Built-in vanity make-up ideas – 10 designs that elevate bedrooms and bathrooms to new levels

Designers love the trend for built-in make up vanities which saves on space and adds a sense of elevated luxury, perfect for even the smallest of bedrooms or bathrooms

bedroom and built-in makeup vanity with pink checkerboard flooring
(Image credit: YSG Studio/Prue Ruscoe)

Built-in makeup vanity ideas are becoming an increasingly popular request for interior designers. Why? They add an extra level of luxury to your getting ready regime, as well as reducing clutter by offering a designated space to store grooming products and tools.

Linda Hayslett of LH.Designs confirms it's a burgeoning new interior design trend and increasingly sought-after design option, saying: 'Clients are requesting built-in makeup counters more frequently because it's a great way to organize all their products.

'Instead of figuring out where your hair dryer can go while also getting makeup out to apply, it's nice to know you have a designated area where you can get ready.'

On top of the practical benefits, a built-in makeup counter can also be a design statement in itself, from marble-topped desks to organic, textural woods. 

What's more, a spot that's created solely for the purposes of pampering adds to the spa bathroom sanctuary vibe that we're all seeking to create in the modern retreat-style home.

Built-in makeup vanity ideas

Looking for some inspiration? These interior designed spaces are sure to persuade you that a built-in makeup counter is the next thing on your interiors lust-have list...

1. Install a chic marble counter

built-in makeup counter ideas; marble makeup counter by YSG Studios

(Image credit: YSG Studios/Prue Ruscoe)

A built-in makeup counter is a stylish and space-saving idea that will elevate any room - and the master bathroom is actually a great spot to install one.

Yasmine Ghoniem, of YSG Studios, created the chic styling space above to enhance the resort-worthy aesthetic of the space.

She says: 'Overall, the bathroom has a Mexican resort-like appeal with its checkered tumbled marble tiles and wall treatment, setting a mood to slow down and relax. 

'We designed a dedicated space to apply make-up and blow-dry hair (a drawer with goodies is in easy arm’s reach beneath the counter as opposed to being stored behind the mirror as is often the case, so our client could remain seated). 

'Rather than placing the dedicated make-up counter and mirror in the bedroom, which is the more traditional location, it also means a sink is nearby which is far more practical.' 

She adds: 'We stepped the vanity levels so that when the client's seated, she can really pause and feel like she's pampering herself in a dedicated area – something we’re getting a lot of requests for within homes these days in the quest for creating sanctuaries within them.'

2. Add warmth and texture with wood

built-in makeup counter in white bathroom with subway tiles by LH.Designs

(Image credit: LH.Designs/Lauren Taylor)

This beautiful white bathroom is given a touch of organic texture with a wooden built-in makeup counter, which seamlessly fits into the scheme nestled under a white wrap top.

'My client for this primary bathroom project wanted a separate area to do her makeup and hair because she never had enough space for all her items to be out on the counter,' explains Linda Hayslett, of LH.Designs. 

'I designed a standalone makeup area so she could sit and dry/style her hair or put all her makeup out at once, if needed. 

'It works in the room as the area I created is also a nice feature for the bathroom and acts as a star design focus when you first walk into the space.'

3. Slot a makeup counter between a double vanity unit

marble bathroom with double vanity and built-in makeup counter by Living with Lolo

(Image credit: Living with Lolo/Life Created)

Make the most of every inch of space by adding a built-in makeup counter between a double vanity.

The space created by Living with Lolo above is a high-glam spot to get ready for everything from every day rituals to evening events.

The chunky marble top oozes sophistication, while the fluted and brass pendants and mirrors channel a decadent Art Deco vibe. Note how the brass trim on the plush velvet stool ties in with the lights for a curated aesthetic.

'Our clients specifically requested a makeup counter in addition to double vanities in their master bathroom,' says Lauren Lerner, Principal and Founder of Living with Lolo. 'The addition caters for a dedicated place to get ready without taking up extra space.'

The beautiful space by Hoedemaker Pfeiffer (below) is another example of how slotting a built-in makeup counter between a double vanity can be visually appealing as well as functional.

marble bathroom with botanical wallpaper, double vanity and built-in makeup counter by Hoedemaker Pfeiffer

(Image credit: Hoedemaker Pfeiffer/Haris Kenjar)

4. Evoke freestanding furniture

built-in makeup counter in powder room by Living with Lolo

(Image credit: Living with Lolo/Life Created)

Marry the space-optimizing practicality of a built-in makeup vanity with the design aesthetic of a freestanding piece of furniture for an area that creates a focal look as well as serving a very functional purpose.

Living with Lolo's Lauren Lerner says of the space above: 'We knew we wanted this built-in makeup vanity to look more like a freestanding piece of furniture, so we commissioned our carpenter to make this along with the other matching vanities.' 

