Colors That Go With Khaki — 5 Combinations for this Surprisingly Sophisticated Shade of Green

These colors that go with khaki will help you turn this underutilized green hue into a modern decorating scheme

A bedroom with khaki walls and taupe pillows
(Image credit: Color Atelier)

What sets green apart is that each tone of this much-loved color has a completely different character. While shades of teal, forest green, sage green, and moss are more well-known in interiors, there's another, more earthy neutral tone available in khaki. It is a wonderful mix of brown and olive green, usually seen on military uniforms.

This shade acts as a warm neutral in interiors and can add depth to a space. Varying from a mid-to-dark tone, or to a more muddy version, several colors go with green, creating interiors that feel cocooning and restful. Take a look.

1. Brown or wood tones

A study room with khaki walls and wooden furniture

(Image credit: Coy & Company and Color Atelier)

Among the colors that go with brown or wood tones is the trusty green, as both tones are nature-inspired with inherent soothing qualities. This pairing especially works in spaces like a home office, study, library, or reading room where the vibe needs to be relaxing.

'Without a doubt, pairing green with warm wood tones in flooring, furniture or artwork offers a balance of cool and warm colors that look modern, crisp, and welcoming,' says Julia Mack, founder of Julia Mack Design. 'Green walls recede in a space allowing the warmth of wood furniture to add both tonal balance and interest to a space.'

2. Taupe

A bedroom with taupe pillows and khaki walls

(Image credit: Color Atelier)

Decorating with neutrals is another safe bet for khaki, especially tones like taupe. This color can create a mood of casual elegance, and further add warmth to the organic khaki. What's also great about this combination is that the two colors will underscore a monochromatic space, and make room for another tone to pop, adding further layering. A great color to add to the mix is blue.

'Think of indigo as an accent color to add depth and sophistication,' says Victoria Holly, principal and founder of Victoria Holly Interiors. 'Rich blues can be used in upholstery, like in a rich velvet on a decadent sofa, or on a silk wallpaper, or even smaller elements like artwork to add layering to the color scheme.'

3. Mustard yellow

A living room with a khaki sofa and mustard chairs

(Image credit: Lance Gerber. Design: Michelle Boudreau Design)

Even the most color-averse people can appreciate a hint of mustard yellow as long as its presence is versatile. Plus many colors go with mustard yellow, making it a lovely tone to play with.

'In this project, the approach was to integrate interesting unique details and character to encourage discovery and delight, with a desert style and a touch of Spanish character,' says Michelle Boudreau, founder of Michelle Boudreau Design. 'Encaustic concrete tiles with patterns and dimensions were used throughout to give a nod and respect to the original materials used. A colorful, inviting palette of terracotta, soft greens, and warm mustard was used throughout to bring the environments together with holistic continuity.'

4. Red

A corner of a living room with khaki chair and red curtains

(Image credit: Pablo Veiga .Design: Carter Williamson)

Green is a great color that goes with red, because it has the ability to ground the stark tone and make it feel warmer and livable.

'This project employs an interior narrative that combines earthy tones and diverse textures to create a sense of warmth,' Julie Niass, design director at Carter Williamson Architects. 'Celebrating the former warehouse's industrial bones in a sophisticated, elevated way, the design is anchored by rich reds and soft greens over a base of neutral tones. An exercise in generous layering of materials and colour, finished with fine detailing, it is supported in key spaces by deep yellow curtains, rich pink and burgundy marble, and timber joinery.'

5. White

A living room with dark green walls and white armchairs

(Image credit: Maestri Studio)

While usually used as a mid-tone green, khaki can also be expressed as a darker green that has grey or black undertones. This shade can look like a forest green. If you're using this color across large surfaces like walls, ceilings, or furniture, you might want to balance off with a more neutral tone. Think of white as a color that goes with dark green to create an airy, breezy interior that doesn't feel too closed in.

'The goal of this room was to be dark and moody, but we wanted to balance out the furnishings with some light and bright to compliment the other areas of the home,' says Eddie Maestri, principal architect and creative director of Maestri Studio. 'We wanted a combination of formal elegance with relaxed comfort, drawing inspiration from upscale hotel lounges, but also Southern California. We found that green felt more soothing than other moody colors like navy or black, setting a perfect backdrop for entertaining and relaxing alike.'

3 paint colors that go with khaki

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