Striking And Stylish Built-In Wardrobes Ideas

Who said wardrobes can't be as stylish as the clothes they contain?

You don’t need a separate dressing room to create dreamy bedroom storage. Tackle bedroom clutter with beautiful, tailor-made fitted wardrobes. When space is at a premium, floor-to-ceiling built-in wardrobes allow you to maximise every spare centimetre as they put what may otherwise be dead space to good use.

Built-in wardrobes make the most of tight corners and awkward angles and will keep floors and surfaces clear, creating a clean, streamlined and uncluttered look which regular stand-alone wardrobes rarely achieve. They can further save space if you install sliding doors instead of hinged doors that open outwards.


With built-in wardrobes there is also the advantage that you can coordinate the amount of hanging rail space that you need (as well as choose different rail heights for dresses and trousers or shirts and tops), with the amount of drawer space, shelves and shoe racks.

And why not do like the architects and go through your clothes and accessories first to assess the storage you need? It might be a laborious one-off task but it will reap rewards every day when you can easily find favourite outfits – and you’ll never have expensive purchases languishing at the back of the wardrobe unworn.

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Whether you fit them across an entire wall, in an alcove space or either side of a chimney breast, the result will be flush and fabulous.

For a completely seamless look paint the wardrobes in the same shade as the rest of the room or cover them in the same wallpaper.

Alternatively, make a feature of them with sumptuous upholstery, eye-catching glazing or stylish wood-panelling. Or for something entirely different conceal wardrobe doors in pretty plasterwork or a striking wall mural.

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Take inspiration from the built-in wardrobes ahead. Whatever your style, fitted wardrobes and bedroom storage come with modern, sophisticated options that create additional space while also contributing to the room’s décor.

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