Colors that go with beige – 8 combinations that show this color is anything but vanilla

These colors that go with beige will lift your scheme and create a striking interior using this on-trend neutral

a beige living room with a khaki sofa
(Image credit: Benedetto Rebecca. Design: Charles Cohen Designs)

In reality, there are a lot of colors that go with beige. This neutral layers beautifully when mixed with complementary colors and can help lift other bold hues as well. No matter what you may have been told, beige is not boring. 

'One excellent way to compile an earth-toned, beige palette is to look to nearby nature for inspiration,' says Sarah Barnard, interior designer, and LEED and WELL AP. 'Punctuations of brighter colors found in nature, from mustard yellows to floral pink hues, can help to introduce vivid moments of color with beige.'

Some of the most popular tones that match with beige are blues, greens, reds, and beige. It is also a color that goes with grey and other like-minded neutrals. To help you make a selection, we've pinned down 8 hues you could experiment with. 

8 colors that go with beige

Decorating with neutrals can be quite easy, especially when you're working with a warm neutral like beige. Use this tone to create the most striking contrast with a bright color, or to add depth to an interior by layering other softer tones. Natural materials like wood, cork, stone and brick look especially nice in a beige interior. 

Here, we drill down into some of these natural matchings, and look at tones and shades that might surprise you in how well they work with beige. 

1. Brown

A bedroom with beige walls and brown bedding

(Image credit: Ben Parry. Studio credit Budge Construction)

There's something so rustic and charming about brown – also many colors go with brown, making it a versatile, earthy hue. Pair the color with the warm and inviting beige, and create a wonderful tonal story. 

'When pairing brown and beige, look for shades within the same color family,' says Sarah Barnard, founder of Sarah Barnard Design. 'Cool beiges work harmoniously with cooler shades of brown, while warmer beiges work best with warmer browns. Because beiges and browns have many overlapping qualities, they may also benefit from higher contrast, with lighter beige tones pairing well with deeper brown tones.'

2. Black

A living room with beige walls and a black console

(Image credit: Natelee Cocks Photography. Studio credit Natasha Sturko)

If you think about it, black and beige is as classic as white and black, except that while white makes for a stark contrast, beige allows the black to look and feel warmer. Instead of a black and white living room or bedroom, you could consider the friendly beige to give the space a more inviting look. 

'Not quite stark white but definitely without the dark visual weight of organic browns, beige is that warm background color that provides us with the idea of blank slate and warmth,' says Jarret Yoshida, Brooklyn brownstone interior designer.

3. Royal blue

A living room in beige walls and sofas, and and royal blue corner

(Image credit: Sean Davidson. Studio credit Garce & Dimofski)

Amongst the colors that go with navy blue is the trusty beige that helps create an eye-catching contrast. An accent wall is a great way to add a pop of this color in an otherwise all-beige room. Beige and navy are great together because they're both traditional, classic tones that feel grounded and neutral, but are still full of personality. 

'Beige and royal blue is a classic combination, as the two shades are often well-suited to one another,' says Sarah. 'Beige can help warm the cooler tones in blues while offering a softer contrast than brighter shades of white. Royal blue can also help to break up and energize larger areas of beige, making it an excellent accent color in beige-heavy spaces.'

4. Green

a beige living room with a khaki sofa

(Image credit: Benedetto Rebecca. Design: Charles Cohen Designs)

Amongst the colors that go with olive green or teal is beige; a wonderful companion that reduces the somber effect of the dark tone. The two tones offset each other pretty well and help create a cozy, cocooning interior, ideal for lounging, reading or watching television with family. 

'Green is a rich, vibrant color that seamlessly blends with many different décor styles and muted tones, especially beige,' says Donna DuFresne, founder of Donna DuFresne Interior Design.

5. White

A beige curtain and white sofa

(Image credit: Chicago Studio)

Beige is a diluted warm neutral; if you take brown and dial it down to its lightest incarnation, that’s beige. This means beige doesn't have that 'sterile' feel that cold whites and greys can have. If you like muted interiors yet want an inviting ambiance, layer beige with white together. After all, it’s very difficult to pull off an all-white decor without it appearing cold and stark. 

'Beige is such a great color to pair with shades of taupe, and white for a well-layered and dimensioned look,' says Brittany Farinas, founder of House of One. Why not create a super light-filled and airy beige living room or bedroom with a peppering of white or cream.  

6. Red

A passageway with beige walls and red lamp

(Image credit: Little Greene)

Beige is a great backdrop for an eclectic color like red. Since it's warmer than bright white, it doesn't create such a bold contrast, one of the cardinal sins of using red in your interior scheme. 

If you're worried about the stark look of red even when paired with beige, consider adding one deeper tone to the mix, to ground the palette – perhaps a deep green, for example. There are many colors that go with green and the palette mix might help give more grounding to your interior.

'The neutral tones in beige make it a great backdrop for red; a highly energetic color,' says Sarah. 'Because of red’s ability to activate a space, it works well in small amounts as an accent against a beige backdrop, helping to direct the eye around a room. Softer, deeper tones of red often work well with beige, as they will share similar tones of brown.'

7. Turquoise

A dining space with beige arches and blue walls

(Image credit: Bespoke Only)

Warm, yellowy beiges look great with teals, turquoise, and other yellow blues. One great way to work with beige and another hue are through color-blocking walls, where both shades hold their own yet create an eye-catching contrast. For this, consider painting an arch in beige, in which the wall inside the room is another, complementary hue. 

'We conceptualized a layered design full of texture with a variety of classic, modern pieces to create a relaxed, inviting space that marries the home’s roots with its inhabitants,' says Melissa Lee, founder of Bespoke Only. 'The traditional blue and beige combo in colonial homes mixed with a touch of Nordic influence results in a spectrum of subdued, hazy hues that reflect softly by the panoramic natural exposure.'

8. Pink

Modern Australian coastal home with beige walls and a pink marble sink

(Image credit: Anson Smart)

Pink can be loud, statement-making or subtle, and timeless. The hue, in its varied undertones, can create different effects in an interior; a major contributor to that is also the lighting in the room. 

Many colors go with pink, but when you choose the light, soft tones of the color, it can soften the overall look of a space and give it a sweet, charming appeal. If you're looking to create a more cocooning interior, consider pairing two warm tones together. Beige walls and soft pink furniture, or in this bathroom, a sink is a great way to conjure a peaceful, endearing interior.

'Beiges pair well with dusty pinks that fall into a similar color family,' says Sarah. 'Because softer pinks can have so much overlap with warmer beige tones, creating contrast is important to help create balance. Lighter beiges with darker pinks or pale, pastel pinks with deeper beige tones can keep the space from feeling overly neutral while maintaining a calming environment.'

Add a peppering of gold or copper to make the entire scheme shine.

What colors go with beige sofa?

A sofa is a major contributor to the living room color ideas as the largest piece in the space. While many feel a beige sofa looks staid, it offers up a great opportunity to create interesting color palettes in the room.

Several colors go with a beige sofa, including rust, pink, red, grey, black, or yellow. A wonderful neutral that is neither too stark as white nor too plain as cream, the hue with a brown undertone has an inherent warm quality to it. While paint colors and vivid cushions can help uplift the beige sofa, even adding a vibrant rug with a plain beige sofa can create a great vignette. 

Aditi Sharma Maheshwari

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