Sofa Color Trends – 11 Hues That Experts Say Your Should Buy Into For Your Couch in 2024

From calm neutrals to surprisingly bright and vibrant shades, these are the sofa color trends interior designers predict will be biggest next year

A purple sofa with multicolored pillows
(Image credit: Anna Galante. Studio credit Arabella Rocca Design)

Sofa color trends in 2024 are all about tones that are calming and relaxing, yet vibrant for entertaining at the same time. Rich patterns, intricate detailing, and lush fabrics are going to be center stage. 

'I’m happy to see we’re moving away from the greys into a warmer territory,' says Allison Lind, design director at Allison Lind Interior. 'Calm, neutral palettes are in and we’re seeing a lot more 'oatmeal' (not quite white, not quite beige). Plus there is a love for deep earthy jewel tones. Tied to that, I think we’ll also see a 1970s-chic resurgence via avocado/mossy greens and coppery velvets.' 

These apart, we asked the experts for trending living room sofa palettes for 2024, and these are the ones they highlighted. 

1. Soft brown

A living room with a brown sofa

(Image credit: Tim Lenz. Studio credit Barlis Wedlick Architects)

Earthy tones such as brown have always been popular and this color is going to be used abundantly in 2024 as well. The tone especially works in minimalistic schemes. Plus, many colors go with brown, making this an easy palette to work with.  

'This year we’ve seen a real rise in popularity for sofas that celebrate texture such as boucle and some bold pattern in monochrome, caramels, burnt toffees, and natural hues and this looks set to be the same for next year,' says designer Abigail Ahern.  'With a high percentage of us still using the home as our workplace too, the shift towards natural color palettes ensures that we can seamlessly transition from work to relaxation mood.'

2. Purple

A purple sofa with multicolored pillows

(Image credit: Anna Galante. Studio credit Arabella Rocca Design)

Purple may seem like a strong tone to use in interiors but you'll be surprised at how many colors go with purple. Think pink, blue, white and beige. If it's a bit of a statement you're looking to make this coming year, a purple couch is your best bet. 

'Architect Luca Braguglia and I played with the colors of the furnishings, inserting a strong tone for the large sofa in the background and using softer colors for cushions,' says Arabella Rocca, founder of Arabella Rocca Design.

3. Dark blue

A deep, dark blue sofa placed against a brown wall

(Image credit: Kingston Lafferty Design)

Blue has long been popular when it comes to living room colors and sofas, but in recent years has been supplanted by dark greens that bring a sumptuousness and feeling of nature to a space. The popularity of this sofa color has a direct correlation to its emotional qualities. Calming and serene, there is a peaceful characteristic to this dark blue that makes it ideal for a relaxing living room. 

'When we design interiors, we think about the atmosphere that color creates,' says Zhuoer Wang of Office Zhu. 'The blue tone makes people feel calm, especially when it appears on a white or muted background. Such a combination is helpful to achieve a clean atmosphere, which I believe is adored by most contemporary designers.' 

'We predict that the more intense, dark blue will be the trend for the coming few years and low saturation, greyish colors will be less popular,' says Zhuoer. 

4. Cream

A living room with a long, cream and curving sofa

(Image credit: Folio Studio)

Cream and contemporary sofas are proving popular at the moment, and look particularly nice in living room corners, adding charm to the space without overwhelming it. This sofa tone was made popular by the ultimate 2024 trend of the bouclé sofa. This wooly and typically cream or off-white colored sofa has had a real boom in recent months, reflecting the desire to embrace natural materials and palettes in the interior world. Filtering down, cream sofas are also gaining popularity.

'I think we'll see more cream and beige options wanted by buyers as the high-end French, Italian, and Scandinavian design sofas that are famous on Instagram trickle into more living rooms,' says Samuel Pye, co-founder of Echlin.

5. Moss green

A living room with textured paint and moss green sofa

(Image credit: Pulkit Sehgal. Studio credit Zero9)

As well as the brighter version of green, a mossy and darker form of the color is proving popular as we go into 2024, giving rise to earth tone living rooms. Warm and reminiscent of the great outdoors, in a velvet material it is soft and tactile too, with a deep pile making it perfect to sink into. 

'Whether we’re avid nature lovers or concrete jungle pavement-pounders, we all have an inherent need for some nature in our lives,' says Allison Lind, design director at Allison Lind Interior. 'Moss green is such a soothing, universal color. It can fuse seamlessly into a calm, quiet natural palette, or it can pair with bolder hues for a rich colorful space.'

6. Contrasting shades

A striped sofa placed in front of a library wall

(Image credit: Shade Degges. Design: Ashe Leandro, 1stDibs)

A big modern living room trend is including patterns and colors in such a way that they offset each other to create an overall impact in the living room. While softer, more delicate contrasts have been favored in the past, designers are now turning to bolder contrasts to play up these intriguing patterns. The checkerboard trend was over last year, it's bringing it back, with a checked black and white sofa that is nothing short of fabulous. 

