Sizzle through summer with this gorgeous outdoor cooking gear

Burnt burgers and semi-cooked sausages are a thing of the past – or at least they should be – at any self-respecting al-fresco affair.

There's a new breed of barbecue and outdoor oven at Amara - and they look as hot as the carefully charred corn cobs and seared steaks that you'll be tempted to serve up.


For cool good looks and convenience, it has to be this Table Grill/Barbecue from Danish brand, Eva Solo. Made from porcelain, with a practical handle, it's easy to transport from the garden to the beach. Keep it topped up with coals and it will provide a steady flow of grilled goodies.


This 4K outdoor oven was designed in collaboration with top chef, Heston Blumenthal. Fired by electrics, this clever cooking device will have your coals burning in ten minutes without firelighters or matches required. It can even be controlled by your phone, so you can keep tabs on your cooking, without leaving your seat.

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This sculptural stainless-steel fire pit will keep you warm as the temperature dips on late summer evenings – and although not technically for cooking, it's handy grill stand provides a great spot for grilling corn cobs or popping on a pizza, if you get peckish.


This nifty little number acts as a traditional barbecue and an outdoor oven. It can slow roast a leg of lamb, barbecue chicken pieces, smoke salmon fillets and sear tuna steaks. It will even do you a pizza – and that's gotta be better than Deliveroo any day.

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