Loft Conversion Ideas

When it comes to looking for ways to make the most of unused space, the only way is up...

While it’s not always possible to extend outwards, expanding your home upwards with a loft conversion, could be the solution to adding some much needed extra space, particularly if you live in a city.

Whether it’s a growing family, a start-up business or a new hobby, a loft conversion provides the opportunity to go beyond the obvious extra bedroom and indulge in that home cinema, home gym, chic study or peaceful library you’ve always wanted.

Alternatively, it could be a suitable spot to keep toys and kids’ paraphernalia all in one place (and prevent them from being strewn across the living room) by turning it into a kids’ floor.

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That said, if a chic grown-up bedroom is what you have in mind, a loft conversion will often allow space for an entire master suite, and a new en suite bathroom can also become a quiet retreat, away from the hubbub of the household, where you can relax and revive in peace.

Short on natural light and want to keep an open feel? Turn it into a mezzanine floor instead, with a balcony overlooking the space below.

Whatever you have in mind, consult with architects or loft experts, who will often have ideas you may not have thought of and are adept at maximising space.

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Often just the addition of a small dormer or mansard roof can increase your space – and your options – considerably, but check your local planning laws.

If you live in a conservation area, there are certain restrictions with what you can and can’t do to the exterior of your home, however, you can extend to certain heights under permitted development, which your local council (or architect) will be able to advise on.

Read on to see a selection of stylish and clever loft conversion ideas to get the inspiration flowing…

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