9 of the best affordable sofas – elevated designs for your living room that won't break the bank

If you are looking for a chic sofa on a budget, look no further than our shopping edit of affordable, yet on-trend couches

a wayfair boucle rust sofa
(Image credit: Wayfair)

If you are looking to upgrade your living room the first thing you might think of is a sofa. This piece of furniture is at the center of almost every living room, and an item people often want to make a statement with. We spend a lot of time sitting, relaxing, and socializing on them, therefore there is a pressure to get it right. It has to be comfy, yet smart, practical yet stylish, and it must fit with your overall living room design. Needless to say, finding the perfect sofa is no mean feat. And that doesn't even cover the cost.

The best sofas and couches are expensive. There is no getting around it, this will be one of your most expensive home purchases.  However, that doesn't mean we all have thousands of dollars to spend on one piece of furniture. That's why we have collated our top 9 favorite affordable sofas that are still stylish and comfy whilst remaining on budget.

Best affordable boucle sofa

Best affordable white sofa

Best affordable small sofa

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