25 built-in wardrobe ideas – stylish fitted designs that will maximize space in your bedroom

These built-in wardrobe ideas really utilize every square inch, but it's not all function over form...

Elise Shaker style wardrobes, My Fitted Bedroom
(Image credit: My Fitted Bedroom )

Take inspiration from these super stylish built-in wardrobe ideas – because wardrobes aren't just for keeping the clutter at bay, they can be beautiful focal points in your bedroom. We've pulled our favorite looks, featuring paneled doors, upholstered doors, wallpapered doors, plastered doors... are you sensing a theme here. But we also cover what's inside the wardrobes, the configurations of hangers to shelves, drawers to cubby holes, to help you design a built-wardrobe that not only looks stylish in your bedroom but suits you and your lifestyle too.

'From a practical and aesthetical perspective, fitted wardrobes offer the most effective and efficient way to make use of the space within your bedroom. Before exploring wardrobe options it's worth being clear about your requirements, budget, and desired style.' explains Rachal Hutcheson of Sharps (opens in new tab).

'There are many solutions to choose from yet, despite appearances, not all the offers are equal and different designs will utilize your space with varying degrees of efficiency.  It is important to understand how each design makes use of the area and the types of construction used before committing.'

'Choosing a reputable company that employs expert designers and consultants will make all the difference in the planning and purchasing process. Their experience in working in houses that present similar challenges can help you to arrive at a design which meets your preference in terms of style as well as making the layout work for your unique needs.'

1. First up, assess your needs

Modern London mew house with neutral minimalist interiors

(Image credit: Anna Stathaki)

Before we get into all the lovely built-in wardrobe ideas, you first need to assess what you actually need. Think about what type of clothes you have most of – do you need more hangers than drawers, do you want to shelve for your ever-expanding shoe collection, and do you want plenty of space for more bulky items like coats and jumpers? 

'A sensible place to start is by assessing your storage needs. We all organize differently so think about; the volume of clothes and shoes that you have, whether you might need areas for bedding and towels and how much space you might need in the future.' explains Rachal.

'Once you have considered the capacity start to think broadly about the design elements of the interior fit-out and what you might like to include. There are many options for personalizing a fitted wardrobe, to ensure it works perfectly for your lifestyle, for example combining hanging rails with pigeonhole shelving, internal drawers and shoe storage will help keep you organized whilst allowing easy access to the clothes you need, when you need them.'

2. Mix open and closed storage 

Dark blue walk in wardrobe with glass doors

(Image credit: Future)

While a wall of doors might suit your style if you are trying to blend your built-in wardrobe into the room, mixing both open and closed storage gives you the opportunity to turn your storage into decor too.

Mariana Poletto, Senior Designer at Neatsmith (opens in new tab) says that her 'clients are choosing to have a combination of doors and open wardrobe interiors creating both practical storage and emulating luxury boutiques for an at home fashion experience. Partly this is driven by high street shopping not being available over the last 18 months and the resulting increase in online shopping, and partly through a new recognition that storage doesn’t just have to be practical but can be a space in the home to be enjoyed.'

3. Add character to plain doors with panelling

built-in wardrobe ideas

(Image credit: Future)

Paneled doors are a really popular option with built-in wardrobes as they add interest, texture and create the illusion of original features in a modern bedroom. These bespoke, floor-to-ceiling wardrobes were designed to match some existing original paneling found throughout the rest of the home. And if you're wondering how one would reach the very top, there's a ladder that doubles up as rustic decor too. 

4. Paint kids' wardrobe doors in chalkboard paint

built in wardrobe ideas with blackboard paint

(Image credit: Future)

Fashion stylist Siouxsie Dickens (opens in new tab) has updated the sliding board doors in her kid's bedroom with chalkboard/blackboard paint, turning plain cupboard doors into an ever-changing canvas. And of course, this look needn't be just reserved for children's rooms either, you could create a very adult-approved mural by either commissioning something beautiful or having a go at it yourself (if it goes horribly wrong no harm done, just wipe it away).

5. Create a rustic look with shutter doors

built in wardrobe ideas

(Image credit: Future / Paul Raeside)

Proof that fitted wardrobes don't have lack personality. Interior decorator, Sera Hersham-Loftus of Sera of London (opens in new tab) has used antique louvered shutters for her glamorous built-in wardrobes, mirroring her very eclectic style whilst still keep the space practical.

6. Bounce light around small or dark rooms with mirrored doors

built-in wardrobe ideas with mirrored doors

(Image credit: Future)

This narrow space has been used to create a dressing room with built-in wardrobes on either side. Pretty wallpaper in panels on one side adds a glamorous touch, while mirrored panels on the other make the space feel bigger and provide a practical solution when the owner is getting ready.

7. Add warmth to a grey scheme with natural materials

built-in wardrobe ideas for grey bedroom

(Image credit: Future / Paul Massey)

Floor-to-ceiling wardrobes here utilize the entire wall space and make a great storage idea for smaller spaces, while designing them with the same timber tones as the floor creates a calm and cohesive scheme. Plus, the warm wood tones add warmth to the grey bedroom (opens in new tab) scheme and soften those cooler shades. 

8. Upholster built-in wardrobe doors for a luxe look

built in wardrobes with padded upholstered doors

(Image credit: Future)

A little fabric goes a long way in this tailored master bedroom created by Wolf Lewitt Interiors (opens in new tab), where upholstery lends a soft touch to plain wardrobe doors, instantly elevating them from ordinary to extraordinary.

9. Add a playful touch with a curtain

built in wardrobe idea with curtain

(Image credit: 2LG Studio)

Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead of 2LG Studio (opens in new tab) agreed that they wanted to keep shoes behind a curtain in their dressing room. That way, they had the option to hide them or have them on view – a clever way to hide away a mountain of clothes/shoes when you need to. Plus, a curtain adds a nice softness to a built-in wardrobe and breaks up the solid wall of storage.

