Chic & Clever Bedroom Storage Ideas

Keep the bedroom tidy with these clever – and oh so stylish – storage ideas...

We’ve sifted through our archives to pull together some of our favourite bedroom storage ideas. Whether you’re after built-in wardrobes, alcove shelving, bedside storage or trundle drawer storage, the bedroom storage ideas below all have one thing in common; they are all stylish, chic and beautiful.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a generous master bedroom with wall of built-in wardrobes – or even a separate dressing room – or whether you have a small and compact bedroom, every room needs storage in order to keep it as tidy and organised as it can be.

A sleek bank of built-in wardrobes is ideal for maximising the feeling of space, while keeping everything in place and hidden away. Floor-to-ceiling built-in wardrobes make the most of space, plus they’ll look neater than wardrobes with boxes on top. Include high shelves for luggage and out-of-season clothes. Glass-fronted doors are ideal for reminding you of what’s stored up high, plus they’ll help break up a solid bank of units.

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Some of the bedrooms below cleverly conceal storage, so you wouldn’t know it was even there. This was achieved by giving handleless cabinetry decorative panelling and mouldings to make it look like the wall. Meanwhile designer Tom Barlett achieves the opposite, making a real feature out of Mondrian-inspired custom cabinetry by painting it a bold colour and giving it striking handles too. Or copy the homeowner below who covered a boring built-in wardrobe in Gucci’s striking Heron wallpaper.

In one tiny master bedroom in Shanghai, the designer chose to wrap storage around the whole room, including around the bed.

Short on space, but benefit from some awkward nooks and alcoves? Recessed shelves allow little pockets to display books and decorative items, and could even act as space-saving bedside tables. When storage is built-in, and recessed, it frees up floor space. Having recessed shelves makes the most of any alcove space, and looks cleaner than having traditional shelves protrude from the wall.

And a window seat doesn’t just make the most of the view, it’s an opportunity to hide built-in storage too, like the below daybed that’s used for storing linens.

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