Cool And Unusual Ways To Bring The Outdoors In

No garden, patio, balcony or terrace needed.

The past few years have seen lots of creative ideas for bringing the outdoors in – particularly perfect for homes that might be lacking on outdoor space. From lush and flowing living walls to having trees growing right through the middle of your home,  we’ve been getting more and more creative with foliage. Whether you go all out, or keep things simple with a display shelf or wall of hanging plants, there are many reasons behind bringing greenery indoors. Aside from immediately adding a touch of nature and life to a space, plants are known to have air-purifying qualities, absorbing CO2 and releasing oxygen but also filtering harmful chemicals, and they’re known to have calming effects on people too. Studies have even shown that simply seeing green lowers stress levels and increases alertness. Win, win. The spaces offer a few cool ideas on displaying your house plants – whether that’s a big faux olive tree in your kitchen or a neat grid of mini succulents.

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