Gorgeous Master Bedroom Ideas

The below strikingly stylish master bedroom ideas are neither overly feminine or overly masculine, making them the perfect bedroom ideas for couples.

From wow-factor headboards and statement four posters to snazzy bedroom wallpapers and cool bedroom lighting, we’ve seen our fair share of gorgeous master bedroom ideas over the years.

A master bedroom is the most grown-up bedroom in the home, and deserves more budget and attention to design than a guest bedroom – or even kids bedroom or teen bedroom. The most beautiful master bedroom ideas leave a lasting impact. The below spaces feature a whole host of ideas, all of which will help you create a chic, interior design led look.

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For something classic and traditional, go for a grasscloth wallpaper. For instant drama, you’ll want some statement pendant lighting or even a modern chandelier. In terms of beds, canopy beds and four poster beds give a bedroom a sense of grandeur, but we love the below headboard ideas too. Our favourite examples include sumptuously buttoned velvet headboards, floor-to-ceiling headboards and even wall-to-wall upholstered headboards. There are even headboards with built-in shelving, and built-in bedside tables. For a more boho look, a dividing screen like the cane one featured below makes a fun alternative to a headboard.

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Take your master bedroom design up a level with a walk-in dressing room and a walk-in master ensuite. For a hotel-inspired vibe, add some in-room lounge seating.

And when it comes to bedside lights, there are three options. A table lamp is the easiest, simplest choice. Wall lights look more refined and grown-up, and have an interior designed look to them, or hang pendant lights at either side of the bed instead, for a more modern take on bedside lighting.

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The below ideas are neither overly feminine or overly masculine, making them the perfect bedroom ideas for couples who need a bedroom that meets in the middle.

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