She adds: 'When our clients' bathrooms provide enough space for an extra vanity that is dedicated to makeup, we will add one so that they can have a clear and organized space for getting ready. '

5. Inject drama with black marble

marble built-in makeup counter by Ryan Saghian

(Image credit: Ryan Saghian/Anthony Barcelo)

Enjoy getting ready at a high-style built-in makeup counter crafted with design-forward black marble.

The storage drawer matches the striking concrete bath, while the black marble counter ties in with the steel-framed shower partition.

Brass finishes and a comfy shearling stool add extra glamor to the stylish space.

Ryan Saghian, of Ryan Saghian Interior Design, says: 'A major request from this couple was to allow for a separate area for her to do her makeup - rather than have the main vanity act as a vanity makeup and sink. 

'We designed it so that she had her own personal space for her own private time to get ready.'

6. Sneak a built-in makeup counter into your walk-in closet

walk-in closet with built-in makeup counter by Joshua Smith

(Image credit: Joshua Smith Inc/Tim Lenz)

How can you make a walk-in closet feel even more luxurious? Simple: add a built-in makeup counter for extra glamor.

Joshua Smith, Principal and Founder of Joshua Smith Inc., designed the chic, welcoming space above.

He says: 'We integrated this makeup vanity into the client's closet space to create the ultimate getting-ready area. 

'The drawer allows for hidden storage that keeps the space looking tidy and organized while optimizing surface area on a relatively small footprint.'

He adds: 'Built-in makeup vanities are so convenient and really personalize a design to the client's needs. Plus, it makes getting ready feel more luxurious.'

7. Keep clean lines with a same-height makeup counter and vanity

built-in makeup counter in marble bathroom by Evelyn Pierce

(Image credit: Evelyn Pierce Design Studio)

Use one section of your bathroom vanity unit to create a built-in makeup counter area. What you lose in storage underneath you gain in usable space above - and a luxurious pampering spot.

Speaking about the space above, Evelyn Pierce Smith, of Evelyn Pierce Design Studio, says: 'The client is a traditionalist and prefers to sit down to get ready in the mornings. We custom built the vanity to hold makeup, hairdryer, and other toiletries. 

'We wanted to keep clean lines visually so used a counter-height chair to allow the makeup counter to be the same height as the sink. 

'They simultaneously act as more counter space for the sink area and sit down makeup area.' 

8. Curate a bathroom 'spa retreat'

fluted wood built-in makeup counter by Marie Flanigan

(Image credit: Marie Flanigan Interiors/Julie Soefer)

A built-in makeup counter can help to create the spa bathroom we're all dreaming about. A designated space to pamper yourself elevates the daily ritual of getting ready.

'I love to create retreats for my clients and the primary bathroom is the perfect spot to slow down and pamper yourself,' says Marie Flanigan.

'Getting dressed for the day should feel luxurious and built-in makeup counters are ideal for self-care.

'When the wall space allows for more than just dual sinks, think about incorporating a sit-down space for makeup application.'

Things to consider when creating your built-in pamper perch? Marie says: 'These spaces typically always consist of additional storage and a seat. 

'I also try to capitalize on natural light as much as possible, so always consider where your light is coming from if you are looking to incorporate a space like this.'

9. Elevate a space with a makeup counter design feature

white bathroom with marble makeup counter by Michelle Gerson

(Image credit: Michelle Gerson Interiors/Marco Ricca)

Built-in makeup counter ideas can often be a chic way to seamlessly integrate a functional space into an existing unit.

However, conversely, you can take the approach of making a design feature out of your makeup counter.

The stunning space above, by Michelle Gerson Interiors, shows exactly how it's done. The beautiful marble stands out against the white bathroom walls, while brass knobs and a matching brass makeup mirror offer glamorous finishing touches.

Include a comfy chair with a backrest for the ultimate spot to get ready. 

Below, Marie Flanigan used dark wood and brass detailing to create a design focal point with a built-in makeup counter. A handy hook to keep your dressing gown ready to slip into is a nice extra touch.

wood built-in makeup counter by Marie Flanigan

(Image credit: Marie Flanigan/Julie Soefer)

10. Embrace curved forms 

built-in makeup counter vanity desk in marble bathroom by Sarah Sherman Samuel

(Image credit: Sarah Sherman Samuel/Nicole Franzen)

Curved forms and furniture add an undeniable extra level of chic to any space - as demonstrated by the beautiful built-in makeup vanity above by Sarah Sherman Samuel.

Designed to feel like a thoughtful spa-like retreat for guests, the space was influenced by the curved forms and classic patterns found in hotels and cafes Sarah visited in Paris. 

The stool is the Ripple Accent Chair by Sarah Sherman Samuel for Lulu and Georgia, and is in our shopping edit below.

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