15 rustic bedroom ideas for a country-inspired bedroom scheme

Get that laid-back, effortless country look with our favorite rustic bedroom ideas

Rustic bedroom with white panelling
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Rustic bedroom ideas are perfect for any season, but we particularly love going for a rustic update in the summer to create a fresh, laid-back calming space. Whether you live in a rustic country home or an uber-modern city apartment, this versatile look can work in any space. 

It's all about layering beautifully soft neautrals, slubby textures, and natural materials, plus bringing in key pieces of rustic bedroom furniture to complete the vibe. Paneled walls are also an easy bedroom idea that will give an instant cabin feel to a space. Painted in a clean white or left as bare wood, they provide the perfect backdrop for this cozy aesthetic. 

Rustic bedroom ideas

It's the very laid-back and lived in look that is key to creating the perfect rustic bedroom. Soft textures, soft colors, soft shapes, and without verging too much on the side of shabby chic, you want pieces to have a worn, weathered look to them. You can contrast all that with some contemporary decor too, say a bold print or a piece of modern furniture, just to keep the look fresh and interesting. 

1. Wrap walls in wood

Rustic bedroom with wood panelled walls and black iron bed

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Give a bedroom an instant modern farmhouse edge with wooden paneling. The warmth and texture it adds creates a cozy cabin vibe and provides the perfect backdrop for simple rustic bedroom furniture and a clean black and white color scheme. The warmth of the wood means you can bring in those darker hues without interrupting the country style as the wood tones down those deeper hues so they don't look too stark. 

2. Or go for white panelling for a fresh rustic bedroom

Rustic white bedroom with panelled walls and rustic wooden furniture

(Image credit: Paul Massey)

The bedroom of this gorgeous riverside home is packed full of rustic bedroom ideas. Gorgeous soft white armchair, wooden accents, and of course the paneled walls. Opting for white rather than raw wood makes the space feel so light and open – perfect if you are working with a smaller space and want to 'expand' the proportions. 

'Panelling is everywhere we look, and although it is showing no signs of slowing down it is evolving into a more modern style, with cladding becoming increasingly popular.' explaining Jen and Marr, founders of Interior Fox.

'It’s great at adding texture and color to walls and works in almost any living space. Half-height or full height this decorating style is great for all types of properties, especially new builds as it really helps to add character and interest when architectural features are minimal. This technique is ideal for small rooms when used vertically, as it makes the walls appear taller.'

3. Pick a simple neutral scheme

rustic bedroom with wooden beams, French bed and fur rug

This beautiful white bedroom feels so calming and serene. The key with sticking to just one color in a rustic bedroom is to make sure you add lots of texture, that's what will add interest, depth, and a softness to the room. 

'Decorating with white is one of the easiest ways to create a fresh and cohesive look.' says Ben Stokes, Founder of Kagu Interiors. 'It helps to open up a space, making it appear much lighter and bigger. To avoid a room feeling washed out, incorporate different textures of linen textiles, wicker lighting or incorporating to occasional antique finds to add character and interest.'

'Layer with complementary shades of neutrals, like off-white, cream, or soft grey. Wood also works well in a white scheme, whether it’s the wooden beams in the ceiling, flooring, reclaimed stools or side tables.'

4. Incorporate rustic bedroom furniture

rustic bedroom with black iron bedstead, galvanized metal bedside table and grey and white bedsheets

(Image credit: Paul Massey)

The quickest way to give any modern bedroom a rustic edge is to add in some rustic bedroom furniture. The textures and natural shapes will add that worn, lived-in look to the simplest of bedrooms. See how in this space, the vintage galvanized barrel brings texture and interest into the otherwise quite simple space. 

Just a single piece is sometimes all that's needed. Try a delicate antique, farmhouse chair, or a weathered wooden bench positioned at the end of the bed to add a country, farmhouse feel. 

5. Layer up textures 

Rustic bedroom with pale pink walls, fur throws and vintage furniture

(Image credit: Lauren Miller)

With rustic bedroom ideas, texture is key. As Camilla Clarke, Creative Director of Albion Nord says, 'Consider texture to be as important as color and pattern when creating a rustic inspired bedroom. There is nothing worse than a flat design. Interiors are all about evoking the senses and therefore texture is a vital ingredient to every design to get our sight and touch senses going. Try mixing different textures such as natural linens with soft velvets or robust leathers with thick wools.'

'Look towards natural oak for a rustic aesthetic. A beautiful and natural living product with texture and movement in the grain helping bring warmth and character to a piece of furniture and works so well juxtaposed against harder materials such as metal or stone.'

