14 small bedroom storage ideas and hacks to help clear the clutter and make your space feel bigger

Clever, considered and creative... these stylish small bedroom storage ideas are small on space, but big on impact

Small bedroom with yellow bedside table and colorful wallpaper
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All our small bedroom storage ideas will help you maximize the space available. We know when it comes to storage in small space it's a bit of a catch 22 situation, you don't want lots of bulky furniture taking up space, but you need plenty of storage to stop the small space from becoming cluttered. So you have to get creative. But there are plenty of ways for you to make your limited square footage work harder, and we have pulled together some of our favorites to get you inspired. 

We've spoken to the experts and assembled these smart ways to stash your stuff, from bespoke closets and built-in solutions, to quick fixes like under-bed storage and practical (but stylish) shelving – these clever bedroom storage ideas are tailored to tiny spaces.

1. Make the most of alcoves

Blue bedroom painted half with blue paint and half with grey with grey bedding

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

An alcove is the perfect place to build in a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe – they really make the most of that awkward space and usually don't protrude too much into the bedroom so free up floor space. Give a small bedroom a cozy feel by building the bed into the space between alcoves and connecting them with a headboard. You could then even use the top of the headboard as extra storage, a place to pop a lamp and your books. 

2. Pick the perfect bedside table

The Summer Folly by Unique Homestays

(Image credit: Unique Homestays)

In small bedrooms it can be a squeeze to fit in a bedside table we know, but honestly, they are invaluable. Even if you can't fit in a piece of furniture, a shelf can be a more slimline alternative for a place to perch a book and a reading lamp.

'As a place to relax and rewind the bedroom should be kept as clutter-free as possible. Bedside tables are both practical and functional whilst also helping to add character and charm to a space.' says Suzy McMahon, Buying Director at Sofology .

'Arranging a table on either side of the bed with similar scaled accessories will create a symmetrical and balanced style. Think carefully about the size of your chosen design and the footprint available to ensure the tables are in proportion to the rest of the room. It is important to measure their height against your mattress as they should be comfortably accessible from bed; without being too high or too low.'

3. Conceal everything behind a wall of storage

small bedrooms storage ideas with vanity table inside wardrobe

(Image credit: Future)

Built in wardrobes are one of the best small bedroom storage ideas and an ideal way of keeping clothes and clutter off the floor and surfaces. In the wardrobes below, space was allocated to a vanity table, with shelves for beauty products.

Stephen Nash of interior design studio ALL & NXTHING INTERIORS came up with this clever solution for his home in north London. Deeper wardrobes sit on either side of the chimney breast, while shallow shelves and a dressing table slot neatly in where there is reduced depth. 

3. Make the most of under bed storage

small bedroom storage ideas with trundle drawer under bed

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Under-bed space is often wasted. Choose a bed with built-in trundle drawers underneath, or pick up some under-bed storage boxes (Ikea do a popular one) that can slot underneath. Then just cover the bed in a valance sheet to prevent the room from looking too busy.

As, Patricia Gibbons of the Design Team at Sofa.com advises, 'If storage is an absolute must in your bedroom, there are two types of beds which can help you stay organized and keep your floor clutter free. For everyday access, the divan styles are best as the drawers are easily accessible for daily needs, but if your requirements are for seasonal changeovers of clothing, or duvets and blankets, then an ottoman bed is the one for you. The hidden storage uncovered is vast and can hold countless sets of bedding and suitcases, but you wouldn’t want to be lifting it up and down on too regular a basis.'

'For smaller items, look to storage benches and ottoman footstools sat at the end of the bed to quickly stash away laptops and chargers if your bedroom is now your home office and reclaim the space as one fit for relaxation in the evenings.'

4. Consider a storage headboard

small bedrooms storage idea with shelves built into the headboard

(Image credit: Future)

Photographer Paul Craig's Victorian villa is full of rich tones and luxe finishes, and this guest bedroom is case in point. The bespoke headboard removes the need for other storage in the room, and so saves a lot of space. It was designed by Paul and his partner Tim and made by Material Concepts

4. Recessed alcove shelving

small bedroom storage ideas with recessed alcoves

(Image credit: Rory Gardiner photography)

Recessed shelves in this small bedroom allow little pockets to display books and decorative items, and also act as space-saving bedside tables. Storage is built-in, and recessed, freeing up floor space. Having recessed shelves makes the most of any alcove space, and looks cleaner than having traditional shelves protrude from the wall.

5. Go wall-to-wall with your small bedroom storage

Blue built in wardrobe designed by Tom Barlett

(Image credit: Tom Barlett)

Wall-to-wall built-in wardrobes are the most space-efficient way of giving everything a place. Choose custom joinery that reaches right up to the ceiling (offering a place for out-of-season clothing on taller shelves).

Designer Tom Barlett designed this smart built-in wardrobe below as part of a renovation project in a west London townhouse. It turns built-in storage into something artistic, eye-catching and wonderful. 

6. Blend storage into the walls

small bedroom storage ideas with blue walls and wardrobes

(Image credit: Future)

An easy small bedroom storage hack is to blend bigger storage pieces into the walls to reduce the visual bulk in the wall. This could be as simple as painting freestanding furniture to match the paint color of the walls behind, or opting for a wall of built-in storage that mirror the colors used on the other walls. 

In this bijou bedroom, dark blue wardrobes match the walls and window treatments to create a cosseting and cozy space with impact and it doesn't feel cluttered or filled with too much furniture. 

