We've found the 12 best comfy sofas so you can just lie back and relax in style

The 12 best comfy sofas are all super padded, super soft and super wonderful to lie around on. Ranging in style and price they all have maximum style

As much as we love the look of a low, linear Italian-style sofa; sharp angles and clean lines are not always the most comfortable to relax or lounge on. These styles are great in a living room, but sometimes – in a den or TV room for example – it's good to chill out on a big, squishy sofa with soft contours and support. 

Step forward our round-up of comfy sofas. These couches were built with lounging in mind: movie nights, soccer games or 'box set' binges - basically anything that means sitting or sprawling for hours. 

The best couches in this category are upholstered in easy clean, performance fabrics, with deep cushions and good suspension. We've scoured the best home decor stores to find our favorites and those we think you'll love too.

1. Best boxy comfy sofas

2. Best rounded comfy sofas

3. Best deep comfy sofas

4. Best comfy sofas with removable covers

What is a comfortable couch fabric?

There are different ways to define comfort. Soft to touch fabrics such as bouclé, velvet or wool will be comfy to some. While low-maintenance upholstery, like treated leather or performance polyester, will mean comfort to others. The latter allow you to relax without worrying if you splash red wine or if little ones clamber up with sticky fingers. 

'One of my favorite couch fabrics is bouclé because it feels like sitting on a cloud, says Madison Adam, Interior Design Service Manager at Article. 'Bouclé is made from looped fibers so it not only feels like a cloud, it looks like one too. Its looped construction also makes it look new for a long time. A quick vacuum with the upholstery attachment will fluff the loops back up to its typical height.

'Velvet is a low pile, shimmery soft fabric I also recommend. It’s super comfortable and is an easy way to add a jewel tone to a room. Similar to bouclé, you can refresh velvet by using the upholstery attachment of your vacuum and brush in the opposite direction of the pile.'

'While comfort is subjective I would say that a softer fabric like velvet or chenille would be more comfortable than say linen,' says international interior designer Staffan Tollgard at Tollgard Studio. 'A soft, nubuck leather is also very comfortable.'

'I think it's possible to have comfort and practicality,' adds Monique Tollgard. 'I’m increasingly thinking about the durability and washability of fabrics, as much as the look and feel. 

'I have been very impressed by new indoor/ outdoor fabrics that are stain repellent, fade resistant and still feel like indoor fabrics. Fabrics with a strong weave and a high natural fibre content are ones we are drawn towards.'

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