Best Green Bookshelves — 12 Picks That Instantly Add an On-Trend Pop of Color to Your Decor

Green bookshelves might not be your first pick when looking for a statement piece, but these 12 high-end options will immediately change your perspective

green bookshelves on a colorful background
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Listen, I love a neutral just as much as the next girl. But sometimes, what a room really needs is a pop of color. And not just any color, but the organic, natural, and exciting hue of green, which had a huge moment last year and is unlikely to disappear from the trendiest living rooms and kitchens any time soon. So in a world full of semi-permanent solutions (wallpaper, paint, and carpeting to name a few), might I suggest leaning into this trend, if you will, with a more versatile but equally as eye-catching option? Specifically, dear reader, I'm talking about green bookshelves.

After digging into the best bookshelves to buy right now, I've found myself with a certain affinity for this piece of furniture, which is both functional and design-forward. A bookshelf is easy to swap in and out of your space depending on trends, easy to refresh with new trinkets or books, and easy to keep around for years without a lot of wear and tear. It is a worthwhile investment piece, no questions asked. 

Below, you'll find a comprehensive edit of the very best green bookshelves on the market right now, all of which should be in stock and easy for you to order should you feel so inclined. It was a bit difficult to track down 12 stylish, high-quality options I would feel comfortable recommending, but after lots of digging, I'm very happy with what i have for you today. Take a peek and let me know what you think. I can't wait to see a green bookshelf in your bedroom this year!

The definitive Livingetc edit of green bookshelves

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How should I style a bookshelf?

Especially if the structure itself is quite large, the idea of decorating your brand-new bookshelf might feel a bit intimidating. Where do you even begin? One easy and chic decor suggestion is to add 'hard covered books, which can be purchased very affordably from second-hand book stores or Ebay,' said Cameron Johnson, founder and CEO of Nickson Living. This is a 'great way to add beautiful, formerly expensive, and often informative, items to your home at a low price.'

Moreover, 'you can also use the shelves to display items you already have on hand like personal nicknacks, plants, picture frames, and books,' Cameron added. In addition to livening up your shelf, this would help declutter your space more generally.

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