20 bedroom storage ideas – stylish ways to declutter your space

These bedroom storage ideas prove that you can squeeze storage into the most unlikely of spaces...

White bedroom with wall of built in storage over fireplace
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Clever bedroom storage ideas are key to a functional bedroom design that not only looks lovely but is easy to keep clutter-free and works with your lifestyle. From built-in closets and storage headboards to hidden cupboards and making the most of the space under the bed, we cover it all in the most stylish of ways. Because we are full advocates of storage always being pretty as well as practical.

Before getting into all the lovely bedroom ideas we've gathered, just take a moment (or more like a weekend) to assess your storage needs. Do you want the sleek look of a built-in option that will hold everything in one place? Or do you prefer the more relaxed look of freestanding pieces? Do you need more hanging space than drawers? Shelves for shoes? Cubby holes for bags? Once you have made a few key decisions, you can get into the fun part, choosing designs and getting creative...

How can you maximize storage in a bedroom?

1. Hide bedroom storage behind beautiful panelling

bedroom storage ideas

(Image credit: Rei Moon)

Sometimes storage is best kept unseen, a subtle addition to your bedroom that doesn't encroach on the space or add any visual bulk. Of course, built-in storage would be go-to for this streamlined effect, but for a more unique option why not be inspired by this bedroom storage idea and hide cupboards behind ornate paneling?

In this Victorian apartment, the entire wall behind the bed is actually a run of concealed cupboards with beautiful white moldings that blends perfectly with the style of the property. 

2. Make the most of a bedside table 

black bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Taran Wilkhu)

The humble bedside table is such a key piece of bedroom storage. No bedroom should be without one in some form. Even if you have to squeeze in a floating shelf next to your bed – a place to store your bedtime essentials is an important part of designing a bedroom that functions well.

'A bedside table can take many forms and functions with its purposes no doubt differing from one bedroom to the next. A surface for a lamp and book for some, vital storage for others but aside from function a bedside table has a surprising impact on how your bedroom comes together, completing its end-look and feel.' says Laura Hadad, Design Ambassador at Arteriors London.

'Matching bedside tables are the usual go-to which helps bring balance to the space, giving it a hotel-esque feel. Low hanging pendant lighting and mirrors hovering above a bedside table are also nice stylistic touches that can add dept and interest as an alternative to bedside lamps and wall art.'

3. Or switch a bedside table for a chest of drawers

The Summer Folly by Unique Homestays

(Image credit: Unique Homestays)

While we respect the bedside table, if you have a larger bedroom or plenty of space next to your bed, why put it to waste with just a small piece of furniture? Scrap a bedside table and instead add a chest of drawers, you still get the surface space for books, glasses, skincare etc, but you get lots more storage space for clothes. 

'The chest of drawers as a nightstand is great for any size bedroom, as is other multi-purpose furniture. Another secret tip is adding a small lingerie chest, as it has smaller drawer units for easy organization.' advises Kristin Bartone of Bartone Interiors.'A jewelry chest can provide the same level of organized storage so items are easy to find. In a smaller space, you can select a mirror with a small chest behind for jewelry storage. This can be either wall-mounted or freestanding and is similar to a medicine cabinet, but it looks more elegant!'

4. Conceal storage with wallpaper

This petite built-in wardrobe is covered in Gucci’s Heron wallpaper. It makes a stunning accent out of an otherwise neutral corner, plus it's an efficient way to use a small amount of expensive wallpaper to big effect and you can always update it as trends and your personal style changes. 

5. Go bespoke to really make the most of space

Jonathan Bond

(Image credit: Jonathan Bond)

The best way to maximize storage in your bedroom? Opt for bespoke built-in storage. This will keep all your storage in one place, no need for freestanding pieces taking up room elsewhere. Plus, this will make the most of any awkward nooks or alcoves.

'Made to measure storage is perfect for crafting solutions that use every inch of space you have. A great way to begin planning is by assessing what you need to store and then rationalizing your wardrobe.' says Rachal Hutcheson of Sharps

'Hang clothes on a rail to measure how much hanging space you need, count your shoes and look at folded items to work out what needs to be stored and how. Perhaps you need to include more drawers and shelves or dedicate a section of space for floor-length items? Beginning to plan with this technique will help create the optimal design and future proof your wardrobe, especially if you leave a little extra capacity.'

6. Hide a vanity table behind doors

Built in small closet with dressing area

(Image credit: Anna Stathaki)

How fabulous is this bedroom storage idea? It's a really narrow space and yet it's been transformed into a compact dressing area. So, rather than just fill your alcoves with two small built in closets, build out slightly and use the space in between as a hidden dressing area and some handy extra bedroom storage. Once done using the space the doors just fold back over for a totally seamless look. 

7. Make the most of wall space around the bed

Small bedroom with built in storage around the bed

(Image credit: Suzanna Scott)

This master bedroom idea features a built-in bookcase that frames the bed, ideal for books and display items, as well other belongings behind closed doors at the bottom. Space was left above the headboard for hanging a tapestry to add a touch of texture amongst the wood. 

8. Add a storage nook with recessed shelving

White bedroom with bed bedding and recessed shelving

(Image credit: Rory Gardiner)

Recessed shelves allow little pockets to display books and decorative items, and also act as space-saving bedside tables. Storage is built-in, and recessed, freeing up floor space. Having recessed shelves makes the most of any alcove space, and looks cleaner than having traditional shelves protrude from the wall.