7. Keep it simple and go handleless

Loft bedroom with built in storage under the eaves

(Image credit: Future)

Going handleless with your built-in storage creates a fuss-free look that's perfect for smaller bedrooms. Again, the storage just blends into the wall and there's no need for any extra freestanding storage elsewhere in the room.

8. Build storage around the bed

Small bedroom with storage built around the bed

(Image credit: Design by X+Living)

Seamless storage frames the bed in this compact space The wall of fitted storage around the bed frees up floor space as there is no need for a clunky chest of drawers or freestanding wardrobe.

9. Turn your storage into stylish decor

Small bedroom with built in storage around the bed

(Image credit: Suzanna Scott)

Because storage doesn't always have to be purely practical. This small bedroom features a built-in bookcase that frames the bed, ideal for books and display items, as well other belongings behind closed doors at the bottom. Space was left above the headboard for hanging a tapestry. 

You could make use of  bedroom organizers within this space, too, just to help keep your things neat and tidy — and out of sight. Otherwise, wall hooks can provide a handy space to hang anything from your favorite handbag to your hat collection.

10. Introduce a flash of colour

small bedrooms storage ideas with a colourful chest

(Image credit: Future)

Function combines with form here in this sweet small bedroom. From a style perspective, Nina Campbell's vibrant chest balances the delicate wallpaper design; this ensures the scheme has contemporary oomph. 

And storage-wise, don't underestimate the humble bedside table. 'A bedside table can take many forms and functions with its purposes no doubt differing from one bedroom to the next.' explains Laura Hadad, Design Ambassador at Arteriors London

'A surface for a lamp and book for some, vital storage for others but aside from function, a bedside table has a surprising impact on how your bedroom comes together, completing its end-look and feel. Matching bedside tables are the usual go-to which helps bring balance to the space, giving it a hotel-esque feel. Low hanging pendant lighting and mirrors hovering above a bedside table are also nice stylistic touches that can add depth and interest as an alternative to bedside lamps and wall art.'

11. Max out any alcove space

small bedrooms storage ideas with alcove shelving and built-in desk

(Image credit: Future)

This delightful small kid's bedroom features built-in shelves with a difference. The display shelves are perfect for showcasing treasures, while the open shelf doubles as a slimline desk area. The combination of blue against the green wallpaper really works too and makes the storage moe like a stylish feature of the room

12. Wall mount a floating bookcase

small bedrooms storage ideas with floating bookcase

(Image credit: Future)

The designer of this small bedroom took an off-beat approach when spec-ing out the storage, slotting a high-level bookcase in a tight corner. This could be bespoke, or you may find an off-the-rack buy that works equally well. 

13. Build storage into an awkward nook

small bedrooms storage ideas with a wraparound shelf

(Image credit: Future)

This small bedroom maximizes on space with a built-in wall system that wraps around the space. The interior designer, Sarah Zames of General Assembly, took advantage of the window recess to create a cozy yet functional nook clad in oak. Mixing varying widths of cladding adds an extra layer of interest. Timber cladding is not only eye-catching but durable and economical too, plus it has excellent insulation properties. 

14. Pick small bedroom storage with character

small bedroom storage ideas with small patterned bedside table

(Image credit: Future)

Irene Gunter of Gunter & Co transformed a small bedroom with clever design ideas and chic finishing touches. This space proves you don't always have to think practically when it comes to storage in a small space, have some fun with it too – use it to bring color and pattern into the room. This small green cabinet was a vintage find and has been upcycled with paint and fabric off cuts. 

15. Incorporate a slim ladder to reach tall storage

small bedroom storage ideas with ladder

(Image credit: Future)

Take cupboards as high as they'll go and give them a modern ladder in order to access dead space and make the most of every square inch. For bespoke wardrobes like this, try Cue & Co. The woodwork is painted in SC690 eggshell, by Papers & Paints

14. Up-cycle vintage pieces for storage with personality

small bedroom storage ideas with pharmacy cupboard and lots ofdrawers

(Image credit: Future)

One for the Carrie Bradshaws out there... Shoes can be one of the biggest storage challenges in a small bedroom. This vintage cabinet is a stylish solution - each neat drawer is the perfect size for a shoebox, plus it adds a vintage charm to the bedroom too. 

How can I get more storage in my small bedroom?

If you want to get more storage into a small bedroom, you're best off really making the most of your space and going for something bespoke and built in. 

'Made to measure storage is perfect for crafting solutions that use every inch of space you have. A great way to begin planning is by assessing what you need to store and then rationalizing your wardrobe.' recommends Rachal Hutcheson, of Sharps

'Hang clothes on a rail to measure how much hanging space you need, count your shoes and look at folded items to work out what needs to be stored and how. Perhaps you need to include more drawers and shelves or dedicate a section of space for floor-length items? Beginning to plan with this technique will help create the optimal design and future proof your wardrobe, especially if you leave a little extra capacity.'

How can you organize a small bedroom?

The best way to organize a small bedroom is to have regular declutters so the space never feels too overcrowded with stuff. A one in one out policy is always a good idea. Plus, if you have loft space or under stairs storage consider switching out your wardrobe every season so you only need to store clothes that you are going to wear over the next few months.

And really make the most of the space under the bed, but don't just ram things under there, either choose a bed with draws or one that opens or, or go for boxes that you can label and keep organized. 

Check out our shopping edit on stylish storage baskets to help hide your clutter, too.

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