6 Timeless Sofa Colors That Will Make Your Living Room Look Classy and Expensive

Designers give the verdict on the timeless sofa colors that you can’t go wrong with, now or ever

living room with white walls, green sofa and white accent chairs
(Image credit: Phil Bernard Photographe. Studio credit Sophie P-Lefebvre)

Deciding on the right sofa for your living room is no easy feat. While you might find it easier to navigate the choices of shape, with comfort at the forefront of your mind, when it comes to color you might be left wondering for a little while longer.

The right sofa is a focal point in any living room. It draws attention and the better it looks, the better the overall space looks, too. That’s why when it comes to color, unless you plan on changing the sofa with each passing trend, your best bet is considering the more timeless options, that will look upscale and elegant for a long time.

Instead of having to choose from dozens of colors out there, I spoke to interior designers who narrowed down the choices for us. Here are six designer-approved sofa colors guaranteed to stay timeless.

1. White and off-whites

living room with white sofa, blue ceiling, turkish style rug and off-white walls

(Image credit: Christopher Stark. Design: Jaclyn Christensen Design)

I’m yet to see any designer disapprove of white. With so many gorgeous whites and off-whites to choose from, this color will always have a timeless, expensive look. That is if you keep it in pristine condition, which might just be the only downside.

‘A white or off-white sofa, especially if it’s in a linen material, will always be timeless,’ David Harris, Design Director at Andrew Martin, tells me. ‘Incredibly versatile, this color integrates into a wide range of design schemes and aesthetics.'

According to David, white and off-white linen sofas effortlessly complement their surroundings, making them a perennial favorite among designers and homeowners alike. 'Their understated beauty serves as a blank canvas, allowing for endless possibilities in terms of accessorizing and styling,’ he adds.

living room with dark blue walls and white sofa

(Image credit: Andrew Martin)

Interior designer Jaclyn Christensen understands why a lot of us would shy away from light colored furniture, especially if children and pets are part of the household, but she encourages us to not be put off.

‘You can have light furniture and maintain its beauty,' she says. 'When you have a lighter colored sofa, you can constantly reinvent the look with new pillows and throw blankets - creating a never-ending, constantly reviving piece of furniture that can support you for years!’ Just make sure you pick an easy-to-clean, stain-resistant fabric and you’re good to go.

2. Rich, earthy tones

A living room with fluted sofas

(Image credit: Maestri Studio)

Sophisticated and grown-up, rich earthy tones will never fail to create a beautifully warm look that will stay relevant with the passing of time. ‘Rich and earthy tones such as tan, terracotta, brown and warm red not only add a touch of sophistication to a space but also create an inviting atmosphere,’ David tells me.

‘A brown leather sofa, for example, evokes classic elegance and can provide a real statement for a variety of properties,' he goes on to explain. 'It's at home in a traditional setting, where it enhances the classic ambiance. Meanwhile, in countryside spaces, it harmonizes with natural materials such as wood and stone, and they can also suit modern homes, providing a striking contrast to sleek surfaces and minimalist décor.'

living room with large glazed doors, cream walls and chocolate colored sofa

(Image credit: Thomas Kuoh. Design: Kriste Michelini Interiors)

‘A chocolate-colored sofa represents an excellent selection for its deep, timeless appeal and the ability to deliver a significant, enduring statement,’ explains interior designer Kriste Michelini. ‘This rich, dramatic shade does not succumb to the whims of trends, instead offering a powerful base that complements a broad range of colors, from muted neutrals to vibrant hues, much like bright colors themselves, ensuring its lasting relevance in any decor scheme.'

3. Dark, natural greens

living room with dark green sofa and white armchairs, off white walls

(Image credit: Thomas Kuoh. Design: Kriste Michelini Interiors)

Because it stems from nature, we’ll never get bored of a natural, dark green. It’s warm but also incredibly elegant especially when standing out in a modern, more unexpected shape. ‘A dark green couch is timeless in any space,' adds Jaclyn. 'The deep color blends seamlessly in bright rooms but equally could impact a darker room for a moodier vibe. The color is forgiving and can work well with families but feel sleek and modern in a different space.'

green sofa with striped back cushions against light cream wall with mirror

(Image credit: Ryan Tiscareno. Design: Jaclyn Christensen Design)

If you're stuck on a shade, Kriste thinks you can’t go wrong with mossy green. ‘I think mossy green fabric embodies a classic hue that mirrors the natural world, blending seamlessly with a wide array of nature-inspired tones, from soft yellows and understated neutrals to rich cognacs,’ she explains. ‘This versatile color ensures that such sofas remain perpetually in style, enhancing any interior with their earthy, harmonious appeal.'

In one of her projects, interior designer Lindsie Davis chose a green leather sofa to infuse character into the modern yet rustic living area. ‘Its earthy hue complemented the surrounding natural wood tones, while the leather brought a touch of rugged elegance,’ she explains.

4. Charcoal grey

living room with charcoal grey sofa and patterned grey wallpaper

(Image credit: Jacob Snavely. Design: Daniella Hoffer Interiors)

When you like a darker, moodier interior but don’t want to commit to black, charcoal grey is the best option. Not only does it look timeless, but it’s also easy to maintain when used for your living room sofa.

‘Charcoal grey can be used in a variety of color palettes and styles,’ explains interior designer Daniella Hoffer. ‘It can add depth to a cool color palette, be effortlessly chic in a dark and moody space, or add a contemporary feel to a traditional room filled with camel and chocolate brown tones.'

5. Neutral tones of beige and light grey

living room in open plan with kitchen, greige sofa and brown leather coffee table

(Image credit: Thomas Kuoh. Design: Kriste Michelini Interiors)

Neutral tones will never go out of style. They can be a base for multiple color palettes and are easy to design around, swapping accessories around them with ease as trends come and go. You just need to know whether you’re looking to create a warmer palette, or a cooler one.  

Interior designer Margaret Donaldson explains that a warm beige is so versatile, complementing both traditional and modern homes, while grey offers a sophisticated and elegant appeal, fitting well in contemporary and minimalist settings. 'These colors used on a sofa can serve as a host for interesting pillows to be layered on top!’ she tells me.

‘Neutral-toned sofas stand as a perennial choice in furniture, offering a classic foundation that harmonizes effortlessly with a large spectrum of hues,’ adds Kriste. ‘This versatility not only facilitates a seamless blend with diverse color schemes but also serves as a foundational element in crafting a variety of color palettes, ensuring their timeless and long-lasting appeal in interior design.’

Interior designers Alexa Price and Angela Hart add that lighter shades of grey can create an illusion of more space in smaller rooms. ‘Grey sofas offer a timeless appeal that transcends fleeting design fads, making them a reliable and enduring choice for interior décor,’ they add.

6. Deep blues

living room with off-white walls, light grey sofa and one blue accent sofa

(Image credit: Avery Nicole. Design: Blueberry Jones Design)

Designers rarely talk elegant, timeless interiors without mentioning deep blues, with some, such as Lindsie, even considering them as a grounding neutral that consistently defies sofa trends. ‘Blues complement a wide array of other tones and bring a sense of calm and substance to a space,' she says. 'Opting for a colorful sofa might seem like a bold move, but it can pay off when designing a home that's both vibrant and timeless.'

‘In one of our projects we used a blue velvet sofa to visually anchor an otherwise neutral living space,' adds the designer. 'It brought a ton of personality and depth to the room, becoming the focal point of the design.'

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