6. Warm up cool tones with wooden accents

grey bedroom with wood panelled ceiling and rustic wooden furniture

(Image credit: Matthew Williams)

Despite rustic bedrooms mostly being associated with warmer tones, a cool grey can give a farmhouse-style bedroom a more contemporary touch. You can bring in warmth with textiles and wooden accents, as in this grey bedroom. The light grey walls feel fresh and clean, but the textured wooden ceiling gives the cooler colors a more rustic edge and stops them from being flat and cold. 

7. Expose your beams

simple rustic bedroom with fireplace and exposed beams

(Image credit: Paul Massey)

If you have been blessed with beautiful wooden beams in your home, make them the focal point of a rustic bedroom. Rather than paint them to match the walls, keep them bare, and keep decor in the rest of the room to a minimum so the room doesn't feel too fussy.

8. Mix in second hand and vintage pieces

rustic bedroom with vintage furniture and artwork

(Image credit: Matthew Williams)

Second-hand, vintage pieces are perfect for adding rustic charm to a modern room. They give that worn look that's key to creating a rustic bedroom. Hunt around antique shops, thrift stores, and online marketplaces for one-off finds that will add personality to your bedroom. And remember even if a piece isn't perfect you can always use your DIY skills to strip it back and paint in a color that's going to suit your space.

9. Bring in subtle pattern

Small white panelled bedroom with modern chandelier and traditional bedspread

(Image credit: Rowland Roques O'Neil)

Lovely subtle patterns can work in a rustic bedroom, especially if you are going for the whole French farmhouse look. Again, you are best going vintage with your textiles for the real look. 

'Don’t be afraid to combine different patterns. Mix classic designs such as stripes or florals with exotic styles such as ikats and kilims.' advises Martin Waller, founder of Andrew Martin.

'Avoid making the space look too busy by choosing patterns in colors that complement each other. Materials like mirror, reclaimed wood and brushed linen add a rustic look and also work well to lift a look and play with the eye to create the feeling of openness.'

10. Paint your floorboards 

White rustic bedroom with painted floorboards

Painted floorboards are synonymous with rustic style. They add that all-important texture, plus can lift a dark wooden floor, making a room feel lighter and brighter. Throwdown a deep pile rug for some softness underfoot.

11. Put an elegant twist on a rustic bedroom 

Chest of drawers in dark wood with gold mirror and white lamp

(Image credit: Bess Friday)

The bedroom of this Sonoma farmhouse proves that rustic country style can still be elegant and sophisticated. To recreate the look try mixing simple, classic furniture with rustic decor and soft furnishings.  

12. Go sheer with your drapes

rustic bedroom with freestanding bath and large arched windows with sheer drapes

(Image credit: Future)

When picking window treatments for a rustic bedroom, keep them light. Go for floaty, gauzy fabrics that have movement to them and will give that vacation vibe to the room. And go floor to ceiling with them too to add height and elegance. If privacy is going to be an issue or you need total darkness to sleep, you layer a lighter drape with a subtle blackout blind or for an even more rustic look add shutters underneath. 

13. Add more texture with exposed brick

Rustic bedroom with exposed brick wall

(Image credit: Jake Curtis)

Exposed brick walls are often a feature in rustic homes, however, if you live in a modern home where exposing brick walls isn't going to be the easiest option, there are plenty of ways you can cheat this look. The easiest option is wallpaper, and there are now some really realistic options out there. You could also use brick tiles for the most authentic look. 

14. Add some drama to a rustic bedroom with dark hues

rustic bedroom ideas with black painted floor

Get the look: The chair is by Verner Panton. The bedspread is from Rue Verte.

(Image credit: Future)

Don't be afraid to bring darker colors into a rustic bedroom. So far it's been all about those soft neutrals, but dark greys and blacks can work just as well as whites and creams. See how in this space, the crisp white walls and ceilings are offset by the dark grey floorboards and yet because of the layers of soft bedlinen and the raw wooden furniture the room still has a rustic feel.

How do you make a bedroom look rustic?

It can be really simple to make a bedroom look rustic. As all the above bedrooms prove, the most important aspect is texture. You want to layer up lots of different fabrics and materials to create a room that feels soft and cozy. Rather than buying new, look out for second-hand rustic bedroom furniture as this is an easy way to give your current bedroom a more relaxed worn vibe. 

What colors work best in a rustic bedroom?

The best colors for a rustic bedroom are neutrals. Think white, cream, beige, pale grey, all of these softer hues will make the space feel airy and open. However, that's not to say a darker, more dramatic color palette wouldn't work. Dark greys, deep terracotta and even black can all give a bedroom a cozy, cocooning feel that lends itself perfectly to a rustic style. Just be sure to balance those dark shades with some warm wooden furniture and crisp white bedding. 

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