Built in wardrobe ideas: 25 stylish ideas for fitted storage

The below built in wardrobe ideas maximise space and utilise every square inch – but they're striking design features too...

built in wardrobe ideas for loft bedroom
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Take inspiration from these 25 super stylish built in wardrobe ideas – featuring panelled doors, upholstered doors, wallpapered doors and plastered doors, alongside clever bedroom storage ideas such as incorporating a dressing area inside built in wardrobes, or dividing the wardrobes into separate top and bottom cupboards with open shelving in between.

Built-in wardrobes are a brilliant way to tackle bedroom clutter. When space is at a premium, floor-to-ceiling or wall-to-wall built-in wardrobes allow you to maximise every spare centimetre, as they put what may otherwise be dead space to good use.

Awkward angles, shallow alcoves or dark corners can all be used for built-in storage. Not only that but the below built in wardrobe ideas will keep floors and surfaces clear, creating a clean, streamlined and uncluttered modern bedroom design which regular stand-alone wardrobes rarely achieve. 

Built-in wardrobes can further save space if you install sliding doors instead of hinged doors that open outwards.

With built-in wardrobes there is also the advantage that you can coordinate the amount of hanging rail space that you need (as well as choose different rail heights for dresses and trousers or shirts and tops), with the amount of drawer space, shelves and shoe racks.

And why not do like the architects and go through your clothes and accessories first to assess the storage you need? It might be a laborious one-off task but it will reap rewards every day when you can easily find favourite outfits – and you'll never have expensive purchases languishing at the back of the wardrobe unworn.

Whether you fit them across an entire wall, in an alcove space or either side of a chimney breast, the result will be flush and fabulous.

For a completely seamless look paint the wardrobes in the same shade as the rest of the room or cover them in the same wallpaper.

Alternatively, make a feature of them with sumptuous upholstery, eye-catching glazing or stylish wood-panelling. Or for something entirely different conceal wardrobe doors in pretty plasterwork or a striking wall mural.

Take inspiration from the chic built in wardrobe ideas ahead. Whatever your style, fitted wardrobes and bedroom storage come with modern, sophisticated options that create additional space while also contributing to the room's décor.

1. Add character to plain doors with panelling

These bespoke, floor-to-ceiling wardrobes were designed to match some existing original panelling. They’re so tall, a ladder is required to access the top part.

built-in wardrobe ideas

Get the look: Bed upholstery, Magic Linen on Etsy. Bedlinen, Soak & Sleep. Wall light, Wo & Wé. Oil painting, Alexandria Coe. Vintage side table, painted in a similar colour to Farrow & Ball’s Railings.

(Image credit: Future)

Panelled wardrobe doors, a textured plain wallpaper, an upholstered headboard and chic wall lights create a hotel-inspired scheme in the master bedroom below.

built in wardrobes with panelled doors

Get the look: The bed is by Ikea. The bedlinen is by Mille Notti. The lamp is from Circa Lighting. The painting is by Petter Lindroth.

(Image credit: Future)

2. Paint kids' wardrobe doors in chalkboard paint

Fashion stylist Siouxsie Dickens has updated the sliding board doors in her kid's bedroom with chalkboard / blackboard paint, turning plain cupboard doors into an ever changing canvas.

built in wardrobe ideas with blackboard paint

(Image credit: Future)

3. Create a rustic look with shutter doors

Fitted wardrobes don't have to be dull. Interior decorator, Sera Hersham-Loftus of Sera of London has used antique louvred shutters for her glamorous built in wardrobes.

built in wardrobe ideas

(Image credit: Future / Paul Raeside)

4. Bounce light around small or dark rooms with mirrored doors

This narrow space has been used to create a dressing area with built-in wardrobes either side. Pretty wallpaper in panels on one side adds a glamorous touch, while mirrored panels on the other make the space feel bigger and provide a practical solution when the owner is getting ready.

built-in wardrobe ideas with mirrored doors

(Image credit: Future)

5. Add warmth to a grey scheme with natural materials

Floor-to-ceiling wardrobes here utilise the entire wall space, while designing them with the same timber tones as the floor creates a calm and cohesive scheme. The warm wood tones add warmth to the grey bedroom scheme.

built-in wardrobe ideas for grey bedroom

(Image credit: Future / Paul Massey)

6. Upholster wardrobe doors for a luxe look

A little fabric goes a long way in this tailored master bedroom created by Wolf Lewitt Interiors, where upholstery lends a soft touch to plain wardrobe doors, instantly elevating them from ordinary to extraordinary.

built in wardrobes with padded upholstered doors

Get the look: For a similar upholstered wardrobe, take a look at Hill Upholstery & Design. Curtain fabric, Osborne & Little. Rug, Tim Page Carpets

(Image credit: Future)

7. Add a playful touch with a curtain

Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead of 2LG Studio agreed that they wanted to keep shoes behind a curtain in their dressing room. That way, they had the option to hide them or have them on view.

built in wardrobe idea with curtain

Get the look: Joinery, RISE collection designed by 2LG Studio for John Lewis of Hungerford in Early Lavender by Mylands. Neon yellow latex curtain, The London Curtain Girls.