9. Choose a bed with hidden storage

Modern and neutral Chelsea townhouse

(Image credit: James Merrell)

Your bed can be your biggest storage assess, especially if space is tight and you are after clever small bedroom storage ideas

'If storage is an absolute must in your bedroom, there are two types of storage beds which can help you stay organised and keep your floor clutter free.' advises Patricia Gibbons, part of the Design Team at Sofa.com. 'For everyday access, the divan styles are best as the drawers are easily accessible for daily needs, but if your requirements are for seasonal changeovers of clothing, or duvets and blankets, then an ottoman bed is the one for you. The hidden storage uncovered is vast and can hold countless sets of bedding and suitcases, but you wouldn’t want to be lifting it up and down on too regular a basis.'

'For smaller items, look to storage benches and ottoman footstools sat at the end of the bed to quickly stash away laptops and chargers if your bedroom is now your home office and reclaim the space as one fit for relaxation in the evenings.'

10. Go around the bed with fitted storage

Small bedroom with storage built around the bed

(Image credit: Design by X+Living)

Seamless storage frames the bed in this compact master bedroom. The wall of fitted storage around the bed frees up floor space as there is no need for a clunky chest of drawers or freestanding wardrobe.

11. Take your bedroom bedroom storage floor to ceiling 

Built in wardrobe with glass fronted cabinets and a ladder

(Image credit: Paul Raeside)

Floor-to-ceiling units make the most of space, plus they’ll look neater than closets with boxes on top. Include high shelves for luggage and out-of-season clothes. Glass-fronted doors are ideal for reminding you of what’s stored up high, plus they’ll help break up a solid bank of units. 

12. Squeeze in some shelving for books

Built in bookshelves in a blue bedroom

(Image credit: Studio Peake)

Avid book worm? Make space for your collection and keep it close at hand by building book storage into your modern bedroom. Not only is it practical, but we always think books add a lovely character to a room bring in color texture and personality.

13. Build in a window seat for pretty and practical bedroom storage

bedroom storage ideas

(Image credit: Stacy Zarin Goldberg)

A window seat doesn't just make the most of the view, it's an opportunity to hide built-in bedroom storage ideas too. The space underneath a window seat is ideal for storing spare sheets and bedding, but can also work for bulkier clothing items like winter coats and jackets. Bag and shoes can be stored neatly and kept accessible too.

14. Update inherited bedroom storage with MDF

Built-in wardrobe with tongue in groove MDF doors

Get the look: Bedroom rug is a Swedish antique by MMF.

(Image credit: Studio Peake)

Already got built-in storage in your bedroom and it's just in need of an update? Be inspired by this bedroom storage idea and replace the doors with pre-grooved MDF boards. Looks chic and is much cheaper than starting from scratch. Also note how the top of the built-in wardrobes offers space for decor to add some personality to the space. 

15. Or refresh closet doors with paint

Green and pink bedroom with built in wardrobes

(Image credit: Lucy Barlow)

Or give your closet doors a fresh lick of paint. This closet has a totally new look after being painted in a bang on trend sage green hue and the hardware was replaced too with a more subtle gold. 

16. Always make the most of alcoves

Blue bedroom with grey headboard and yellow bedspread

(Image credit: Patrick Williamson)

Alcoves are the perfect space for adding extra bedroom storage, so never waste them and make them work hard. The most popular option is to build storage units into alcoves, but if want to make them more of a design feature too, add open shelves and fill with books, prints, and decor. Add some stylish baskets too to hide the more unsightly clutter. 

17. Turn a closet into a mural 

Built in closet in yellow with painted mural

(Image credit: Future)

Keep your closet design super simple and handles and transform it into a mural that becomes the main feature of your space. Get create with the paintbrushes yourself or choose a mural wallpaper design to cover your wardrobe doors.  

18. Blend bedroom storage into the walls

teddy armchair reading corner

(Image credit: James Merrell)

If you want your bedroom storage to be a really discrete part of your room, copy this bedroom storage idea and paint your closet doors to blend in with the walls. In this bedroom the walls and wardrobe doors have been painted the same shade of porcelain pink. 

19. Turn a chest of drawers into a style statement

Chest of drawers are a really handy bedroom storage idea, but often they can be bulky and tricky to find space for. So why not build them into an alcove and make them a sleeker solution. Add some open shelving above for decor too. 

20. Create rustic bedroom storage with reclaimed wood

Rustic bedroom with built in wardrobes made from reclaimed wood

(Image credit: Paul Massey)

Want a look that's really unique to you? Be inspired by this gorgeous rustic bedroom and built storage from reclaimed wood. In this cool concrete house in Cornwall, nature feels like it’s just an arm’s reach away with these huge windows overlooking the garden and wardrobe doors add to that vibe. 

How can you maximize storage in a bedroom?

The key to maximizing storage in a bedroom is to always add a mix of solutions to your space. Incorporate wall hooks, drawers, shelves, cubby holes, storage baskets, bins, underbed storage so you have plenty of options. Look to any disused spaces and see if they can be put to work as storage areas, and choose multifunctional furniture where you can too – a storage ottoman, a window seat a divan bed, all of these will add in some hidden extra storage to your bedroom. 

And if you really want to make the most of your space, going for bespoke, built in options will mean you can really tailor your storage to your room and your needs.

Otherwise, investing in a few bedroom organizers might be smart when it comes to maximizing space in your bedroom. They won't only keep your things in check, but they can carry your clutter in style, too. 

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