Dressing Rooms

Transform your spare space into a personal style sanctuary

Strike a balance between creating both a practical storage space and somewhere beautiful to pamper yourself with these stunning dressing room ideas. As relatively private spaces, dressing rooms are the perfect place to indulge more exotic tastes and striking design ideas. Opt for a bold, large-scale wallpaper for a luxurious feel and to draw the eye away from acres of practical storage – or add wallpaper inside wardrobe doors for a flash of colour when they are opened. Create a trompe l’oeil effect by wallpapering the exterior entrance to your dressing room to create a ‘secret’ door that’s less obvious from your bedroom – or make it the focal point by choosing floor-to-ceiling glass doors that offer a glimpse into a glamorous dressing space. An upholstered statement chair or chaise longue are the perfect pieces to add pops of colour. Prefer a more neutral look? Plush carpet and sleek cabinetry in calm colours will help to create a create a clean, seamless look. Alternatively, take inspiration from your favourite boutique and display favourite items on open shelving, and invest in a stunning island or statement chandelier, then dial up the glamour with marble, brass, stone, copper and multi-layered lacquers.

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