How Often Should You Repaint Your House Exterior? Expert Explain When it's Time to Paint Your Outside Walls

Your home's exterior might be overdue for a fresh lick of paint, and here's how to find out

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First impressions are extremely important as they can make or break the image of a home. While we don't like judging a book by the cover, it's human nature to do so and the same goes for houses. If your home is pristine on the outside, it creates a welcoming atmosphere at first glance. However, if your home has peeling paint or stained walls, you might be giving the wrong impression.

Your curb appeal can be likened to a teaser of what guests can expect inside your home. Hence, keeping your entryway clean, your porch decorated, and your outer walls fresh is vital to maintaining the ambiance as you make your way in.

One of the most obvious reasons why your home's exterior paint is looking tired is because it's overdue a fresh lick of paint, but how often should we really be refreshing our outside walls? Here, we spoke to some experts who answered just that.

How often should you repaint exterior walls?

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Paint expert Chuck Reger of Five Star Painting tells us he swears by the eight-year repainting cycle. 'For homeowners interested in a color update, either due to a recent purchase or other tastes, the normal eight-year repainting cycle may come much sooner than actually needed to gain that curb appeal,' says Chuck. 'However, the eight-year limit on exterior paint is a great rule of thumb to follow for general upkeep.'

In fact, Chuck explains that he highly discourages homeowners from ignoring the eight-year mark as a repaint is crucial to maintaining the home's outward beauty. 'Sadly, many homeowners wait too long between repainting,' he says. 'Putting off maintenance past the eight-year suggested limit can lead to damage to the home’s exterior, wood rot, and other issues.' Additionally, Chuck points out that environmental factors can also age paint at different rates due to excessive heat, cold, and moisture - making the eight-year mark all the more important to look out for.

According to Luke Kinser, co-founder of Virginia Builders, the preparation and maintenance matter of your home also plays a role in the frequency of repaints. 'If the surface wasn't properly prepped before painting, or if the paint was applied in adverse weather conditions, even top-tier paint can fail prematurely,' says Luke. 'Regular maintenance, like washing your exterior annually and inspecting for signs of wear, can easily extend the life of your paint job.' Clearly, treating your home to a little TLC can help you save money when it comes to your house's exterior, while also retaining your property's curb appeal.

Our top picks of exterior paints

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From what the experts have said, we would suggest using the eight-year limit as a rule of thumb but ultimately, if you feel like your home's exterior is paling in comparison to the homes around you and you have the budget for a total outer spruce, you can always dip into a fresh tin sooner. No matter when you decide to repaint, we suggest taking Chuck's final word of advice and making a wise investment in premium paints with longer life spans to avoid unnecessary touch-ups.

Giving your home's exterior a fresh lick of paint is a great idea to boost curb appeal. Consider this a sign to look back on the last time your home's exterior was decorated. If it's been over eight years to the day, this might be the ideal time to give your home a refreshed look with a brand-new coat.

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