Balcony Ideas To Make The Most Of A Small Balcony

Make the most of a small city balcony, and make it a space you’ll enjoy spending time.

Add a hanging chair or a rocking chair to lure you outside to enjoy your balcony’s view. Prefer to have an area for al fresco dining? There are plenty of compact, foldable table and chair options that won’t take up too much space but can still have you eating outdoors on sunny days.

With a bit more space you could surround your balcony with potted plants to make it feel like more of a garden, and we’ve seen terraces with vegetables patches and even ponds. For something ultra chic, built-in planter boxes around the edge can look clean and slick, and you could even make them double up as built-in bench seating too.

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Planting long grasses is a clever way of making a balcony feel more private, while also adding lush, low-maintenance greenery.

As we become more aware of the food we eat, there’s been a large increase in growing herbs in city gardens, especially on balconies. These carefree plants are easy to look after and they come in handy for cooking. ‘Try basil, rosemary, wild strawberry or chives to start a herb garden of your own; the herbs are also visually pleasing, perfect for a stylish space’, say experts at Gardena.

Making the most of the vertical space on your balcony is important, transforming brick walls into a place for growing your own has been a big trend so far. You could even plant herbs and vegetables in a vertical wall planters which can be either wall mounted, or hang from a wall or even stand on the floor.

‘Even painting one wall can transform a balcony – a deep green wall, an industrial window mirror & some faux plants set in front can create a wild & lush greenhouse inspired space; a blush pink wall, round mirror and some grey bean bags a calmer and more scandi inspired zen look’, offers Dani, Director of Buying at Cox & Cox. A window mirror can give the illusion of extra space, and hanging Festoon lights can create a New York rooftop party vibe.

Browse chic and stylish balcony ideas below…

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