Sofa Trends 2024 — 6 Styles Designers Predict Will be Big This Year

Sofa trends 2024 are all about new forms that no longer serve just functional needs of the living room

A living room dimly lit, with a long, curving sofa
(Image credit: Polina P. Studio credit PUNTOFILIPINO)

The sofas trends we're seeing for 2024 see some new styles in among some classic designs. Generous-sized sofas are taking up half of our living spaces, small chairs are being replaced by larger loveseats, and modular sectionals are serving multipurpose needs in small spaces. 2024 is all about the joys of lounging.

'Up until a few years ago the usual tailored rectangular sofas were strong, but now, new styles have emerged,' says Jane Lockhart, founder of Jane Lockhart Design. 'Puffy, feather-filled, and more curved, sensuous, and lush forms are taking over.'

If you're planning on redecorating your living room, take a look at these interior design trends in sofas and make the right choice.

1. Fluted sofas

A living room with fluted sofas

(Image credit: Maestri Studio)

The allure of fluting from top to bottom is undeniable. This design element gives the living room furniture a hugely tactile form, plus provides a soft, sculptural visual that instantly uplifts the entire space.

'These sofas are so desirable because of their versatility for traditional and transitional interiors,' says Eddie Maestri, principal and owner of Maestri Studio. 'The lack of back cushions allows for a simpler and tidier look, and the tufting and fluting keep the sofa looking structured even in a home with children, dogs, and a busy life all over.'

2. Chesterfield sofas

A chesterfield sofa in grey

(Image credit: Maestri Studio)

This distinctly recognizable furniture piece has its roots in European design. The Chesterfield has high arms and tufted upholstery that makes the piece look like it belongs to a gentlemen’s club, an aristocratic home, or inside a CEO's cabin. This modern furniture piece has always stayed relevant in interiors and is iconic.

'Chesterfield sofas offer a classic and timeless look,' says Eddie. 'They’re traditional, but the tufted back without back cushions allows the piece to complement interior spaces with their clean lines.'

3. Sunken sofas

A living room with a sunken sofa

(Image credit: Barbara Corsico. Studio credit Kingston Lafferty Design)

Eye-catching, and deeply relaxing, architects love this new living room trend of sunken sofas. Creating a wonderful conversation pit, the built-in design creates the feeling of increased spatial volume and a more intimate sense of lounging.

'We wanted to create a comfortable and cozy living space where the family could all have space to sit and hang out together,' says Roisin Lafferty, founder of Kingston Lafferty Design. 'The step-down sunken idea for the space came from the levels of the house. We wanted to keep an uninterrupted view of the garden space from the kitchen and dining areas which are adjacent to the living room. Comfort was key, so we worked with the existing Mah Jong sofa from Roche Bobois as it is incredibly comfortable to sit or lounge on and encased it in concrete with a base plinth to form a conversation pit with a seating height raised of the floor. The rich fern green was chosen to again like the planting in the garden.'

4. Curving sofas

A living room with a curving anf fluted sofa

(Image credit: Polina P. Studio credit PUNTOFILIPINO)

The love and popularity for the curved sofa have risen significantly in the last year. Its sinuous shape, cozy appearance, and undeniable mid-century vibe have gripped homeowners. Not only do these seamlessly fill up corners, awkward niches, and more, but they also help create more space, expanding circulation room for people to move about. Plus these pieces have an inherent stylish appeal. In a debate of curved sofas vs straight sofas, the former is gathering a lot of support. 

'Danish design classics coexist with 'tailor-made' pieces to create and forge a particular which is timeless and emotional,' says Gema Gutiérrez, founder of PUNTOFILIPINO. 'The living room, with a curvy olive green velvet sofa, invites you to relax. Side tables in black and marble offer a minimalist aesthetic along with the large disc floor lamp that provides soft, focused lighting. The black floating shelving unit creates a practical and stylish focal point.'

5. Multi-directional sofas

A living room with a large daybed with seating on both sides

(Image credit: Will Ellis. Studio credit The New Design Project)

Facing someone on a sofa has always involved a lot of pillow repositioning and folding of legs, and more often than not decamping onto another chair. Until now. The multi-directional sofas of 2024 — as the name suggests — focus on socializing and conversation as their main function, and the result is wonderfully practical, as well as beautifully sculptural. If you're wondering how to find a style of sofa you'll love for years to come, this one checks the box.

'Multidirectional sofas are ideal for people who host a lot of guests,' says Richard Misso, creative director at the Stylesmiths. 'They help disperse a crowd and create intimate smaller groups which make it easier to converse. They are also great for dual-purpose living zones. For example, one side can be used for a semi-formal living room and the other could be utilized as a TV sofa. This would ideally take up less floor space whilst providing a dual purpose.' 

'In general, these sofas take up less floor space than two traditional sofas back-to-back, making them ideal when space is an issue,' says Richard. 'Additionally, in many cases, the purchase of one multidirectional sofa could be less costly than two traditional sofas. Multidirectional sofas can provide a more interesting aesthetic and help break up a room into separate zones, especially in an open concept space.'

6. Sofas with shelf ends

A sofa with a shelf end

Sofa by DOM Edizioni

(Image credit: Gus McDonald. Studio credit the Stylesmiths)

A wonderful small living room furniture idea, is this the year we say goodbye to the coffee table in favor of a built-in alternative?

'Modular sofas shine with their unparalleled flexibility, adapting effortlessly to various living spaces,' says Emilija Hopenaite from The Stylesmiths. 'Curved sofas make waves with their distinctive aesthetic, adding sophistication with gentle curves. This particular sofa design with a built-in side table not only provides structured yet casual seating but is also an innovative feature. It adds convenience and also maximizes space in modern settings. By providing a designated area for drinks, electronic devices, or soft furnishings, this built-in side table eliminates the need for additional furniture pieces, making it particularly appealing for smaller living spaces or modern apartments where space is at a premium.'

What color sofas are in style ?

The year 2024 is going to be about bold and daring designs, statement-making hues, and more. Colors such as deep blue, punchy red, charcoal grey, and moss green will be big for sofas. Muted tones such as cream and mushroom brown will be popular as well. 

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