Striking And Stylish Built-In Wardrobes Ideas

Who said wardrobes can't be as stylish as the clothes they contain?

You don’t need a dressing room to create dreamy bedroom storage. Tackle bedroom clutter with beautiful, bespoke tailor-made fitted wardrobes. Floor-to-ceiling built-in wardrobes maximise space as they put dead space to better use. Fitted wardrobes make the most of tight corners and awkward spaces to keep floors and surfaces clear, and they can further save space by installing sliding doors instead of doors that open outwards. Built-in wardrobes also create a clean, streamlined and uncluttered look which regular bulky wardrobes rarely achieve.

Whether they take up an entire wall, or just alcove space or either side of a mantelpiece, the result will be flush and fabulous.

Blend the wardrobes in with the rest of the room by painting them in the same shade, covering them in the same wallpaper, upholstering them or even making something entirely different out of them – conceal wardrobe doors in pretty plasterwork or wood panelling, or make a statement out of them with brass edges or statement handles.

Whatever your style, today’s fitted wardrobes and bedroom storage come with modern, sophisticated options that create additional space while also contributing to the room’s décor.

Take inspiration from some of the best built in wardrobe ideas on the market.

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