Cool Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Create elegance and ambience in your sleep zone..

The changing of the seasons is a good time to make sure your bedroom lighting is just right. So check out the selection of ideas below for statement style and subtle features that add a layer of lighting luxe.

Hanging a beautiful pendant or lighting centrepiece will elevate a bedroom scheme and pull the look together. The style of light will instantly enhance the vibe you’ve gone for, like the glamorous chandelier in the frou frou bedroom below, the elegant glass sphere in the clean and simple space or the dramatic shade in the pared-back monochrome room.

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To avoid a harsh overhead light go for a dimmer switch, so that you can tone down the brightness and alter the mood when required.

Reading lamps are a must but if you prefer to keep bedside surfaces clear and uncluttered, a pendant or simple bulb hung either side of the bed makes a great alternative. This look is not only modern and fresh, it will enable you to layer lighting according to the time of year, making your bedroom cocoon-like and cosy in the winter, and providing different options in the summer when there is more natural light.

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If you go for this option, make sure you ask your electrician to locate bedside light switches nearby, for luxury hotel style convenience.

Wall lamps, Swing arm lamps or sconces are another great option for freeing up surface space beside the bed and layering light, while tall table lamps will ooze a more traditional and sophisticated style. Whichever type of bedside light you choose, team it with your ceiling pendant or chandelier, by echoing shapes or coordinating colours, materials and finishes for a cohesive scheme.

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