4 of the Most Welcoming Exterior Colors to Paint Your Home to Increase Its Curb Appeal

From timeless neutrals to moody botanicals, these are the expert-approved colors you should have on your radar

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The exterior of a home is often mistakenly forgotten and all the love, care, and effort tends to go into the interior instead. Since the exterior is technically what greets us first, we should be lending our effort to this space as well. Doing so gives you a home that's cohesively beautiful inside and out, and we've found that the surest way to give your home's exterior the flowers it deserves is by treating it to a fresh lick of paint.

Now, we know that this is the kind of project that may take some time so it's important to opt for colors that see you through for years to come. It's easy to switch up interior walls at a whim every time a new trendy color pops up but exterior walls aren't as simple to switch up, which is why it's important to choose a welcoming shade at the outset.

To help you decide, we consulted the experts and found some of the most flattering paint shades that are not only guaranteed to give your guests a warm welcome but will stand the test of time, too. For some solid curb appeal, they're a seriously safe bet. As far as paint ideas go, these are the top colors you should be swatching for a dashing home exterior that's the pride of the neighborhood.

1. Warm Neutrals

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Since timelessness plays a key role in picking out a welcoming exterior paint shade, it only makes sense that warm neutrals are a top contender. Marc Sieber, Franchise Owner at Wow1Day Painting, tells us that subtle neutral hues like beige and taupe are perfect for a home exterior revamp. He also recommends a fresh coat of light-toned neutral grays for a touch of moodiness. 'These shades offer a classic look that complements a variety of architectural styles,' says Marc. 'They create a welcoming and cozy feel and they happen to pair well with natural elements like stone and wood.'

If you're a fan of the minimalist vibe that neutrals bring to a home, Andy Roe, founder of Roe Paint, tells us that Benjamin Moore's 'classic gray' is a shade that'll never go out of style. 'It’s a versatile, light gray that offers a neutral backdrop, allowing architectural details and landscaping to stand out,' says Andy. You could even use it on your wall or porch steps as an unexpected place to paint for added curb appeal.

2. Deep Blues

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Moving onto a more dramatic color that works beautifully for a bold front-of-home aesthetic, Marc tells us that deep blue hues are seriously welcoming shades. He points out that rich blue hues like navy, slate, and dark blue grays offer homes a touch of sophistication and elegance. 'They contrast beautifully with white trim, making architectural details pop,' he says. 'The versatility of these shades makes it perfectly suitable to both traditional and modern homes.'

Paint expert Niki O'Brien tells us that monochromatic color schemes are the sought-after colorways of the season and backs up blues in their current popularity. 'We recently painted a home that was blue-gray with accents of both darker and lighter (almost white) blue,' she shares.

If you're considering blue for your home's exterior and are interested in styling your home monochromatically, Niki suggests using different shades of your chosen deep blue to make the home appear larger. 'Monochromatic schemes not only create a cohesive look but also create the illusion of more space,' she says. These are quite possibly the only blues that we can put up with and the charm they bring only makes them a better option in our eyes.

3. Earthy Greens

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Botanical shades will always be welcoming thanks to their calming qualities. They're serenely refreshing and they seamlessly root a home to its surrounding environment, so we weren't surprised when Marc mentioned that tranquil green shades like sage, olive, and muted greens are great for painting a home exterior or front door.

'Earthy greens blend seamlessly with natural surroundings, making your home feel like an extension of the landscape,' notes Marc. 'These shades are calming and have a grounding effect, which is highly appealing.'

Andre Kazimierski, CEO of Improovy Painters of La Grange also lists pale greens as a championing hue to look out for. He explains that these shades make a bolder impact compared to white while still managing to remain understated and classic. Niki also points out that earthy greens are great for front-of-home accents that offer elevated curb appeal.

4. Soft Whites

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Last but not least on the list - soft comforting whites. From off-white shades to cream hues, Marc tells us that these flawless hues will always be a trusty option for a pristine home exterior. 'Soft whites create a clean and fresh look that is universally appealing,' says Marc. 'They reflect light, making homes appear larger and more inviting.' He adds that these shades also provide a perfect backdrop for landscaping and colorful accents.

Andre is also a fan of time-honored neutrals for a clean exterior finish. He explains that neutrals like off-white and cream create a perfect backdrop for any exterior details imaginable. This color scheme has been around since time immemorial and we don't think its bright welcoming qualities will disappear any time soon. Just be aware that when it comes to how often you should repaint your home's exterior, white might require a little extra maintenance.


For a home's exterior, we find that eggshell is a very popular finish. Generally, you don't want your home's outer appearance to be too dull or worse, too glossy. So, an eggshell finish is perfect for that subtle dimension that works well on an exterior.

How often should you repaint your home's exterior?

According to Paint expert Chuck Reger of Five Star Painting, you should repaint your home's exterior every eight years. The eight year limit is a great rule of thumb and Chuck explains that putting it off past the aforementioned limit can lead to exterior damage.

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