'We are seeing a lot of abstract patterns and textured fabrics coming onto the market right now,' says Donna DuFresne, principal at Donna DuFresne Interior Design. 'Mixing the textures of materials on different pieces is a wonderful way to adhere to a strict or limited color palette and add some dimension within that.'

The designs are a product of a strong aesthetic and have a real 70s flair to them; a little tongue in cheek which we love to see. It feels fresh and kitsch all at once, and brings real character to the room. Expect more of these big and bold patterns and geometric styles for the new year. This design is by Ashe Leandro exhibits these thick, block stripes in a beautiful dark room.

7. Mustard yellow

Mustard yellow sofa inside a grey-toned room

(Image credit: Isabel Parra. Design: Crina Arghirescu Architecture)

There is something super luxurious about this shade of mustard, used here by Crina Arghirescu Architecture to upholster a curved sofa in this elegant living room. Paired against a cooling grey background, and in soft velvet material, the color adds depth and warmth to the scheme.

'We believe we are also in an era of nostalgia, in which we reminisce about the things we grew up with, including the colors, and we believe there is a growing trend of old things with a new modern spin on them,' says Marina Cassata of Studio MAK. 

'We believe that bolder colors such as mustard will return in a new way in 2024,' says Marina. 'The earthy calm colors connect us to the earth and inspire our well-being while infusing the colors and items from our childhood memories in a new way, connecting us to those moments and making us happy.'

8. Bright green

A pink rug paired with an olive green sofa

(Image credit: La Manufacture Cogolin)

Green is much-loved for its calming properties. In times of strife, homeowners are looking to connect with nature; whether that's bringing more foliage and greenery inside, using natural textures, or as simple as a lick of paint to create a green living room or a green statement piece of furniture. Across the spectrum, from olive,  pine to mint green, green has dominated the sofa scene and it's showing no sign of slowing down as we enter 2024. Bright greens that bring a bit of joy to a scheme are set to be on trend.

'This bright interior takes its cue from nature,' says Sarah Henry of La Manufacture Cogolin, who designed this piece as part of the Jardin intérieur Collection, in collaboration with the designer who knows a thing or two about color in her designs, India Mahdavi.  'Between the bright green of the sofa and the tone-on-tone pinks in the rug and the side chair, it's like stepping into a flower garden." 

9. Rust 

An L-shaped sofa in rust tone

(Image credit: Taran Wilkhu. Design: Echlin)

Rust will be bringing real warmth and depth to a room as we enter 2024, as well as that coveted splash of color, as depicted in this seriously cozy-looking set-up. Perfect for an earth-tone living room – it's luxurious and grounding all at once.

'To me, the beauty of rust tones is the concept of rust itself, and how it marries both nature and the man-made through the corrosion of metals through its exposure to air and moisture,' says Samuel. 'It's a great metaphor for the way we live, wanting to combine the comfort and warmth of shelter with wanting to feel connected to nature for its well-being benefits.'

Whilst for most of us it feels fall-like, as color rules dictate that the complementary shade to the orangey shades is blue. Greens always go well and invite that feeling of nature into our homes. 'To me, there's a similarity between the corrosion of rust and lichen on a tree, with a lot of color overlap, so it's worth looking at lichen patterns too,' says Samuel.

10. Magenta

A magenta colored sofa

(Image credit: Brabbu)

Magenta is a strong and bold shade that is getting a fair bit of attention right now. With roots in the red family of colors, designers, and homeowners will feel daring when going for a sofa in this bold shade.

 'When using red it's important to use the right shade of red,' say Jen & Mar, the founders of Interior Fox. 'This is easily go Christmas special, so we recommend using muted reds such as burnt sienna or even magenta.' This Brabbu sofa in this deep and luxurious shade certainly achieves this mood, turning a lackluster space into a dramatic red living room.

11. Mushroom

A mushroom colored sofa inside a dark-toned room

(Image credit: Tim Lenz. Studio credit Barlis Wedlick Architects)

Not quite grey, not quite brown, the mushroom is a sort of in-between shade that can change in different lights. We expect big things from mushroom in the new year for minimalist yet luxury living rooms

'Mushroom is one of the rich earth tones that's trending,' say Glenn Lawson and Grant Fenning, co-founders and designers of Lawson-Fenning. 'Clients are moving towards warm neutrals for the larger upholstered pieces. After the ups and downs of the last few years, we think buyers want to live in a calming, warm environment.'

What sofa styles are trending this year?

Searches for camelback sofa are on the rise, as well as curving silhouettes showing a move towards furniture pieces that are ornate in style, and associated with grand stately homes. 

The Togo sofa is ever-popular too, a 20th-century piece that has seen demand rocket as homeowners want to recreate a slouchy they've seen on Instagram. 

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