Kitchen shelf ideas

Open shelves are not only convenient, they add character and charm to your living space..

Own a beautiful collection of crockery and glasses? Invested in the best pots and pans? Love cooking and enjoy finding food inspiration in a colourful set of cook books? Don’t hide them all away behind closed doors. Put them on show and have them where you and your family can easily reach them.

We all like things to look neat and tidy but having only cupboards and bare surfaces creates a sterile, soulless space reminiscent of a developer’s show home.

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Open kitchen shelves filled with frequently used cooking utensils, favourite foods or pretty plants and pots of herbs immediately injects life and personality into your kitchen and makes it feel cool rather than clinical.

Of course, you don’t want things gathering dust, so choose what you like and use most to display and then decide where and how much shelving you need.

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The options are vast, so think about what would suit your kitchen and your lifestyle. Do you want to create an industrial look or do you prefer it to be sleek and smart? Do you like the idea of a professional cook’s kitchen or hanker after a relaxed style, where friends can grab a glass and top themselves up?

The scaffold style shelves below are designed by an architect but it’s a look that’s relatively inexpensive to emulate. Ditto the timber shelves on brackets. Both have a homespun vibe that’s simple to create. Just ensure your shelf supports can take the weight of whatever you intend to stack on them.

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Display shelves are not just for walls either, we love the example suspended over the kitchen island. In a room with high ceilings and not much wall space it’s a clever and charming solution.

Perhaps you’re less hung up on the practicalities and are aiming for individuality over utility. In which case displaying an offbeat collection like the one at the end of this post, beats kilner jars and crockery..

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