(Image credit: 2LG Studio)

8. Fake tongue and groove with pre-grooved MDF

Built in wardrobes in this master bedroom is made with pre-grooved MDF boards and painted in the same shade as the walls. The top of the built-in wardrobes offers space for displaying personal collections.

built in wardrobe ideas with Pre-grooved MDF

(Image credit: Studio Peake)

Similarly, in this bedroom scheme by Suzy Hoodless, the wardrobe doors are clad in a pre-grooved wood which gives the room texture and charm.  Walls and wardrobe doors are painted the same shade of porcelain pink. The sheepskin chair lends a luxurious, sculptural element to the room.

built in wardrobes with tongue and groove doors in pink

Get the look: Walls and wardrobes painted in Temple, Paint & Paper Library.

(Image credit: Future)

Here, hidden built-in storage in disguised by wood panelling.

built in wardrobe idea with tongue and grooved panelled doors

(Image credit: Future)

9. Take built in wardrobes right into the corners

An awkward loft conversion space has been utilised for storage, while sleek, handleless wardrobe doors keep things simple and clean. Built in wardrobes line the entire wall, and continue right into the corner under the sloped roof, maximising every square inch of space.

built in wardrobe ideas for loft bedroom

(Image credit: Future)

10. Turn built in wardrobes into a design feature with a contrast colour

Designer Tom Barlett designed this smart storage as part of a renovation project in a west London townhouse. 

custom made built in wardrobe idea which is blue with accent handles / knobs

Get the look: The Memphis-style Callimaco floor lamp is by Ettore Sottsass for Artemide.

(Image credit: Design by Tom Barlett)

11. Use joinery to turn dead space into useful storage

Built in wardrobes were built under the stairs in this former newspaper printing house.

built in wardrobes under the stairs

(Image credit: Emma Tannenbaum)

12. Decorate wardrobe doors with a mural or patterned wallpaper

The built-in wardrobes below are covered in Gucci’s Heron wallpaper, turning them into a show-stopping piece of bedroom furniture.

built in wardrobe ideas with wallpapered wardrobe doors

Get the look: Secondome Edizioni vanity dressing table and stool, 1stdibs. Gaetano Scolari pendant, Les Trois Garçons. Thistle Gold rug, Vivienne Westwood at The Rug Company.

(Image credit: Future)

These built-in wardrobe doors are covered in a pretty hand-painted wallpaper by deGournay, turning ordinary wardrobes into a striking design feature.

built in wardrobes covered in hand painted wallpaper by degournay

Get the look: Get the look The wallpaper is custom- made by de Gournay.

(Image credit: Paul Raeside)

Similarly, a deGournay wallpaper covers the wardrobe doors below, encompassing the doors into the rest of the bedroom scheme.

built in wardrobes covered in deGournay wallpaper

Get the look: This is de Gournay’s Wisteria wallpaper.

(Image credit: Future)

The below bedroom wallpaper achieves a more contemporary look with a home library inspired print.

built in wardrobes with bookcase printed wallpaper

Get the look: This is the Vintage Bookshelf wallpaper by Young & Battaglia for Mineheart. The bed is from Sweetpea & Willow. This is the Pineapple table lamp from Graham and Green. The cushion and throw are by Designers Guild.

(Image credit: Future)

13. Spray paint wardrobe doors to complement the wallpaper and textiles

These plain wardrobes look gorgeous thanks to their coat of sage green paint, complementing the bedroom's wallpaper. 

painted built in wardrobes to match wallpaper

Design by Lucy Barlow of Barlow & Barlow.

(Image credit: Design by Lucy Barlow of Barlow & Barlow.)

14. Go for whitewashed wooden doors for an airy, relaxed look

The dressing area leads through to the ensuite bathroom – there’s even a dressing table in the cupboard. The whitewashed oak surfaces give this master bedroom an airy, relaxed look.

built in wardrobes with whitewashed oak doors

Get the look: The bespoke whitewashed oak joinery with brass recessed handles is from AJ&B. The crittall-style doors are from Alu Nordic Timber.

