Front Door Ideas: 24 Paint Colour Ideas For A Front Door Update

Give your front door a fresh new look with these front door colour ideas.

Need some colour inspiration to help you decide the best colour for your front door?

The colour you choose to paint your front door is vital as a welcome to you and your guests. According to a study by Dulux Weathershield, it only takes 10 seconds for people
to make a judgement about you when they see your front door.

While red suggests a passionate and dynamic homeowner, black is favoured by those who want to give off an air of power and prestige. It’s also preferred by those who want to maintain a sense of mystery! Green denotes a calm personality and complements the outside world with its strong connections to nature. A calming teal front door, with its year-round summery vibe, will bring your front garden back to life as the year draws to an end.

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For those feeling brave, statement front doors are one of the hottest trends and bright yellows are perfect for creating a warm, welcoming entrance and setting your house apart from the rest.

‘A front garden with lush hedges and foliage will be enhanced by the hints of green in Teal Façade, a fun twist on the traditional. Paint the trim in a darker colour to add a touch of sophistication,’ suggest paint experts at Dulux.

‘For a more understated front door colour idea, choose Feather Flock or Green Glade – both elegant, subtle shades. Both of these can be coordinated with a refreshing and vibrant Teal Façade if your preference is for bolder accents. Meanwhile, the dusky violet of
Lavender Quartz works well with soothing shades of white or cream’, the colour experts add.

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Not sure where to start, or how to paint your front door? Valspar has pulled together a quick and easy guide so you can revitalise your entrance in six easy steps:

1. Clean your door with sugar soap

2. Sand down all surfaces once dry – going with the grain – and fill any crack, making sure to lightly sand the filler afterwards

3. Wipe the door with damp cloth and leave to dry

4. Mask the hinges, handles and door frame

5. Apply 1-2 coats of primer and undercoat

6. Once primer and undercoat is dry, paint the edges of the door first with desired colour and then the rest of the door. Then repeat with a second coat.

*Top Tip: Make sure to leave the door to dry for 2-4 hours before closing the door!

Browse front door colour ideas and inspiration below…

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