Kitchen Wallpaper Inspiration

Stamp some style on your kitchen walls with pattern and texture

The kitchen is your home’s busiest living space, and that can mean there’s a tendency to keep design simple and pared down.

However, wallpaper can completely transform a space of dominated by one-colour cabinetry, adding real personality to what has always been a purely functional space. The kitchen is very often the heart of your home – and somewhere you spend a large proportion of your time – so it’s important that it reflects your style.

You can go for bold by papering every wall in the room, or choose one feature wall to cover in print to help define a zone in a multifunctional space. Or you can even use your favourite wallpaper as a splashback covered with glass.

Whether you’re looking to update your kitchen or if you’re starting a design from scratch, these bold wallpaper will help inspire a new approach.

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