(Image credit: Future)

15. Create an aged, antiqued look with foxed mirrored doors

Venetian glass is used for the wardrobe doors, giving the bedroom a more vintage vibe.

built inn wardrobe ideas with foxed mirror doors

Get the look: a glazier can supply mercury mirrored panels.

(Image credit: Future)

16. Inject luxe texture with suede or fabric upholstery

There’s a certain sumptuousness to this master bedroom space, with its rich textures and colours. An impressive amount of storage space helps keep it clear of clutter, while the upholstered wardrobe doors inject instant luxe texture.

built in wardrobes upholstered in suede

Get the look: The wardrobe is bespoke by Daniel Hopwood, wrapped in an Alcantara fabric.

(Image credit: Future)

17. Disguise built in wardrobes with decorative plasterwork

Panelled walls open to reveal hidden storage and screen doors glide seamlessly into wall recesses to separate this sanctuary. The entire wall behind the bed is actually a run of concealed cupboards with white mouldings. 

Explore this stunning South Kensington apartment here...

built in wardrobe doors covered in decorative plasterwork

Get the look: The floral fabric used for the bedcover is by Josef Frank, available at Svenskt Tenn.

(Image credit: Future)

18. Transform recessed handles into a 3D art display

These built in wardrobes were made bespoke for this industrial, late-Victorian home in north London. The design (which conceals inset handles) is based on dandelion seeds being blown in the wind. Inside, the wardrobes are meticulously arranged with a space for everything.

built in wardrobes with recessed handles in dandelion pattern

(Image credit: Future)

19. Use wardrobe doors to conceal a built-in vanity area

This clever design ensures the built-in wardrobes also incorporate a dressing table area, keeping this vanity space out of sight the rest of the time, and keeping a calming neutral bedroom design. 

built in wardrobe idea with built in dressing table and vanity area

Get the look: The wardrobes and dressing table area are painted in Paint & Paper Library’s Cotton V architects eggshell. The stool is from Ikea.

(Image credit: Future)

20. Create a dramatic look with a darker shade

This bedroom feels calm and grown-up, with a palette of dark, sleepy colours. A wall of fitted wardrobes were installed and painted in the same shade. 

built in wardrobes painted black

Get the look: The wardrobes are painted in Mole’s Breath estate eggshell by Farrow & Ball.

(Image credit: Future)

21. Add brass details for instant glamour

This master bedroom's best feature is the opulent but practical storage, made bespoke by The London Joinery Co. 

built in wardrobe idea with brass edges and details

Get the look: The bespoke storage features Buster + Punch Closet Bar handles.

(Image credit: Future)

22. Use raw, weathered wood doors for a rustic effect

Nature feels like it’s just an arm’s reach away with these huge windows overlooking the garden. The wardrobe doors add to the rustic scheme. 

rustic wood built in wardrobes

Get the look: The wardrobe doors are made from reclaimed scaffold boards. The overhead lamp is a vintage find. The mat is from Wayfair. The bedlinen is from Soak & Sleep.

(Image credit: Future)

23. Go for gloss for a bold look

These wall-to-wall wardrobes provide ample storage space and are painted in a bold  teal gloss shade for a statement look.

built in wardrobe ideas with gloss teal painted doors

(Image credit: Future)

24. Gloss wood doors will create a retro, Mid Century inspired look

This bedroom has been transformed into something really rather gorgeous with the gold-leaf ceiling, one raw concrete wall and lacquered green elsewhere. We love the mix-up of modern and traditional – with retro style wood wardrobe doors. 

built in wardrobes with retro wood doors

Get the look: The gold-leaf ceiling was applied by Clare Lewis. The Christy duvet cover and Biba pillowcases are from House of Fraser. The Infamous Sex Etching in the Boudoir print is by LE GUN at Cob Gallery. The parquet floor is antique charred Japanese ash from Victorian Woodworks.

(Image credit: Future)

25. Split it up into top and bottom cupboards to create a shelf area in between

Built in wardrobes are split into floating top and bottom bedroom storage, creating a shelf area in the middle to display treasured items or have things easy to hand.

built in wardrobe idea split into top and bottom cupboards

Get the look: The cabinetry is bespoke and painted in Purbeck Stone estate eggshell by Farrow & Ball. The bed is from Warren Evans. The bed linen is from Merci. This is Richard Ray’s Untitled #238 manipulated photograph, available at artfinder.com.

(Image credit: Future)

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