10. Fake tongue and groove with MDF

Built-in wardrobe with tongue in groove MDF doors

(Image credit: Studio Peake)

Built-in wardrobes in this master bedroom is made with pre-grooved MDF boards and painted in the same shade as the walls. A really easy way to cheat a more expensive look. The top of the built-in wardrobes offers space for displaying personal collections.

11. Paint your wardrobe to match your walls

built in wardrobes with tongue and groove doors in pink

(Image credit: Future)

Similarly, in this bedroom scheme by Suzy Hoodless (opens in new tab), the wardrobe doors are clad in a pre-grooved wood which gives the room texture and charm.  Walls and wardrobe doors are painted the same shade of porcelain pink. The sheepskin chair lends a luxurious, sculptural element to the room.

12. Take built in wardrobes right into the corners

Loft bedroom with built in storage under the eaves

(Image credit: Future)

An awkward loft conversion space has been utilized for storage, while sleek, handleless wardrobe doors keep things simple and clean. Built-in wardrobes line the entire wall, and continue right into the corner under the sloped roof, maximizing every square inch of space.

13. Turn built in wardrobes into a design feature with a contrast colour

custom made built in wardrobe idea which is blue with accent handles / knobs

(Image credit: Design by Tom Barlett)

Designer Tom Barlett designed this smart storage as part of a renovation project in a west London townhouse. Sleek and simple, but bold in color they are the main feature of the bedroom and the starting point for the primary color scheme. You almost can't tell this is a built-in wardrobe, appearing more like a feature wall. 

14. Decorate wardrobe doors with wallpaper

Bedroom with wardrobe wallpapered in pink paper with cranes

(Image credit: Future)

Because wallpaper isn't just for walls. The built-in wardrobes in this beautiful bedroom are covered in Gucci’s Heron wallpaper, turning them from bland, barely noticeable built-in wardrobes into a show-stopping piece of furniture that perfectly suits the glamourous vibe. 

15. Or opt for a delicate mural

Built in closet in yellow with painted mural

(Image credit: Future)

Similarly, a deGournay wallpaper covers the wardrobe doors below, encompassing the doors into the rest of the bedroom scheme and turning them into a feature wall rather than just storage. 

16. Update old built in wadrobes with paint 

Green and pink bedroom with built in wardrobes

(Image credit: Lucy Barlow)

If you've inherited built-in wadrobes that are just a big blah, rather than starting from scratch just update with a lick of paint and some stylish new hardware. These plain wardrobes look gorgeous thanks to their new coat of sage green paint, complementing the bedroom's wallpaper. 

17. Go for whitewashed wooden doors for an airy, relaxed look

Dressing room with pale wooden doors

(Image credit: Nato Welton Production)

The dressing area leads through to the ensuite bathroom – there’s even a dressing table in the cupboard. The whitewashed oak surfaces give this master bedroom an airy, relaxed look.

18. Inject luxe texture with suede upholstery

built in wardrobes upholstered in suede

(Image credit: Future)

There’s a certain sumptuousness to this bedroom, with its rich textures and colors. An impressive amount of storage space helps keep it clear of clutter, while the upholstered wardrobe doors inject instant luxe texture.

19. Disguise built-in wardrobes with decorative plasterwork

built in wardrobe doors covered in decorative plasterwork

(Image credit: Future)

Paneled walls open to reveal hidden storage and screen doors glide seamlessly into wall recesses to separate this South Kensington apartment. The entire wall behind the bed is actually a run of concealed cupboards with white moldings. 

20. Transform recessed handles into a 3D art display

built in wardrobes with recessed handles in dandelion pattern

(Image credit: Paul Massey)

These built-in wardrobes were made bespoke for this industrial, late-Victorian home in north London. The design (which conceals inset handles) is based on dandelion seeds being blown in the wind. Inside, the wardrobes are meticulously arranged with a space for everything.

21. Use wardrobe doors to conceal a built-in vanity area

Built in small closet with dressing area

(Image credit: Anna Stathaki)

This clever design ensures the built-in wardrobes also incorporate a dressing table area, keeping this vanity space out of sight the rest of the time, and keeping a calming neutral bedroom design. 

22. Use raw, weathered wood doors for a rustic effect

concrete house in Cornwall

Nature feels like it’s just an arm’s reach away with these huge windows overlooking the garden and the rustic built-in wardrobe reflects that connection with the outside space. Made bespoke from reclaimed wood, it adds lots of lovely texture to this boho style bedroom.

23. Go for gloss for a bold look

blue built in wardrobes

These wall-to-wall wardrobes provide ample storage space and are painted in a bold teal gloss shade for a statement look. Going for a gloss finish may seem brave, but lacquered walls are bang on trend right now, plus this is a look that can work really well in a small bedroom as it helps bounce plenty of light around the space.

24. Or go for gloss wood doors for a retro look

loft apartment in East London

This bedroom has been transformed into something really rather gorgeous with the gold-leaf ceiling, one raw concrete wall and lacquered green elsewhere. We love the mix-up of modern and traditional – with retro style wood wardrobe doors. 

25. Split it up into top and bottom cupboards

Edwardian house in southwest London

Built in wardrobes are split into floating top and bottom bedroom storage, creating a shelf area in the middle to display treasured items or have things easy to hand.

Does a built-in wardrobe add value?

Practical storage is always going to add value to a home and is very appealing to potential buyers too. Lack of storage space is in fact one of the most off-putting aspects of a home when you come to sell, so turning those awkward spaces like alcoves or under the eaves into easy to use storage, or adding a wall of built-in cupboards to a bedroom is going to make your home more attractive when you come to sell.

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