Additionally, patterns and pinks go hand-in-hand'

What color goes with pink in a bathroom?

When it comes to colors that go with pink, you can either play it safe and stick with neutral colors such as whites, beiges, and grays, or you can enhance the vintage look that pink brings and choose bold colors, such as turquoise, that are more on the retro side. Black will ground your pink scheme and keep things looking classic and black accents are best suited to earthier shades of pink, such as terracotta, or peachy colored pinks.

The best pink colors for the bathroom are peachy pink – pair it with brass and marble or a dusty blush color with grey undertones - pair it with concrete finishes, Crittall-style shower screens and black taps and brassware. Highlighting architectural features is an effective way to add a flush of blush or a burst of pink-toned terracotta. 

Rohini Wahi

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